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“Pioneer Expeditions will take you on a once or twice a lifetime adventure that’s more a pioneer expedition than a holiday – this is your chance to be part of a very small group achieving a pioneering first. You’re there to explore and experience the flora, fauna and landscape while doing something few people have done before you.”

Pioneer Expeditions is an adventure travel specialist with years of experience undertaking such trips. They organise small group tours, family adventure holidays and tailor made itineraries which allow you to explore countries in a unique way.

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Be the first to canoe a river from source to sea, climb a really remote mountain, trek an uncharted glacier, swim in a volcanic lake or traverse a tropical island, Pioneering Expeditions are always looking for new expedition ideas to pioneer. And after roughing it in the wilds with experienced local guides most trips will land you in the lap of luxury for a few days of recuperative celebration post adventure.

Pioneer Expeditions are organised so as to promote the greatest good and cause the least harm to the environment and communities trips come into contact with, and to give travellers the most authentic ‘local’ knowledge and experience. That means sleeping and eating with the locals.


Pioneer Expeditions

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