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As a playwright I embrace any opportunity to travel and see my work performed in festivals, conferences, and productions. On return, I’m often asked by friends for recommendations to boutique hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and of course … some culture and shopping thrown in. Traveling to a new country or city for a purpose has brought about the most welcome and unexpected finds.

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  1. September 2013
  2. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated J and J Books, Madrid

  3. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed J and J Books, Madrid in Madrid, Spain

    David Cardillo is the welcoming owner of J and J Books in Madrid, a fabulous English language bookstore and cafe at Malasaña (Espiritu Santo, 47 Metro Noviciado)."

  4. August 2012
  5. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Cafe Blikle in Warsaw, Poland

    On the stylish Nowy Swiat in Warsaw, Cafe Blikle is the perfect place to frequent for a champagne breakfast and people watching. ul. Nowy Swiat 33"

  6. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Cafe Blikle

  7. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Fabula Urbis Bookstore

  8. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Fabula Urbis Bookstore in Lisbon, Portugal

    Owned and operated by local Lisbon historian Joao Pimentel and his wife Carmo, this is a rich bookstore offering postcards, paintings, playing cards with the poetry of Fernando Pessoa and of course a wide collection of books in Portugese, English, German…"

  9. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Casa do Alentejo

  10. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Casa do Alentejo in Lisbon, Portugal

    Located in a 17th century Moorish palace, a visit to this Portugese restaurant is a must. Take a moment and walk through the rich rooms transporting you back in time. Where Rua Portasde Santo Antao 58Lisbon"

  11. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Hotel Avenida Palace

  12. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Hotel Avenida Palace in Lisbon, Portugal

    This is the only place to stay in Lisbon for its palatial ambience, ideal location, and history. Avenida Palace offers superior service and luxurious comfort. Where Hotel Avenida Palace - Rua 1 Dezembro, 123, Lisboa, 1200-359 Portugal - T. +351 2…"

  13. April 2011
  14. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Shutters on the Beach

  15. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Shutters on the Beach in California, United States

    Shutters has a glorious menu to go along with its glorious view of the ocean. Located on the beach in Santa Monica, Shutters is not to be missed. If you're not staying in Santa Monica, go for the day just to have dinner at this fabulous restaurant and …"

  16. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed The Ritz Carlton Los Angeles in Los Angeles, United States

    A luxurious, decadent choice in Los Angeles. The service is outstanding. Join the Clubhouse and sit with glass of champagne overlooking the city of angels. Take advantage of the spa and full concierge service, including a town car and driver. Wolfgan…"

  17. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated The Ritz Carlton Los Angeles

  18. March 2010
  19. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated The Grand Hotel Sitea

  20. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed The Grand Hotel Sitea in Turin, Italy

    This is a plush, city-centered hotel offering exceptional service. Its fine dining in the restaurant and American Bar is top notch. Bravo to the staff for securing me a gratis ticket from the director to see the Pirandello play at Teatro Castignano. V…"

  21. February 2010
  22. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Turin

    "Recently in Turin to research a new play, I found the city to be the epitome of style, culture, and charm. Many thanks to the Primo Levi Centre and the University of Turin's Archives Department for their generous assistance. Turin is the perfect base to …"

  23. January 2010
  24. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Socarrat Paella Bar in New York City, United States

    "Recently at the newly opened Socarrat for a pre-birthday celebration, I found this to be a fabulous tapas bar with wonderful service. The place was packed within a few moments of opening for the evening. The chef/owner is absolutely lovely. A visit to …"

  25. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Socarrat Paella Bar

  26. November 2009
  27. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Chez Lucienne

  28. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Chez Lucienne in New York City, United States

    This is a fabulous Michelin-starred French restaurant in Harlem. Planning on visiting the newly re-opened fantastic El Museo del Barrio on Museum Mile, we decided to start uptown, on 125th Street and walk around that vibrant neighborhood. Chez Lucienne…"

  29. September 2009
  30. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Fifth Avenue in New York City, United States

    The Halcyon Day Spa at Saks ... to a friend who asked for a spa recommendation after a long flight. The Halycon has become of my favorite spots for its superb spa treatments thanks to its top notch staff."

  31. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Museum of Modern Art in New York City, United States

    The Bar Modern and the Modern at MOMA ... after taking in amazing art, both places are superb choices for drinks and dining."

  32. June 2009
  33. Yasmine Beverly Rana commented on Residence Nosticova in Prague, Czech Republic

    "Too fabulous, too luxurious, too much of a fairytale, but so what? The only place to stay in Prague in the elegant Malastrana area."

  34. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Eendracht Boutique Hotel

  35. April 2009
  36. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Les Deux Garcons in Marseille, France

    On the charming Cours Mirabeau in Aix this is a delightful brasserie where Cezanne frequented. Les Deux Garcons provides a savory menu. Outdoor dining is highly recommended in the spring time."

  37. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Les Deux Garcons

  38. Yasmine Beverly Rana rated Musee Cantini

  39. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Musee Cantini in Marseille, France

    "Musee Cantini offers a remarkable collection of important, contemporary art. This is not to be missed."

  40. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Avignon in Avignon, France

    "The city has two fabulous contemporary art museums that are must sees: Collection Lambert and Musee Angladon-Dubrujeaud. Though most tourists visit Avignon for the usual sites, these two museums offer enriching collections exhibited in exciting and inn…"

  41. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Grand Hotel Beavau, Marseille in Marseille, France

    A great hotel overlooking the magnificent vieux port, Grand Hotel Beavau is the best place to stay in Marseille. Its convenient location to explore other areas such as Aix, Avignon, Arles, Cassis, among others in the South of France by way of train, bus…"

  42. January 2009
  43. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Via Condotti, Berlin in Berlin, Germany

    "On the fabulous Fasanenstrasse, Via Condotti provides excellent Italian food and service within an appealing atmosphere of candles, opera, paintings, and maps of Italy. http://www.viacondotti-berlin.de/"

  44. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Reinhard's, Berlin in Berlin, Germany

    "Found at the Kempinski Hotel on the Kurfürstendamm, Reinhard's offers comforting, appetizing food and excellent service in a relaxed, stylish atmosphere."

  45. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Mimis Berlin in Berlin, Germany

    A SUPERB shopping experience on Fasanenstrasse, one of the most charming streets where one finds the Kathe-Kollwitz Museum and Cafe Literhaus. The welcoming staff at Mimis offers to make you a coffee while you shop. Mimis offers vintage style clothing, s…"

  46. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Kathe-Kollwitz Museum in Berlin, Germany

    The Kathe-Kollwitz Museum is a must. Kollwitz's haunting drawings, wood cuts, and lithographs depict themes of death, war, and motherhood. This is a moving and powerful collection of art and history that stays with you. Next to the Kathe-Kollwitz Museu…"

  47. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Cafe Einstein in Berlin, Germany

    "Housed in the villa of German actress Henny Porten on Kurfurstenstrasse, this cafe in the style of Vienna offers delicious, traditional food. The staff is excellent and attentive. Sit in the bar area where there is a haunting photograph of Porten to gr…"

  48. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Swissotel, Berlin in Berlin, Germany

    Located on the Kurfurstendamm,the Swissotel is the only place to stay in Berlin. It's a fabulous, luxurious experience. The staff are excellent, as the concierge managed to secure for us the best seats at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year's …"

  49. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Via Condotti in Thuringia, Germany

    "For dinner, candlelit Via Condotti offers top notch Italian dining and fine service. Flowers, candles, photographs, maps, and paintings of Italy, contribute to Via Condotti's warm atmosphere."

  50. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Le Clemenceau in Limousin, France

    "This is a lovely cafe in Antibes, best enjoyed in the spring or summer when one can sit outside. The food is top quality, as is the service. Bar Le Clemenceau 41, Avenue Georges Clemenceau 06000 Nice, France +33 4 93 82 30 70‎"

  51. December 2008
  52. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed La Columbe d'Or in Nice, France

    Amidst the art and the history, the food and dining experience were extraordinary. This was one of the best meals I've found in the South of France. A MUST experience! http://www.la-colombe-dor.com/"

  53. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Harry's Bar in Venice, Italy

    "I found Harry's Bar to be a delightful, refreshing experience with a top notch staff, thanks to Nevio and his team who were so generous and lovely."

  54. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Per Se Restaurant in New York City, United States

    A friend of mine said, "Everyone should go to Per Se at least once in a lifetime." Recently there for a party, I found the food and service to be outstanding. The gorgeous view of the city along with the ambiance of the restaurant made the evening magi…"

  55. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Tamarind Restaurant in New York City, United States

    Tamarind is the best Indian restaurant in the city and one of the best restaurants overall. The waitstaff and management are excellent. The restaurant offers a fabulous tea salon next door serving perhaps the best tea time meal in New York."

  56. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Vienna Naschmarkt in Vienna, Austria

    "The Nashmarkt is an apparent choice for traditional and fresh food. I enjoyed the food at Gasthaus Ubl at Pressgasse 26 Franz is a cozy local bar with friendly service."

  57. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Chartres Street Shopping in New Orleans, United States

    "Head to the French Quarter’s Chartre Street for artsy boutiques and very non-touristy goods. Fragrance: Whenever I travel, I like to return with a scent from that place. New Orleans has fabulous fragrance shops that offer online purchasing and have …"

  58. September 2008
  59. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Petrin Hill and Observation Tower in Prague, Czech Republic

    "Take the hike up the Petrin Hill and have a drink overlooking Prague."

  60. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Globe Bookstore and Café, Prague in Prague, Czech Republic

    "My home away from home for my time in Prague. Good food and a welcoming atmosphere."

  61. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Hotel de la Montagne in Montreal, Canada

    Montreal: A vibrant city with a unique sense of style, delectable cuisine, and great jazz. For a glorious night time view of Montreal, go to the rooftop of the Hotel de la Montagne for drinks and a midnight swim."

  62. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Pike Place Market in Seattle, United States

    "Don’t leave Seattle without its scent of lavender. Pike’s Place Farmer’s Market is filled with places to purchase something lavender, but I recommend Sequim Lavender Farm for its oils."

  63. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Pike Place Market in Seattle, United States

    "Pike Place Bar and Grill overlooking the Pike Place Farmer’s Market in downtown Seattle: a great place to start your day."

  64. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Castle Duino in Trieste, Italy

    "Castle Duino outside Trieste is a must see. Place your hands on the terrace table overlooking the sea where Rainer Maria Rilke wrote his Elegies and breathe in his inspiration. Yes, the Castle offers dining options, but a better choice is a wonderful r…"

  65. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Kampa Park in Prague, Czech Republic

    A city rich with its café culture, Kampa Park, Prague, gets top scores for atmosphere and wines."

  66. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Le Jardin Nelson in Montreal, Canada

    Montreal: A vibrant city with a unique sense of style, delectable cuisine, and great jazz. Le Jardin Nelson in Old Montreal … as the name reveals …a gorgeous garden restaurant with incredible jazz"

  67. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed The Crumpet Shop, Seattle in Seattle, United States

    Fresh food and a cool vibe serve up the city well with an outstanding selection of café culture. The Crumpet Shop: For the best …. of course, crumpets. 1503 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98101-1523 Phone: (206) 682-1598"

  68. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Café Beignet in New Orleans, United States

    Café Beignet for … well, the best beignets and overall breakfast."

  69. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa

    "The Sasol Art Museum, housed in a vibrant Dutch Neo-Classical building at the University of Stellenbosch is not to be missed. http://admin.sun.ac.za/usmuseum/English/Sasol/GeneralInformation.htm"

  70. August 2008
  71. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Caffe Tommaseo in Trieste, Italy

    A city enriched by its literary references. Caffe San Marco at via Battisti 18 is often noted for such references, and it is a wonderful café, but my heart has to go to Caffe Tommaseo. Overlooking the sea it triumphs with its classical Viennese café cu…"

  72. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Trashy Diva in New Orleans, United States

    A winner for the best name and for being a store where you could have a corset custom-made. With vintage inspired clothing and lingerie of anyone’s taste, Trashy Diva is a must see and a must shop experience."

  73. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed The Britt Scripps Inn in US West Coast, United States

    "This is a fairy tale in a Victorian house in the heart of Bankers Hill, San Diego. Each of the nine rooms has a theme, from gothic to golden. Butlers are always on hand to assist you. The breakfast is fabulous, and in the early evening, drinks are ser…"

  74. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Café Campagne in Seattle, United States

    The South of France in Seattle: French cuisine, candles, sunflowers on the bar, jazz music, classical music, wine, attentive service, wine … eternal gratitude to the local who recommended Campagne to me."

  75. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Eendracht Boutique Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa

    Stellenbosch, known for its wine country, is also a university town with a thriving art scene. “Sitting in the breakfast room of the Eendracht Boutique Hotel at 161 Dorp Street: classical music, a Chopin piece, plays over us, as the African sun stream…"

  76. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada

    An enjoyable and informative museum with a comprehensive collection of Canadian and international art."

  77. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Sacher-Torte in Vienna, Austria

    "I know everyone raves of Café Sacher (www.sacher.com) and yes, the sacher torte was spectacular, but a café I really enjoyed was Café Sperl (www.cafesperl.at). Sperl is somewhat away from all the touristy hustle and bustle."

  78. Yasmine Beverly Rana reviewed Harry Lime's Ferris Wheel (The Third Man) in Vienna, Austria

    "You know you’re in your element when you stand on a Vienna street with a group of thirty people of different generations, nationalities, and languages reciting, in unison, the lines from Carol Reed’s classic and perfect film, The Third Man. Take the tou…"