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24th September 2007

I've been running rivers since 1995 and it changed my life. I dropped out of school, travelled around the world, and now manage a rafting company, ECHO River Trips. We run Idaho's Middle Fork of the Salmon River and Oregon's Rogue River, two of my favorites! Our office is in Hood River, Oregon which allows me to explore the rivers of Oregon and Washington.

My favorite river is California's Tuolumne River due to the great rapids and magical canyon. My passion is running down a river for the first time: reading water, scouting rapids, and finding new camps and hikes.

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  1. October 2007
  2. Zach Collier reviewed Raft Siberia's Sayan Oka in Irkutsk, Russia

    The Oka River runs 188 miles through green ranges of the Sayan Mountains in a remote area near the Mongolian border. There are several Oka Rivers in Russia and the most famous is a large river in Central Russia. The one that we'll visit originates in the…"

  3. Zach Collier rated Raft Siberia's Sayan Oka

  4. Zach Collier reviewed Katun River Rafting in Xinjiang/Northwest, China

    Most people think of Siberia as a cold and desolate place. In many respects they're right, but summer time in the Altai Mountains of Siberia has a climate similar to Oregon or England with temperatures in the 70's. This is the only time to run the rivers…"

  5. Zach Collier rated Katun River Rafting

  6. September 2007
  7. Zach Collier rated White Salmon River Rafting

  8. Zach Collier reviewed White Salmon River Rafting in US West Coast, United States

    The White Salmon may very well be the best bang for your buck in terms of whitewater and scenery. Not only does it have nearly continuous Class III and IV rapids, but it was also declared Wild and Scenic by Congress. It's just north of Hood River, Oregon…"

  9. Zach Collier reviewed Tuolumne River Rafting in US West Coast, United States

    The Tuolumne River is the best overall rafting trip in California. It offers 18 miles of Class IV rapids in a spectacular river canyon. Most people take two days to run the Tuolumne so that they have time to run the rapids safely and spend a night in the…"

  10. Zach Collier rated Tuolumne River Rafting

  11. Zach Collier rated Paddling the Tatshenshini-Alsek

  12. Zach Collier reviewed Paddling the Tatshenshini-Alsek in Alaska, United States

    This is a downright spectacular journey. Most people take 14 days to do this trip and they aren't doing it for the rapids. The best part of this trip is paddling through the big lakes with enourmous glaciers entering the river. You'll love the Alsek if …"

  13. Zach Collier rated Rogue River Paddling

  14. Zach Collier reviewed Rogue River Paddling in US West Coast, United States

    The Rogue River is the perfect river for those on their first overnight rafting trip and families. It's known for it's abundant wildlife, friendly rapids, warm water, and great camps. This is a trip through a dense forest with interesting geology all the…"

  15. Zach Collier rated Paddling the American River

  16. Zach Collier reviewed Paddling the American River in Sacramento, United States

    The American River has all kinds of whitewater. The most commonly rafted sections are the South Fork, the Middle Fork, and the North Fork. The South and Middle Forks run all summer long due to upstream dams. The North Fork has no dam above it and runs a…"

  17. Zach Collier reviewed Middle Fork of the Salmon River Paddling in Mountain States, United States

    The Middle Fork of the Salmon has everything you'd want in a river trip: fun rapids, stunning scenery, hot springs, great hiking, history, geology, clear water, and wildlife. This is America's premier whitewater river. The Middle Fork (it is known si…"

  18. Zach Collier rated Middle Fork of the Salmon River Paddling

  19. Zach Collier reviewed Paddling the Zambezi in Zambia

    I've never done this one, but it is known as a very difficult and beautiful river. It begins below the famous Victoria Falls in Africa and is full of big Class IV and V rapids."

  20. Zach Collier rated Paddling the Zambezi

  21. Zach Collier rated Paddle the Futaleufu River

  22. Zach Collier reviewed Paddle the Futaleufu River in Los Lagos, Chile

    The "Fu" runs through a spectacular canyon full of mountain peaks in the northern edge of Patagonia. This is a big water river with classic Class IV and V rapids. This river is best known for it's turquoise blue water."

  23. Zach Collier rated Rafting the Grand Canyon

  24. Zach Collier reviewed Rafting the Grand Canyon in Grand Canyon, United States

    The Grand Canyon: this is the ultimate trip. Most trips are 14-18 days through this spectacular canyon that is know to change lives. The rapids are huge due to the large volume of water."