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6th March 2008

Australia's landscape never fails to inspire me on my walking adventures. I walk, I draw, I write. Stories and images drip from the landscape and onto my pages and my work is a combination of these. Useful guides but I leave room for you to experience it yourself.

Toby Hallston is a painter, poet and contributor to guide books and local rags alike.

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  1. March 2008
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  3. Toby Hallston reviewed Walking the Bogong High Plains in Victoria, Australia

    Mount Bogong is Victoria’s Highest Mountain skimming just under 2000ms, but it’s not such a slog to scale it considering this whole region is ‘high plains’. Forests of towering ash, snowgums and the haunting ghost gums grow here is pockets but there are…"

  4. Toby Hallston reviewed The Great Ocean Walk in Victoria, Australia

    On lots of people’s to do list is the Great Ocean Walk along Victoria’s spectacular and dramatic west coast. Prepare for all kinds of coastal scenery from beaches to forest gullies and bare rocky cliffs and good access to Victoria’s bi…"

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    Easy starting point ex-Adelaide the Yurrebilla Trail runs through the Belair National Park linking some of the most scenic bits of the Adelaide Hills. A gentle 54kms this is an organised track with plenty of information and markers along the way good fo…"

  8. Toby Hallston reviewed Walking Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, Australia

    One of my favourite destinations in the world I can’t say enough about the beauty of Freycinet and the peninsular is sits on. Some of Tassie’s world class sights are part of the Freycinet view, Wineglass Bay, Coles Bay, Mount Freycinet and th…"

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