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Jane Wooldridge is the Miami Herald's award-winning travel editor and a genuine travel fanatic. Between her business and personal lives, she has visited much of the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia, with a few out-of-the way stops such as Mali, Tunisia and Mongolia. A veteran of lodgings ranging from five stars to under the stars, she frequently travels alone; her husband and stepsons tag along when schedules permit.

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  1. January 2009
  2. travels with jane wrote a blog post Advice to cruisers: Get real

    My job is to serve readers. I’m not paid by cruise lines or airlines or any other travel supplier, nor does our company take any free trips. So please, cruisers, take this advice in the friendly spirit with which it is meant: Get real in your expectations"

  3. travels with jane wrote a blog post MSC Orchestra hits a sour note

    I'm (literally) just off the U.S. inaugural cruise of the MSC Orchestra. The Italian-owned MSC cruise line has a strong reputation for food, service and upscale ships. But from beginning to end, this sailing was plagued with problems."

  4. travels with jane wrote a blog post Washington: Wish I were there

    As I follow the inauguration via live webcast, I can't help wishing I were there. My sister is; some coworkers are. Some other friends as well."