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  1. March 2010
  2. Joseph reviewed Kuching Orchid Garden in Kuching, Malaysia

    Nestled in a 6.2ha site in Jalan Astana, the Orchid Garden is a nature lover’s paradise with more than 40,000 plants from 65 orchid genera across its beautifully landscaped grounds. You can get there on the Number 3 bus, but a nicer alte…"

  3. July 2008
  4. Joseph reviewed Kabuki-chō in Tokyo, Japan

    In the aftermath of the war, a visionary Japanese businessmen had dreams of creating a theatre and entertainment district that would be envied everywhere. In a sense, he succeeded - but not in the field of Kabuki for which this Shinjuku neighbourhood is …"

  5. Joseph reviewed Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy

    At the heart of Venice lies the Piazza San Marco. At times over its history, dating back to the 9th century, Venice’s only piazza has been the political, religious and artistic centre of the city. Three landmarks dominate the square: St Mark’s Basilica, …"

  6. Joseph rated Piazza San Marco

  7. Joseph reviewed Shomben Yokocho in Tokyo, Japan

    "Since the 1950s Tokyo, indeed Japan as a whole, has often pursued a policy of rapid and large-scale modernisation. Outsiders may lament what has been lost, but perhaps constant renewal and rebuilding are ingrained into a culture whose religion tears down…"

  8. Joseph reviewed Try the art of Japanese Calligraphy in Tokyo, Japan

    Shodō - Japanese calligraphy, literally the ‘way of writing’ - has been described as “controlled explosions on paper”. It is a sophisticated and beautiful art. Kanji, the Chinese characters drawn, combine sound and meaning with vi…"

  9. Joseph reviewed Learn to prepare seafood at Billingsgate in London, United Kingdom

    These days, many people lack the skills to prepare a whole fish or lobster. However, there is something deeply satisfying about creating a meal from scratch - not to mention the health benefits and reassurance of knowing what the ingredients started out …"

  10. Joseph reviewed Okonomiyaki at Lemon-ya in Tokyo, Japan

    In central Tokyo, nestled under the railway tracks that run along a slow, cherry tree lined stretch of the Kanda river sits the unassuming Lemon-ya Okonomiyaki restaurant. At night red-lanterns illuminate the queues outside and patient diners breathe dee…"