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  1. July 2009
  2. Toby Bright reviewed Abisko National Park in Sweden

    Abisko and the National Park named after it, are at the top of Swedish Lapland, bordering on the Norwegian border.  This is perfect Northern Light show country – 195kms north of the Arctic Circle, and with very, very little rainfall this is a …"

  3. Toby Bright reviewed Shot at Dawn Execution site in Belgium

    Poperinge wasn't on the front line, it was a military camp where men were 'rested' and hospitalised near the front before going back to fight, but this is where many of the 73 Ypres Salient military executions took place during the Great War, because it …"

  4. Toby Bright reviewed Brandhoek Cemetery in Belgium

    This cemetery was started in 1915 in a field next to the dressing station.  Several new cemetery areas had to be cleared as the battle continued to send men back to these hospitals from the front line. The most famous soldier interred in this cemet…"

  5. Toby Bright reviewed Flanders: Hill 60 in Belgium

    Hill 60 was a flat topped hill near the railway line into Ypres to an important position to hold strategically for the armies fighting over the Ypres Salient and it changed hands several times during the years the Great War raged here.  Tunnelling a…"

  6. Toby Bright reviewed Beaumont Hamel in Normandy, France

    The trenches around the fortress town of Beaumont Hamel are some of the best preserved on the Western Front, and to the original layout of the battlefield have been added the memorials and cemeteries of the men who remain here also.  The town was a …"

  7. Toby Bright reviewed In Flanders Fields Museum in Belgium

    The building that houses this museum, Ypres's Cloth House, was almost flattened under bombardment and has been reconstructed since.  The layout of the museum offers both personal stories of the conflict, via recordings or video and written text, the…"

  8. Toby Bright reviewed Menin Gate in Belgium

    The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing remembers 54,896 British and Commonwealth soldiers killed in the battles for the Ypres Salient and who have no known grave or resting place.  It crosses the road running from the town to the battlefield.  …"

  9. Toby Bright reviewed Thiepval Memorial in Belgium

    Here are recorded names of officers and men of the British Armies who fell on the Somme battlefields July 1915 February 1918 but to whom the fortune of war denied the known and honoured burial given to their comrades in death. This huge memorial remembe…"

  10. Toby Bright reviewed Courcelette Memorial in Normandy, France

    This Canadian memorial marks the place where the Canadian Corps spent the final months of the first battle of the Somme.  The major individual battles these men lost their lives in were the Ballte of Flers-Courcelette, the Battle of the Ancre, and t…"

  11. Toby Bright reviewed Pozieres Memorial in Normandy, France

    Six kilometres out of Albert, Pozieres was the sight of a bloody Somme battle, as Australian and British forces pushed for the town as an entry into the German trenches there.  The village was turned to rubble and thousands of lives lost on both sid…"

  12. Toby Bright reviewed Mametz Wood Memorial in Normandy, France

    This confident and spikey detailed red dragon on top of a plinth is a memorial for the men of the Welshmen of the 38th Division who died trying to capture it during the first battle of the Somme between the 7th and 12th of July, 1916. Troops had to cros…"

  13. Toby Bright reviewed Ardenne Abbey in Normandy, France

    "In 1943, in the heat of the Second World War, the owners of this abbey were arrested for being members of the Resistance and the abbey was taken to be used as the headquarters of the 25th SS Panzergernadier Regiment, one of the Hitler Youth SS Divisions …"

  14. Toby Bright reviewed The Merville Battery and Museum in Normandy, France

    In June 1944, Merville-Francville was the marker at the edge of the beaches planned for the Normandy invasion, and the German gun fortress there posed a problem for the Allies in that it had the range to hamper the forces as they attempted to land on the…"

  15. Toby Bright reviewed Ranville War Cemetery in Normandy, France

    The remains in this cemetery are mostly British: 2,151 in number, joined by 76 Canadians, five French, and one each from Australia, New Zealand and Belgium.  There are also 322 German war graves.  The 6th Airborne Division are most represented …"

  16. Toby Bright reviewed Atlantic Wall Museum in Normandy, France

    The Atlantic Wall Museum is housed within an old German bunker – a huge one, about 18 metres of reinforced concrete going straight up, and the location of German headquarters at the entrance to the River Orne.  The German forces in the bunker …"

  17. Toby Bright reviewed Arromanches 360 Circular Theatre in Normandy, France

    Nine screen show, in the round, clips from 1944 news reel and footage taken on the battleground, cut together with  modern images of the region in a thirty minute film called 'The Price of Freedom'.  There's no commentary, but there is music an…"

  18. Toby Bright reviewed Bayeux Commonwealth War Cemetery in Normandy, France

    The Bayeux Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery is the second largest Allied cemetery in Normandy after the American Cemetery above Omaha Beach.  Most of the 4,648 soldiers buried here, under simple white stone markers, died in the Invasion o…"

  19. Toby Bright reviewed The Bayeux Military Museum in Normandy, France

    Bayeux was the first town to be liberated in the Normandy invasion.  Its bunker shaped museum to D-Day, or "Musée Memorial de la Bataille de Normandie", has a large and impressive collection of tanks on its grounds, including a M10 …"

  20. Toby Bright reviewed Pegasus Bridge and the Pegasus Memorial Museum in Normandy, France

    The battles that took place for Pegasus Bridge, and Horsa Bridge a few hundred metres to the east were the very first actions of the D-Day invasions.  On the night of the 5th of June, 1944, six gliders carrying 181 men set off from Dorset to take th…"

  21. Toby Bright reviewed The Mulberry Harbour Port Winston in Normandy, France

    Towards the end of the Second World War the Allied forces needed to push the Germans back though France, but to do so they needed to invade the coast, so the Germans built the Atlantic Wall and gathered their forces around the Norman ports ready for the …"

  22. Toby Bright reviewed The D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France

    Utah was the the right, or westernmost flank of of D-Day landing zone between the villages of La Madeline and Pouppeville.  Here the U.S. 4th Infantry Division came ashore with little resistance – the forces lost only about 200 of roughly 23,0…"

  23. Toby Bright reviewed The D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France

    Omaha is the five miles of beach between Sainte-Honorine-des-Pertes and Vierville-sur-Mer, where the 1st Infantry Division and 29th Infantry Division fought the German 352nd Infantry Division on D-Day.  This is the beach where the  stories of '…"

  24. Toby Bright reviewed The D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France

    The primary D-Day objectives for the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division landing on Gold Beach, was to to establish a beachhead between Arromanches and Ver-sur-Mer – this was the spot chosen for the creation of the artificial harbour.  The G…"

  25. Toby Bright reviewed The D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France

    Juno was also known as Canadian Beach because it was Canadian forces, the 3rd Canadian Infantry, who were assigned this beach, from Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer on the east to Courseulles-sur-Mer on the west, for D-Day.  The Germans were dug in well here wit…"

  26. Toby Bright reviewed Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, France

    Opened on June 6 2003, 59 years after the D-Day landings that took back Juno Beach from the German forces, this centre in Courseulles-sur-Mer, presents the stories of the predominantly Canadian forces who experienced their 'longest day' on this stretch o…"

  27. Toby Bright reviewed The D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France

    Sword was the eastern most of the D-Day landing beaches, stretching 8 km between Ouistreham and Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer.  The British 3rd Division and 27th Armoured Brigade were the main forces landed here, and their main objective was the city of Caen.…"

  28. October 2007
  29. Toby Bright reviewed Vimy Ridge in North East France, France

    The Battle of Vimy Ridge was part of the Battle of Arras, in which the Canadian Corps fought the German Sixth Army between the 9th and 12th of April 1917.  The aim of the battle was for Allied forces to take control of the German high ground along t…"