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22nd January 2009

Tim Hughes puts the boot into the highs and lows of the online travel business (with an Australasian/Asian bias) with some blogging about consuming and loving travel thrown in.

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  1. January 2011
  2. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post 2011 Predictions: The BOOT on which trends live and which ones die in 2011

    The Boot has six predictions for 2010. Three things will live and thrive and three things will wither and die:"

  3. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post BOOT - 7 tips to make flying to the USA easier

    Flying to the US can be hard work. There are forms to fill in, inspections to get through, constantly changing rules (so much so that the enforcers or the rules are often not up to date) and airports mired in outdated infrastructure, unable to cope with t"

  4. July 2010
  5. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Business Traveller Tip: Seven Tips for Travelling in China

    Have just returned from a 13 day business trip covering greater China (China itself, Hong Kong and Taiwan)..."

  6. February 2010
  7. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post First Class is dead. Long Live First Class.

    10 years ago last month(January 2000) British Airways changed business class flying forever when they introduced the lie flat business class seat. I am sure that the revenue management team putting together the pricing and yielding plan for that launch di"

  8. November 2009
  9. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post SkyMall Follies: DIY traction. Please no auto-erotic asphyxiation jokes

    This is the second in my series of SkyMall Follies posts. A look at the best and worst from the mile high catalogue of fun, games and madness that is the SkyMall."

  10. October 2009
  11. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Business Traveller Tip: The best drugs to take with you

    If you travel a lot, then you have been sick on a trip. If so, you know the challenge of finding fast, quick and (importantly) understandable health care."

  12. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Seat Review - British Airways World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy)

    World Traveller Plus (WTP) is closer to economy than business. It is a product a little above economy but well below business. The problem is that the pricing (absent a deal/special) is mid way between Business and Economy."

  13. September 2009
  14. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Anklet to the BOOT: "Dadda the world has changed colour"

    Dust over Sydney"

  15. July 2009
  16. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Top 5 ways to know that your airline is trouble

    The top five signs that your airline or flight is in trouble."

  17. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Business Traveller Tip - things to pack that you don't think you really need

    "You won't use or need all of these on every trip but when the time comes and you have these, you'll be thankful."

  18. June 2009
  19. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Business Traveller Tip - getting through airport security fast and recombobulating in style

    There are a lot of elements to getting through security. Things are unambitiously tighter and more stressful in the post-9/11 world. A few simple things will cut time and stress levels:"

  20. May 2009
  21. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Swine Flu, Triporati and how to recommend alternatives

    I am very much a Swine Flu sceptic. I am not a swine Flu denier - clearly it is a dangerous strain of the flu. Rather I believe that there is too much fear going around compared to the fatality rate."

  22. January 2009
  23. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Last minute travel is coming back

    The sixth of my five predictions for 2009 was that the economic conditions would mean that the last minute model would return in online travel distribution."

  24. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Leaving your passport at home stories over at Travel Rants

    "Darren Cronian over at Travel Rants has run a post asking for stories on times people have gone to the airport without a passport. Some very funny stories over there. Here is my "left behind" story"

  25. Tim Hughes wrote a blog post Can a plane land on water and have survivors? Of course it can!

    "I never ever truly believed, even after thousands of safety briefings on aeroplanes, that a 800,000 pound structure of metal, glass and human passengers could actually land on water..."