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4th April 2008

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  1. May 2008
  2. Trent Rex reviewed Pushkar Camel Fair in Ajmer, India

    Not just camels are on sale here but it sounds more exotic. This is a major livestock fair so you’ve got your horses, mules and cattle as well - around 50,000 animals - brought in by people from all over northern India - around 200,000 people and sold t…"

  3. April 2008
  4. Trent Rex rated Bridge over the River Kwai

  5. October 2007
  6. Trent Rex reviewed Bridge over the River Kwai in Central Thailand, Thailand

    The thing about the Bridge over the River Kwai is that when it and the ’death railway’ was built by Allied prisoners of war it didn’t actually cross the River Kwai. The railway runs parallel to the river for large stretches but the bridge crosses the Ma…"