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Travel Betty is a woman in love and lust with travel. All kinds of different travel. From pampering to roughing it, she’s an experience collector. Travel Betty desires to be the old woman with the good stories. To her, travel is freedom.

She’s a woman who:

-Will spend two nights in a $7 room in order to offset a splurge in a $200+ room
-Doesn’t do all-inclusive
-Goes where the wind blows
-Won’t eat a still-beating cobra heart unless she really wants to
-Is always on the lookout for other Travel Betties and Boys
-Respects the culture even if she doesn’t agree
-Supports mom-and-pops over corporations
-Can greet and thank people in their native tongue
-Gets her adrenaline pumping
-Likes to be pampered, not gouged
-Doesn’t always do it perfectly, but is grateful to be doing it at all

What does Travel Betty do when she’s not traveling?

She pouts. Then she blogs about traveling. She also works as an advertising copywriter in San Francisco where she lives with the love of her life, Travel Boyfriend. She prefers to copywrite for nonprofits and socially responsible companies, but has been known to shill for some big names like Microsoft and Palm. She used to play bass guitar in Richard Bitch, but gave it up to focus on Travel Betty. Yes, she misses being a rock star, but has found writing about her travel exploits to be extremely rewarding as well. Oh yeah, and she also likes to create alternate personalities for herself and write in third person.

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  1. March 2009
  2. Travel Betty wrote a blog post 7 Highlights For Your Trip To The Yucatan In Quintana Roo, Mexico

    The other day, an old coworker emailed me for advice on his upcoming trip to the Yucatan. Having been there twice, I count the Yucatan as one of my favorite places in the world."

  3. Travel Betty wrote a blog post Yes, There Is Something Called Traditional Egyptian Food

    You’ve climbed through a million temples and your fair share of tombs and navigated the constant swarm of the Luxor felluca hawkers. Now you’re starving and delirious and in need of something hearty. Something authentic. Something truly Egyptian that does"

  4. January 2009
  5. Travel Betty wrote a blog post How Hypnotherapy Helped Me Manage Panic Attacks And Travel More Fearlessly

    "Triggered by water retention around my ankles from the long flight and my discomfort at realizing I was as far from home as I’d ever been, this panic attack had me curled up naked on the bathroom floor with Travel Boyfriend feeding me Xanax."