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Two-time Grammy-nominated Cuban music group, Tiempo Libre is arguably music's hottest Timba band. Heralded worldwide for their sizzling performances of seductive rhythms and dance-inducing high-voltage Latin jazz, the band's members have come a long way from their childhood days in Cuba when they went to bed knowing they could be arrested just for listening to American music. After studying at Cuba’s premiere music conservatories, they left everyone and everything behind to flee to the land of opportunity – and found just that. With award nominations, sold-out shows and extraordinary collaborations under their belts, the band is poised to make their mark on the Classical music scene with their release Bach In Havana.
The album breaks ground, uniting the rhythm and sensibilities of Afro-Cuban music with the compositions of renowned composer Johann Sebastian Bach. While this musical undertaking may seem a departure for these seven musicians, named “Best Latin Band 2008” by the Miami New Times, if the past is any indication of what is to come we can expect many more surprises and successes from Tiempo Libre in the future.

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Listen to the album at: www.tiempolibremusic.com/music/bach-havana


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