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23rd August 2007

Zabdi Keen has been paragliding since 1989 and started flying fever Paragliding School on the Isle of Arran in 1992.She has travelled worldwide and now runs flying courses in Nepal in the winter and is based in Scotland for the summer. She came 2nd British Woman in the 2005 paragliding championships and was chosen for the British Team.

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  1. August 2007
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  3. Zabdi Keen reviewed Paragliding Goatfell in Scotland, United Kingdom

    When a group of us camped up Goatfell on the Isle of Arran on the Solstice 1989 One of them Andy Robson flew down on his new paraglider – It was magic to see him run forward and lift off and fly down to greet the dawn but then I had to walk down. Th…"