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Bonnie Pelnar is a professional underwater photographer who travels the world to capture images. She's visited many parts of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, Australia, Fiji, Tonga, the Philippines, Africa, Galapagos, Socorro, Palau, Chuuk, Kosrae, Hawaii, and all over the Caribbean and Mexico. She teaches underwater photography and conducts workshops several times a year teaching digital underwater photography and Photoshop for underwater photographers.

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  1. May 2010
  2. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Diving Wolf and Darwin Islands in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

    For scuba divers the trip to Wolf and Darwin Island is not to be missed. Both islands are very remote and require an overnight steam from the north point of Isla Isabela. The land is protected and passengers cannot do land tours like on the other islands…"

  3. October 2009
  4. Bonnie Pelnar rated Socorro Island

  5. Bonnie Pelnar rated Scuba Club Cozumel

  6. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Scuba Club Cozumel in Cozumel, Mexico

    Built in 1976 as Cozumel's first dedicated dive resort, Scuba Club Cozumel is a very intimate place where Cozumel aficionados find convenience, a good value and a staff that caters to scuba divers. Designed and built by divers, for divers to provide all …"

  7. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed North Save-a-Tack Passage Dive in Fiji

    "I recently went back to the Namena area of Fiji and its is still the most amazing diving in Fiji. The reefs are healthy and happy. This area is full of pinnacles that rise up from the sand and are loaded with luscious soft coral blossoms, sea fans and th…"

  8. Bonnie Pelnar rated North Save-a-Tack Passage Dive

  9. Bonnie Pelnar commented on Dive with Reef Sharks in the Grand Bahamas in Bahamas

    "If you're looking for something expensive to do for the weekend, this place is it. The shark and dolphin dives are fun if you've never been in the water with these animals before. The dives are very staged and safe. Worth the price. Other than these dive…"

  10. Bonnie Pelnar rated Dive with Reef Sharks in the Grand Bahamas

  11. Bonnie Pelnar rated Diving off Roca Partida

  12. Bonnie Pelnar rated Raja Ampats

  13. December 2008
  14. Bonnie Pelnar rated Diving Tobago

  15. Bonnie Pelnar rated The Baths

  16. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Kosrae in Micronesia

    Kosrae is one of the smaller islands in the Federated States of Micronesia. Its only 42 square miles, but is loaded with rich culture and colorful history. Popular among scuba divers, surfers, and sport fishing enthusiasts, the island is surrounded by tr…"

  17. Bonnie Pelnar rated Kosrae

  18. Bonnie Pelnar rated Tari Region

  19. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Tari Region in Papua New Guinea

    Visiting the PNG highlands is a trip that should be on your list of top 10 places to see before you die. Words and pictures alone don't show the true essence of the culture and people there. There are only a handful of hotels in the Tari area, Ambua Lodg…"

  20. June 2008
  21. Bonnie Pelnar rated Negril Beach

  22. Bonnie Pelnar rated Arenal

  23. Bonnie Pelnar rated Great Barrier Reef

  24. January 2008
  25. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Birdwatching at the Napo Wildlife Center in Ecuador

    Napo Wildlife Center is located in the tropical rainforest of Ecuador's Amazon. The lodge sits on Añangu Lake inside Yasuní National Park, and is run by local Quechua Indians who make sure that visitors have an outstanding wildlife and cultural experienc…"

  26. October 2007
  27. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Socorro Island in Mexico

    Socorro Island is one of four islands in the Revillagigedos Archipelago, more commonly called the Socorro Islands. The island is about 10 miles by 9 miles in size and is home to the Mexican Naval Station since 1957. Since the customs officials are locate…"

  28. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Exploring the Namena Barrier Reef in Fiji

    Fiji advertises itself as being the soft coral capital of the world and this area truly lives up to that claim. I visited Namena Reef while aboard the Nai'a. I found this to be one of the best places in Fiji to dive. There were large schools of fish and…"

  29. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Diving and snorkeling the Somosomo Strait in Fiji

    I heard great things about diving in this area but maybe a bit too much hype about how great "the Great White Wall" was. Much of the hard coral has ended up in piles of rubble due to coral bleaching. There was some soft coral but most of it wa…"

  30. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Great Barrier Reef in Great Barrier Reef, Australia

    We ventured out 210 miles into the Coral Sea aboard a small live-aboard. The water was cooler than I expected in November (about 72-74F) but it was very clear. The reefs are mostly hard corals and some leather coral and sea fans. I had hoped to see more…"

  31. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed San Benedicto Island in Mexico

    San Benedicto is one of four islands in the Revillagigedos Archipelago, more commonly called the Socorro Islands. This area attracts nature enthusiasts and scuba divers because the the numerous large animal encounters experienced at dive sites like "The …"

  32. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Scuba diving with tiger sharks in the Bahamas in Bahamas

    For people who can't get enough adrenalin from scuba diving on a beautiful coral reef, you can go to the Bahamas to jump into the water and surround yourself with tiger sharks. This boat trip with JASA aboard M/V Shear Water leaves from West Palm Beach, …"

  33. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Club Cascadas de Baja in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico

    As an owner at Club Cascadas I have been here many times over the past 15+ years. It is very private and secluded from the chaos and mass tourism found everywhere else in Cabo. The unique architecture and design is breathtaking, as is the view of Cabo Sa…"

  34. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Paso del Cedral Reef in Mexico

    Cedar Pass Reef is one of Cozumel's most colorful reefs, teaming with schools of grunts and snappers. Divers are typically greeted by a large Barracuda that hovers over the reef. Turtle are commonly seen here munching on the sponges, often ignoring the d…"

  35. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Diving off Roca Partida in Mexico

    Roca Partida is one of four islands in the Revillagigedos Archipelago, more commonly called the Socorro Islands. This pinnacle rises 115 feet above the ocean's surface, but is only 300 feet wide. Beneath the surface it's a magnet to pelagics and large sc…"

  36. May 2007
  37. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Bali in Bali, Indonesia

    Everyone should visit Bali at least once in their lifetime. Words and pictures alone cannot describe this beautiful little island in the middle of Indonesia. The temperate climate, smells of incense and offerings, and sounds of local music make Bali feel…"

  38. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed The Baths in British Virgin Islands

    The BVIs is a popular sailing destination, so most visitors arrive here by both bare-boat or crewed charter boats. Dive boats such as the Cuan Law also visits The Baths as part of their itinerary. The scenery here is amazing. House-size granite boulders …"

  39. Bonnie Pelnar reviewed Diving Tobago in Trinidad and Tobago

    The island of Tobago is a great destination that may not have come up high on a scuba divers destination wish list, but the diving here can be even more spectacular than many other Caribbean destinations. There are around 60 documented dive sites accessi…"