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21st September 2007

I misspent much of my youth with a paddle in my hands exploring some of the world’s great water. Led mostly by my father, a rather renowned adventurer, I have been lucky enough to have traveled to some amazing places and to have been part of some of his big adventures internationally and in my home country, Canada.
My main connection to paddling now is in development, but even that has had to become part time to my every day profession as a high school teacher where my aim is to encourage young people to get out and try things they haven’t before: hence my enthusiasm for World Reviewer. I was lucky enough to be encouraged by great passion and drive and I hope to do the same here. (I sound like a serious guy now don’t I? I’m not, just someone who likes to get out on the water and have a look around.).

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  1. September 2007
  2. Tim Cullen reviewed Kayaking off Great Bear Rainforest and Goose Island in British Columbia, Canada

    Off the coast of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest are waters full of wildlife while on shore are forests full of wildlife. The kelp forests plugged in to the rocky shore and proximity to the salmon spawning grounds upstream attract Gray Whales, …"

  3. Tim Cullen reviewed Paddling between the Lofoten Islands in Nord-Norge, Norway

    Norway’s remarkable fjords and sharp coast side mountains set the region apart as a paddling destination. The other obvious advantage is the sunlight. At the right time of year the sun hovers on the horizon until the early hours allowing additio…"

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  5. Tim Cullen reviewed Isla Carmen Sea Kayak in Cozumel, Mexico

    The waters of the Sea of Cortez around Isla Carmen have a thriving fin and blue whale population, sandy bays, good weather and soaring rocky cliffs. The water here is relatively calm and clear, in some of the smaller bays off Isla Carmen you can see the…"

  6. Tim Cullen rated Kayaking off Great Bear Rainforest and Goose Island

  7. Tim Cullen rated Paddling the Oka River

  8. Tim Cullen rated Paddling between the Lofoten Islands

  9. Tim Cullen reviewed Paddling the Oka River in Montreal, Canada

    Mountains looking as smooth as fallen fabric provide the backdrop for paddling one of Siberia’s best white water locations. This is Genghis Khan country. A place of expanding landscapes, rugged cultures and adventure, expect to see volcanic remnants li…"