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Vedat Vural is the founder, owner and director of Alternatif Outdoor, one of Turkey’s longest established and best known operators of outdoor adventure activities. He is now based in Marmaris in south-west Turkey, an ideal area for many outdoor sports.
Vedat was one of the pioneers in introducing and promoting rafting, white-water kayaking and sea kayaking in Turkey and he continues to be actively involved in these activities, every year leading regular guided trips, particularly rafting trips on the Coruh River in north-east Turkey and the Dalaman River in south west Turkey, and sea kayaking expeditions along Turkey’s Turquoise coast.
His international experience includes leading groups on rafting trips to Zimbabwe and Chile, kayaking various rivers in New Zealand, the UK, Germany and the Czech Republic, and sea kayaking in New Zealand.
Vedat is also an experienced mountain guide – he has taken part in expeditions on most of the major Turkish peaks, such as Ararat, Kackar and Erciyes, and has a great deal of experience leading trekking trips in various parts of Turkey. One of his favourite trekking routes is the Lycian Way.

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  1. December 2007
  2. Vedat Vural rated Dalaman River Rafting

  3. Vedat Vural reviewed Dalaman River Rafting in Dalaman, Turkey

    We had heard that this river has been run many times by German kayakers, and it also appeared in their Canoe book – so it was time for Turkish paddlers to discover it too. I followed my river passion and came down to the SW corner of Turkey with so…"

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    "This largely hidden river, located an hour to the east of the city of Antalya, rises in The Taurus Mountains and is an untouched whitewater paradise, with super-clear, drinkable quality water, running through a really remote area of limestone gorges. Th…"

  7. Vedat Vural reviewed Sea kayaking the Turquoise Coast of Turkey in Marmaris, Turkey

    Sea kayaking was a completely new activity in Turkey when we first started trips in 1994, and it is still relatively unknown here except in one or two places. With its many bays, coves, headlands, beaches small and large, much of it inaccessible by land…"

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  9. Vedat Vural reviewed Courh River Rafting in Black Sea Region, Turkey

    The Coruh river is situated in the NE corner of Turkey. It rises from the Mescit mt.(3.255m) and after covering 367km. in Turkey, it enters Georgia for its last 50 km. then reaches the Black Sea. High gradient, high volume, cultural and scenic valleys…"

  10. Vedat Vural rated Courh River Rafting

  11. October 2007
  12. Vedat Vural reviewed Walk the Lycian Way in Antalya, Turkey

    The Lycian Way, extending over 500 km along the coastal area of the ancient land of Lycia between Fethiye and Antalya, has become recognized as one of the best long distance walks in the world. The route is formed of old village paths and tracks that us…"