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Tom Fort started fishing with his two older brothers when he was a lad growing up near Reading. He has since managed to fish through most of Europe, Russia, Scandinavia, Africa and South America.
Between fishing trips Tom spent 22 years working for the BBC in Radio news. He has since left to pursue his other interests, namely writing several books, spending time with his wife and five children and going fishing.
Tom's books include:
The Far From Compleat Angler, published by Merlin Unwin Books (Ludlow, Shropshire) 1995.
The Grass is Greener: Our Love Affair With The Lawn - published by HarperCollins 2000.
The Book of Eels, published by HarperCollins 2003.
Under The Weather: Us And The Elements, published by Century 2006.

Tom's next book, DOWNSTREAM - about punting down the Trent and our relationship with rivers - is due out next year from Century.

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    Ireland has some superb dry-fly fishing for trout, and some of the best of it is to be found an hour or so’s drive from Dublin, in the green fields of County Meath. Rivers such as the Boyne, the Deel, the Enfield Blackwaterand the Stoneyford offer fishi…"

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    Salt-water fly-fishing has seen explosive growth in the UK over the past few years – with bass as the prime target. These fish, lovers of crashing swell and rough, rocky, remote parts of the sea-shore, are fierce predators which take fly, lures and bait…"

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    Fishing is not all about the size of the fish. The trout of rivers like the Barle and the Exe, which rise on Exmoor, and the East Dart, which runs across Dartmoor, are generally small. But they are wild, game, and are to be found in some of the lovelie…"

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    The Suir is simply one of the great trout rivers of the world. It flows more than 100 miles south from the Devil’s Bit Mountain in County Tipperary into the sea at Waterford. It has a phenomenal head of trout and still boasts marvellous hatches of fly.…"

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    Not all freshwater fishing is about trout and salmon. Fifty years ago the Thames was severely polluted; now it has been reborn as one of the finest rivers in the country. Pike abound in the weirpools and mill-pools and can give fantastic sport on big f…"

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    The far-north west, north of the Lake District, is one of the least spoiled, least crowded and most beautiful parts of England, and offers some wonderful fly-fishing. The Eden is the prime river, and is full of trout up to three pounds and more, as well…"