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5th July 2007

English landscape architect and town planner, author of books on English Garden Design:history and Styles since 1650 (Antique Collectors Club, 1986), Landscape Planning (Hutchinson, 1987), City as Landscape: a post-Postmodern view of Planning and Design (Spons, 1996), Landscape Planning and Environmental Impact Design (UCL, 1998), Garden History: Philosophy and Design (2004). Editor of the Garden History Reference Encyclopedia CD. Lecturer at the University of Greenwich.


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  1. March 2009
  2. Tom Turner reviewed Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech, Morocco

    The garden was made in the 1920s by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, with marble pools, raised pathways, banana trees, groves of bamboo, coconut palms and bougainvilleas. Perhaps unsuprisingly as the garden was designed by a painter, the garden is c…"

  3. August 2007
  4. Tom Turner rated Generalife

  5. July 2007
  6. Tom Turner reviewed Shalimar Bagh in Srinagar, India

    Shalamar Bagh means 'Abode of Love'. The garden has a fabulous setting, on the shore of Lake Dal in Kashmir, with the Himalayas as a backdrop. It was made by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and his wife, Nur Jahan, is thought to have been the designer. A fre…"

  7. Tom Turner reviewed Katsura Imperial Villa Garden in Kyoto, Japan

    Katsura is a masterpiece of Japanese garden design. It was built for Prince Toshhihito (1579-1629) and he is believed to have been the main designer. He made a lake, hills, islands, beaches and 16 bridges. The result was a pleasure landscape of the kind …"

  8. Tom Turner reviewed Generalife in Andalucia, Spain

    The Court of the Long Pond in the Generalife is probably the most photographed garden feature in Europe. Jets of water arch over the pond. It has Islamic pavillions at both ends and an arcaded gallery overlooking the valley below and the Alhambra Palace…"

  9. Tom Turner reviewed Bagh-i Fin in Iran

    Bagh-i Fin, in Kashan, is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran. The country has a famous garden design tradition but few old gardens survive. Bagh-i Fin has all the classic elements: a charhar bagh pattern of canals, a mud enclosing wall with circul…"

  10. Tom Turner reviewed Monet's Gardens in North East France, France

    Giverny was made by the great French impressionist painter, Claude Monet. It is not a large garden, but it is exceedingly popular with visitors and remarkably photogenic. Monet moved from Paris to Giverny in 1883, believing that all painting of nature s…"

  11. Tom Turner reviewed Sissinghurst Castle Gardens in South East England, United Kingdom

    Sissinghust Castle Garden is probably the best-loved garden made in the twentieth century – and a leading example of the Arts and Crafts style of garden design. It was made on the site of a medieval manor house and some of the old buildings survive. The…"

  12. Tom Turner reviewed Garden of the Master of the Nets in Suzhou, China

    This was a Chinese scholar's garden. It is in Suzhou and is widely praised as the most perfect garden in China's 'garden capital'. The Courtyard of the Jade Spring Abode was used as a model for the Chinese court in New York's Metropolitan Museum. The ma…"

  13. Tom Turner reviewed Villa Lante in Siena, Italy

    The Villa Lante is often seen as the best example of the best period in the history of garden design: the Mannerist phase of the Italian renaissance. It was designed for a cardinal with a flamboyant taste for outdoor living and dining. Every aspect of t…"

  14. Tom Turner reviewed Gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte in Ile-de-France, France

    Amongst garden designers, Vaux le Vicomte is the most admired high Baroque garden. It was one of the first and it has a geometrical perfection which even Versailles cannot equal. There are deep woods, brilliant water features, elaborate parterres and fi…"

  15. June 2007
  16. Tom Turner reviewed Stourhead in West Country, United Kingdom

    Stourhead is most perfect example of an English landscape garden. It was inspired by Claude Lorrain's vision of a golden age in which the architecture was classical and landscapes were peopled by handsome men and beautiful shepherdesses, usually enjoying…"