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“GRG's specialize in adventure and they deliver it to you in fun, affordable, safe, professionally run trips that are unique and are the only travel company in Nepal to specialise in kayaking!”

GRG’s stands for Gurung River Guides. This name was chosen as the majority of their staff are from this Nepali caste. Gurung’s are known for their relaxed, friendly attitudes, combine this with their hard working values and you get the makings of a perfect river guide. GRG’s was established in 2008, although their guides have been working for many years for multiple companies and in many countries around the world. They decided to pool together their international experience to create this company. The ultimate aim of establishing GRG's was to break out of the mold of run of the mill “herd them in herd them out" tour companies and bring a new element to travel in Nepal.They want to showcase the cultural side of Nepal to their visitors and package it up in one fun, friendly and life changing experience for you.

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'It's not just about getting there, it's the journey that takes you there'.

At GRG's this is their life. They live on the rivers, trek through the Mountains and travel through Nepal. Registered with NARA (Nepal Assocaition of Rafting Agents ) and HRGAN (Himalayan River Guide Assocaition Nepal), they know their stuff! They are not just some tour operator that will transfer you on to another company, they do everything ourselves (even the washing up!).They are a small, locally run company which means they can give you more time and a more personal, hands on experience. They have lived in Nepal all their lives so know the best parts to show you and have the kind of knowledge that cannot be found in a guidebook. GRG's have a 100% safety record ('Safety First' is their favourite motto here) and are dedicated to protecting and conserving the beauty of Nepal. When they are not running trips they are always out exploring, trying to discover new 'off the beaten track' places to take you.

GRG's Adventure Kayaking

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