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  1. May 2010
  2. waterfallboy reviewed Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zimbabwe

    Thanks to Stanley and Livingstone, the most famous waterfall in the world, on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border. Four main sections: The Devil's Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls, and the Eastern Cataract. Locally named Mosi-oa-Tunya - "smoke that thunde…"

  3. June 2007
  4. waterfallboy rated Yosemite Falls

  5. waterfallboy rated Waihilau Falls

  6. waterfallboy rated Victoria Falls

  7. waterfallboy rated Hanging Glacier Falls

  8. waterfallboy rated Tugela Falls

  9. waterfallboy rated Trou de Fer

  10. waterfallboy rated Sutherland Falls

  11. waterfallboy rated Sulphide Creek Falls

  12. waterfallboy rated Strupenfossen

  13. waterfallboy rated Serio Waterfall

  14. waterfallboy rated Ramnefjellsfossen

  15. waterfallboy rated Olo'upena Falls

  16. waterfallboy rated Niagara Falls

  17. waterfallboy rated Mutarazi Falls

  18. waterfallboy rated Mardalsfossen

  19. waterfallboy rated Mana'wai'nui Falls

  20. April 2007
  21. waterfallboy reviewed Sutherland Falls in South Island, New Zealand

    Famous waterfall watered by the glacial Lake Quill, falling in three drops. Accessible by hiking from the Milford Track. 580 metres tall."

  22. waterfallboy reviewed Strupenfossen in Vestlandet, Norway

    According to the World Waterfalls Database, this is possibly the tallest waterfall in Norway, though it has not been accurately measured. Estimated at over 800 metres."

  23. waterfallboy reviewed Waihilau Falls in Hawaii, United States

    Just under 800m, this waterfall is the largest of a series in the Waimanu Valley."

  24. waterfallboy reviewed Ramnefjellsfossen in Vestlandet, Norway

    One of the tallest as well as most voluminous falls in the world, (no.3), a series of horsetails over 800m tall with a single drop of 600m"

  25. waterfallboy reviewed Kjelfossen in Vestlandet, Norway

    Kjelfossen has never been properly surveyed, with heights given between 500 and 900 metres, where it is close to the world's tallest. Three segments plunge down from three separate lakes. "

  26. waterfallboy reviewed Tugela Falls in South Africa

    At just shy of 950m, South Africa's Tugela Falls is the second tallest waterfall in the world. Made up of five major tiers"

  27. waterfallboy reviewed Niagara Falls in Buffalo, United States

    Along with Victoria Falls, the Niagara Falls is the most famous waterfall in the world. There are three falls that make up Niagra Falls: the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls on the US side, and Horseshoe Falls in Canada. The Niagara River dumps over …"

  28. waterfallboy reviewed Olo'upena Falls in Hawaii, United States

    A massive 900m waterfall, though thin on volume. Certainly one of the tallest in the world, if not the most impressive."

  29. waterfallboy reviewed Hanging Glacier Falls in Aisén, Chile

    Single drop waterfall of, probably, just under 500m, flowing from the Hanging Glacier in Queulat National Park. Not accurately measured, it rates as one of the most impressive in South America."

  30. waterfallboy reviewed Gavarnie in Midi-Pyrenees, France

    Glacier fed falls in the Pyrennees, one of the best waterfalls in Europe and at over 400m the tallest in France."

  31. waterfallboy reviewed Livingstone Falls in DR Congo

    Largest waterfall in the world in terms of water volume, dumping 2m cubic ft per second. Not tall, but massively wide at nearly 5km."

  32. waterfallboy reviewed Takakkaw Falls in British Columbia, Canada

    Fine waterfall in scenic location in Yoho National Park, medium height, running off the Daly Glacier."

  33. waterfallboy reviewed Sulphide Creek Falls in US West Coast, United States

    Glaciers on Mt Shuksan provide the flow for this 650m fall via Sulphide Lake. Accessible on foot by hiking from Baker Lake and Sulphide Creek."

  34. waterfallboy reviewed Harrison Basin Falls in Mountain States, United States

    One of a number of impressive waterfalls in the Glacier National Park, 700m+ tall and running off the Harrison Glacier. Best viewed in early summer."

  35. waterfallboy reviewed Angel Falls in Angel Falls region, Venezuela

    Angel Falls is the world's tallest waterfall, nearly 1000m (979m) high with a largest single drop of 810m. Named after the pilot who discovered them in 1937 - Jimmy Angel - though Venezuelan explorer Ernesto de Santa Cruz got here in 1910 so Angel Falls …"

  36. waterfallboy reviewed Kongou Falls in Libreville, Gabon

    Massive 3km wide cataract falls in the Gabonese rainforest of the Ivindo National Park."

  37. waterfallboy reviewed Cuquenan Falls in Venezuela

    In eastern Venezuela, near the border with Guyana, one of the tallest waterfalls in South America."

  38. waterfallboy reviewed Mutarazi Falls in Zimbabwe

    Mtarazi Falls is the tallest waterfall in Zimbabwe, and one of the tallest in Africa - c. 770m. "

  39. waterfallboy reviewed Trou de Fer in Reunion

    Voted one of the World Waterfall Database's coolest waterfalls, this one is made up of three major drops totalling over 700 metres."

  40. waterfallboy reviewed Three Sisters Falls in Ayacucho, Peru

    Impressive 900m+ ribbon waterfall on Peru's Rio Cutivireni, not well known, a series of three huge drops."

  41. waterfallboy reviewed Monument Falls in Mountain States, United States

    One of three waterfalls converging above Avalanche Lake in the Glacier National Park, 561m tall. Best viewed in early summer."

  42. waterfallboy reviewed Yosemite Falls in US West Coast, United States

    One of the top waterfalls of the world, and vying with Colonial Creek for the accolade as the tallest in North America. Popular tourist attraction - just over 700m."

  43. waterfallboy reviewed Haloku Falls in Hawaii, United States

    Impressive cliff-top falls on the north coast of Molokai, plunging 700m into the sea."

  44. waterfallboy reviewed Colonial Creek Falls in US West Coast, United States

    Never officially measured, but close to 800m, Colonial Creek vies with California's more famous Yosemite Falls as North America's tallest."

  45. waterfallboy reviewed Basaseachic Falls in Chihuahua, Mexico

    Mexico's most famous falls, c. 1000ft in height, with an impressive rock arch at the top"

  46. waterfallboy reviewed Tjotafossen in Vestlandet, Norway

    Well-known waterfall of 500m+ at the foot of the famous Bridsdal Glacier. Peak season to view is mid-summer, when the glacier is melting most furiously."

  47. waterfallboy reviewed Serio Waterfall in Lombardy - Lakes, Italy

    At 315 metres, the tallest waterfall in Italy, in three main drops - however, the Serio River above is dammed for hydroelectric power generation for all but 5 days of the year (June 20th, July 18th, August 22nd, September 12th and October 3rd)."

  48. waterfallboy reviewed Langfoss in Vestlandet, Norway

    600m waterfall dropping into Krafjorden, with great road access for good views. One of the most impressive in Norway, a country not short on falls. For the fit and adventurous, there's a path to the top, for magnificent views."

  49. waterfallboy reviewed Mana'wai'nui Falls in Hawaii, United States

    A series of horsetails plunge one after the other to make a total height of over 700m"

  50. waterfallboy reviewed Alfred Creek Falls in Yukon Territory, Canada

    700 metre single drop waterfall, fed by the Alfred Glacier, one of the largest in North America"

  51. waterfallboy reviewed Johannesburg Falls in US West Coast, United States

    Tall waterfall in North Cascades National Park - c. 750m, in three segments down the mountainside from the glacier above into Cascade Pass. "

  52. waterfallboy reviewed Mardalsfossen in Ostlandet, Norway

    Another tall one, the Mardalsfossen approaches 700m, with a large single drop of 300m. Harnessed for hydroelectric power."

  53. waterfallboy reviewed Lake Chamberlain Falls in South Island, New Zealand

    700m waterfall cascading into Doubtful Sound, near the taller Browne Falls"

  54. waterfallboy reviewed Cauvery Falls in Mysore, India

    Small 100m fall, but most impressive in monsoon period when it swells to triple in width to more than 300m."

  55. waterfallboy reviewed Browne Falls in South Island, New Zealand

    800m+ waterfall cascading into Doubtful Sound, New Zealand's tallest"

  56. waterfallboy reviewed Jog Falls in Karnataka, India

    250m waterfall in Karnataka which swells to enormous volume during monsoon season, as is common for waterfalls on the sub-continent. Split into four segments - the Raja, the Roarer, the Rocket, and the Rani (White Lady). 8th highest in India."

  57. waterfallboy reviewed Gocta in Peru

    Recently discovered waterfall (2002) of 771m, the tallest in Peru, and the 5th tallest in the world."