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  1. June 2009
  2. Tony Owusu commented on Senso-ji Temple (Asakusa Kannon) in Tokyo, Japan

    "'The legend says that in the year 628, two brothers fished a statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy, out of the Sumida River, and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Consequently, Sensoji was built there for t…"

  3. November 2008
  4. Tony Owusu reviewed Wenceslas Square Christmas Market in Prague, Czech Republic

    "The Christmas markets in Prague offer over 150 stalls of everything from decorated gingerbread to wooden toys to punch. However the sound of this market is what it is known for, as almost every church will have its choir singing carols. A small zoo also …"

  5. Tony Owusu reviewed Alter Markt Christmas Market in Rheinland, Germany

    "During the run up to Christmas, Cologne is one of Germany's most popular destinations. Annually, the city's 6 markets boast over 1 million visitors. The city is fully decorated for the occasion. The top market in Cologne is the Cathedral Market with the …"

  6. November 2007
  7. Tony Owusu reviewed SeaWorld San Diego in US West Coast, United States

    San Diego’s Sea World is more than just a zoo for marine animals - it's a theme park. Home to a bevy of marine animals from dolphins to Orca’s (more commonly known as killer whales), Sea World also features roller coasters and different marine themed rid…"

  8. Tony Owusu rated San Diego Zoo

  9. Tony Owusu reviewed San Diego Zoo in US West Coast, United States

    The San Diego zoo is one of the world’s largest and most fun zoos. The zoo displays an array of over 4,000 animals for you to marvel at while soaking in San Diego’s always gorgeous weather. It also features exhibits that range from an African rainforest …"

  10. Tony Owusu reviewed Tōdai-ji Temple in Nara, Japan

    Even though it was rebuilt to only two-thirds of its original size, the Todaiji Temple is surely a sight to see as it is the largest wooden building in the world. Inside, the temple also houses the largest Buddha statue in the world.  The building curren…"

  11. Tony Owusu reviewed Tokyo National Museum in Tokyo, Japan

    The Tokyo National Museum is the oldest and largest museum in Japan. The museum houses over 100,000 artefacts from all over Asia, including many of Japan's national treasures. Five buildings make up the complex which also incorporates outdoor exhibition…"

  12. Tony Owusu rated Tokyo National Museum

  13. Tony Owusu rated Tōdai-ji Temple

  14. Tony Owusu rated Kiyomizu Temple

  15. Tony Owusu rated Japan Ukiyo-e Museum

  16. Tony Owusu rated Iwaso Ryokan

  17. Tony Owusu rated Hase Kannon Temple

  18. Tony Owusu rated Hakone Open Air Museum

  19. Tony Owusu reviewed Iwaso Ryokan in Hiroshima, Japan

    One of Japan's most beautiful and exclusive ryokens or traditional inns, the Iwaso Ryoke is also one of the oldest, built over 150 years ago. The Iwaso allows you to choose between some of its newer rooms and the classic older rooms. The hotel is also l…"

  20. Tony Owusu reviewed Hakone Open Air Museum in Kanto, Japan

    The Hakone Open Air Museum was Japan's first open air museum. The museum is set in a beautiful park and features over 100 works of contemporary and modern art from some of today's most celebrated artists. The museum was designed so that you could view bo…"

  21. Tony Owusu reviewed Hase Kannon Temple in Tokyo, Japan

    The Hase Kannon Temple lies in the coastal city of Kamakura. Its most famous feature is the 11 headed statue of Kannon, the goddess of mercy. The statue is about 10 metres high and is the tallest wooden image in Japan. The Hase Kannon Temple also is home…"

  22. Tony Owusu reviewed Japan Ukiyo-e Museum in Nagano, Japan

    The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum is home to the largest collection of woodblock prints in the world. Located in Nagano, the museum was started by a wealthy woodblock print collector over 300 years ago. The size of his collection grew and his descendants added on…"

  23. Tony Owusu reviewed Kiyomizu Temple in Furukawa, Japan

    Located in eastern Kyoto, the Kiyomizu Temple is one of Japan's most recognizable Buddhist temples. Although the shrine dates back to the late 8th century, many of the current buildings on the site were built in the 17th century. One of the temples most …"

  24. Tony Owusu reviewed Goro Sakamoto's Collection in Osaka, Japan

    Goro Sakamoto is the owner of an antique shop in Japan. He recently donated about 400 pieces of ancient Chinese bronze antiques with age of the pieces range from 5th to 3rd century BC. The pieces chronicle the height of the Bronze Age. The artefacts can …"

  25. Tony Owusu reviewed Akan National Park in Hokaido, Japan

    Akan National Park is on the island of Hokkaido, which was formed, with it's dramatic lakes, by volcanic activity. The park consists of three different lakes, Lake Akan, Lake Masshu, and Lake Kussharo. Each lake offers visitors a different experience. L…"

  26. Tony Owusu reviewed The Koshikawa Botanical Garden in Tokyo, Japan

    Though it still maintains its status as one of the most industrial cities in the world, Tokyo is home to many botanical gardens. The Koshikawa Botanical Garden in Tokyo is owned and operated by the prestigious University of Tokyo. The site is home to mo…"

  27. Tony Owusu reviewed Gusuku Sites in Okinawa, Japan

    The Gusuku Sites are the chain of castles and fortresses on the Ryukyu Islands that date back to the 14th and 15th century. Most of the sites are in ruins but are still amazing sites to see. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gusuku Sites are so…"

  28. Tony Owusu reviewed Fuji Hakone Izu National Park in Kanto, Japan

    The Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is home to many of the best attractions Japan has to offer. The Fuji Mountains, the Fuji five Lakes, the city of Hakone, and the Izu Islands and peninsula are just some of the many parts of this sprawling park. Hakone's …"

  29. Tony Owusu rated Gusuku Sites

  30. Tony Owusu rated Fuji Hakone Izu National Park

  31. Tony Owusu rated Daisetsuzan National Park

  32. Tony Owusu rated Goro Sakamoto's Collection

  33. Tony Owusu rated The Koshikawa Botanical Garden

  34. Tony Owusu rated Akan National Park

  35. Tony Owusu reviewed Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokaido, Japan

    The Daisetsuzan National Park is located on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. With an area of over 2,000 square kilometres, Daisetsuzan is the largest national park in Japan, featuring 16 snow capped mountain peaks - each peek measuring in at over 2,000 m…"

  36. Tony Owusu reviewed Shishahai Lakes in Beijing, China

    "Shichahai consists of three lakes located to the north-west of Beijing's Forbidden City: the Front Sea, the West Sea, and the Back Sea. .The lakes are lined with lotus. You can stroll the shore along graceful paths and stone bridges or row out to one of …"

  37. Tony Owusu reviewed Delos in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    Delos is an exquisite little island that is steeped in mythology. According to legend, the island was revealed by Poseidon so that Zeus's mistress could give birth to their son. Mythology aside, Delos has much to offer. There are numerous ruins, the olde…"

  38. Tony Owusu reviewed Aegina in Saronic Islands, Greece

    Close to mainland Greece but not overrun by tourists, Aegina Island asserts that it is one of the few Greek Islands that still has a Greek feel. Most of this small island is covered on its southern side by a massive but extinct volcano. One can go fishin…"

  39. Tony Owusu reviewed Rhodes in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Rhodes, one of the biggest of the Greek islands, is nicknamed the 'sun island' because there are very few days when the sun is not shining here. With a population of over 70,000, Rhodes is more classic tourist destination, with its famous castle and port…"

  40. Tony Owusu reviewed Kefalonia in Ionian Islands, Greece

    One of the largest Greek islands, Kefalonia is also one of Greece's fastest growing municipalities. With a population approaching 45,000, Kefalonia is also one of Greece's fastest growing tourist destinations. Even though the island has many beaches, mos…"

  41. Tony Owusu reviewed Poros in Peloponnese, Greece

    Poros is an island pair in the south Saronic Gulf. Sferia, the smaller of the two islands, is rockier than the larger island and it also contains the city where most of the 4,000 residents live. The larger island Kalavria, is more rural and has a more lu…"

  42. Tony Owusu rated Paros

  43. Tony Owusu rated Crete

  44. Tony Owusu reviewed Crete in Crete, Greece

    "Crete is Greece's largest Mediterranean island and, with its beach resorts, rugged interior and historic ruins, makes it also one of its most popular tourist destinations. The island has a permanent population of over 600,000 residents, with several mill…"

  45. Tony Owusu reviewed Kos in Dodecanese Islands, Greece

    Kos is a long island off the Greek coast that has a mixture of rocky mountain terrain and low lying fertile plains. Farming is how the majority of the over 30,000 residents make a living, but most of the economy is in tourism. The island has over 100 km …"

  46. Tony Owusu reviewed Mykonos in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    Mykonos is one of Greece's top tourist destinations, renowned for some of the best nightlife in Europe. Seen as a young person's destination, its beach bars and clubs host great parties. However, the island is steeped in history, which passes most people…"

  47. Tony Owusu reviewed Paros in Cyclades Islands, Greece

    Paros is famous for its many beaches. Paros is close to other islands, some as close as 2 kilometers, and ferries run frequently from the island's harbor. Wind surfing is also a big attraction as many of the straights that are around the island provide g…"

  48. Tony Owusu reviewed Skyros in Sporades Islands, Greece

    Skyros is an island with two distinct halves. The northern half of the island is lush and fertile while the southern half is barren. Skyros is not much of a beach island as most beaches are located on only one side of the island and are increasingly diff…"

  49. Tony Owusu reviewed Corfu in Ionian Islands, Greece

    Located just off of the western coast of mainland Greece, Corfu has always been a popular tourist destination for the more discerning type of traveler, with a high concentration of luxury villas for hire. The island also boasts many world class museums …"

  50. Tony Owusu reviewed Lesbos in Eastern Aegean, Greece

    Lesbos has mountainous terrain. The island also features volcanic hot springs, a recurring theme in Greek mythology. However, the most interesting aspect of the island is perhaps its petrified forest. Declared a 'protected natural monument', this is one …"

  51. Tony Owusu reviewed Symi in Greece

    The Symi Festival, which lasts from July to September, is one of the island's biggest attractions. Started in 1995, the festival is a free open-air concert that is frequented by some of Greece's best musicians. The island has a population of only 2,500 p…"

  52. Tony Owusu reviewed Hydra in Saronic Islands, Greece

    Hydra is another small island in the Saronic Gulf that relies heavily on tourism from nearby Athens. Cars are not allowed on the island so transportation duties fall to donkeys and water taxis. The largest town, Hydra port, caters to most visitors with…"

  53. Tony Owusu reviewed Skiathos in Greece

    Boasting over 70 beaches, the island of Skiathos is a great if sometimes under-rated destination. Moving inland, most of the rest of the island is either forested or used as farmland. The permanent population of the island is just over 6,000, though in w…"

  54. October 2007
  55. Tony Owusu reviewed Rudesheim Christmas Market in Rheinland, Germany

    "Rudesheim offers you a unique Christmas experience in its 'Christmas Market of Nations'. Over 100 stands from 12 countries line the streets of this city every year, offering traditional products from each one. The city's wine growers also add to the expe…"

  56. Tony Owusu reviewed Baden-Baden Christmas Market in Baden-Baden, Germany

    "Baden-Baden is one of Germany's most picturesque cities. During the Christmas market season the already beautiful scenery is lit up by thousands of Christmas light decorations. A nativity scene with live animals is at the center of this small but bustlin…"

  57. Tony Owusu reviewed St. Thomas Market, Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland

    "During Christmas, Helsinki stages a number of Christmas Markets. December is one of the darkest month in Finland, and there are extensive and impressive Christmas lights all over the city. Helsinki offers great shopping and dining - and different fairs a…"

  58. Tony Owusu reviewed Norsk Folkemuseum Christmas Fair in Oslo, Norway

    "Oslo's harbour plays host to the city's largest market in the year. Hundreds of tents hold thousands of people singing carols, shopping and having fun. This is a great city for travelers who want an authentic European Christmas Market experience done in …"

  59. Tony Owusu reviewed Tallinn Christmas Market in Tallinn, Estonia

    "Tallinn, Estonia's capital city, has a relatively new christmas market, first held in 1991. However, its lack of tradition does not damper its Christmas spirit. There's a massive Christmas tree outside the Town Hall, with Santa's house beneath and even a…"

  60. Tony Owusu reviewed Strasbourg Christmas Market in Strasbourg, France

    "The Strasbourg Christmas market is the largest Christmas market in France. This market boasts hundreds of stalls that sell a plethora of goods and christmas products, against the backdrop of the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral. You could stick to French …"

  61. Tony Owusu reviewed Riga Christmas Market in Riga, Latvia

    "Riga, a city steeped in Christmas tradition, opens its arms to a wave of visitors for its Christmas market. Boasting low prices and small town coziness, Riga is great for good value atmosphere and a hint of exoticism. The market is held in the city's Old…"

  62. Tony Owusu reviewed Stockholm Christmas Market in Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm Christmas Market is another market steeped in tradition. The city's oldest neighborhood, Gamla Stan, operates the Christmas market in Stortorget Square. You can walk down Drottninggatan, one of the city's longest pedestrian streets, and marvel …"

  63. Tony Owusu reviewed Prague Old Town Square Markets in Prague, Czech Republic

    "The Christmas markets in Prague offer over 150 stalls of everything from decorated gingerbread to wooden toys to punch. However the sound of this market is what it is known for, as almost every church will have its choir singing carols. A small zoo also …"

  64. Tony Owusu reviewed Valkenburg Christmas Markets in Aachen, Germany

    "Christmas around the world is the theme of this Dutch Christmas market. Booths offer products from all over. The town is set on top of a series of caves, one of which is decorated for the Christmas season. Stalls also have authentic Dutch handcrafted pr…"

  65. Tony Owusu reviewed Munster Christmas Market in Lower Saxony, Germany

    "Christmas lights, shops, historic buildings, and churches make up the center of this impressive set of 5 markets. All of the markets are within walking distance of each other and offer visitors some great variety. Fairs offer tastes of over 35 different …"

  66. Tony Owusu reviewed Hamelin Christmas Market in Hamelin, Germany

    "While being one of the smaller Christmas markets in Germany, the Hamelin Christmas Market is steeped in lore and tradition. Located in Old Town, the market is in the home town of the Pied Piper. Over 70 decorated stalls sell goods such as mulled wine and…"

  67. Tony Owusu reviewed Hamburg Weihnachtsmarkt in Hamburg, Germany

    "Hamburg has a host of markets to go to during the Christmas season, all of which are located in the center of the city. The Hanseatic Christmas Market is located in the pedestrian zone right in front Hamburg's town hall. At this market you will find han…"

  68. Tony Owusu reviewed Düsseldorf Altstadt Christmas Market in Düsseldorf, Germany

    "Düsseldorf has many intriguing experiences to offer vistors at Christmas. Whether it be the free ice-skating rink at Corneliusplatz or its gingerbread houses, this is a less well known but a great market to visit. The smell of cinnamon cakes and mulled r…"

  69. Tony Owusu reviewed Cologne Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany

    "During the run up to Christmas, Cologne is one of Germany's most popular destinations. Annually, the city's 6 markets boast over 1 million visitors. The city is fully decorated for the occasion. The top market in Cologne is the Cathedral Market with the …"

  70. Tony Owusu reviewed Budapest Christmas Market in Budapest, Hungary

    "Budapest's Vorosmarty Square hosts the annual Budapest Christmas Market. The market features artists and wood craftsmen at its over 100 stalls. The smells of chestnuts and mulled wine penetrate the air as the square is stuffed with food stalls. This mark…"

  71. Tony Owusu reviewed Bad Reichenhall Christmas Market in Bavaria, Germany

    "The fact that 'Reber', a German sweets company, runs this Christmas Market should give you a good idea of the type of market the Bad Reichenhall Christmas market is. Small and highly decorative, this market feels like a family Christmas. A small town a…"

  72. Tony Owusu reviewed Bremen Christmas Market in Bremen, Germany

    The Bremen Christmas Market sits on the Weser River and has been praised as one of the most enchanting markets in Germany. The Christmas market boasts over 170 stalls and a waterfront dining area that serves Bavarian and Austrian dishes. Mulled wine, Chr…"

  73. Tony Owusu reviewed Erfurt Christmas Market in Erfurt, Germany

    Erfurt's old town medieval history lends itself well as a backdrop to the Erfurt Christmas Market. Located in front of the town cathedral, the market is home to a 30 meter high Christmas tree decorated with candles. The square also features a wood carved…"