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  1. July 2007
  2. timbo reviewed Fallingwater in US East Coast, United States

    "Another wonderful building set in its natural surroundings from one of great 20th Century architects. Web link - jade.ccccd.edu/Andrade/britlit/wwIpoets/images/12.jpg"

  3. timbo rated Fallingwater

  4. timbo reviewed The Pantheon in Rome, Italy

    "An amazing building and structure for its time - visit early in morning or late at night ideally when raining and stand under open oculi in the dome!"

  5. timbo rated The Pantheon

  6. timbo reviewed Centre Pompidou in Paris, France

    "Rogers and Piano - what bravery and exuberance surrounded by classic Paris - rumours say that Government made a mistake in winning number and was meant to be French architect (probably should not print that!!) - I say lucky us! Web link - www.centrepom…"

  7. timbo rated Centre Pompidou

  8. timbo reviewed Villa Savoye in Paris, France

    "Le Corbusier really explores modern materials here and the way a house works - it's basis of many modern houses since. Web link - www.e-architect.co.uk/paris/villa_savoie_corbusier.htm"

  9. timbo rated Villa Savoye