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Morning all. I'm lucky enough do quite a bit of boarding and quite a bit more teaching of others to board. I've even taught some famous faces. So here are my real tips:
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
Ask the older kids how to do it.
And get a few lessons to get you moving.
And don't be scared.

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  1. September 2009
  2. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany

    The skiing here is across four areas, three areas are joined together south of the joined towns, and one of them rises up and under the Zugspitze, Germany's highest mountain. Which is why this is Germany's best known ski resort – the Bavarian scen…"

  3. September 2008
  4. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboarding La Clusaz in Rhone-Alps, France

    La Clusaz is super cool for beginners, big, smooth, wide, what would you like. There are a few steeper runs but they’re on a pretty even slope so you gather speed in a civilised rather than break-neck fashion. Solid freeriding opportunities round Balm…"

  5. TeeKai Halwitt rated Snowboarding Chamonix

  6. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboarding Chamonix in Chamonix, France

    "The big one here is Grand Montet, but the really big backdrop is Mont Blanc, which is what makes this a famous resort for anyone who loves snow and winter and alpine scenery. For such a big name ski destination the pistes are a bit rough, but for many b…"

  7. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Les Arcs in Les Arcs, France

    Les Arcs is good for freeriding. The terrain is interesting and big and it’s easy to get from one run to another so you can spend more time boarding. There are some really nice clean runs for people who like to gun it down mountains, but there are ple…"

  8. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboarding Val Thorens in Val Thorens, France

    The snow park isn’t the best and it’s kinda an ugly place with not much going for it in the way of night life, but this is the highest resort in France and the snow is really good and the runs and the off piste terrain is pretty solid. The other up sid…"

  9. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboarding Tignes in Val d'Isere, France

    This is one of the main snowboarder resorts in France and has been for years. But it’s also got heaps of space to it - it would take about a week to run all of the runs and trails. The park space is massive as well, with tow halfpipes. Because it’s s…"

  10. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboarding Courchevel in Courchevel, France

    Courchevel has some interesting terrain, think ridges, gullies and some trees and a well maintained park with solid facilities, but the main attraction is the wide, smooth pistes. You do have to share it with the proper ski bunnies though and it’s mor…"

  11. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboard Krasnaya Polyana in Volga, Russia

    "This is the next spot on my list of places I’d like to go – I’ve heard nothing but good about it, mostly about the generous well maintained pistes and plenty of space. Doesn’t sound like there is much extra laid on for snowboarders in the way of a park …"

  12. TeeKai Halwitt rated Alpes d’Huez Snowboarding

  13. TeeKai Halwitt rated Snowboarding Courchevel

  14. TeeKai Halwitt rated Snowboarding Tignes

  15. TeeKai Halwitt rated Snowboard Krasnaya Polyana

  16. TeeKai Halwitt rated Serre Chevalier on a Snowboard

  17. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Serre Chevalier on a Snowboard in Provence-Cote d'Azur, France

    If tight terrain freeriding is your thing then this huge valley resort complies. The guide books say it’s like one huge funpark with its obstacles and smooth bowls to play in. The runs are mostly along the valley, which runs for ever, so there is plent…"

  18. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Alpes d’Huez Snowboarding in Les Deux Alpes, France

    Good but –planning is needed. Busy but good with plenty of solid off piste terrain to explore and a couple of well designed parks. It’s big, but pretty well organised so it doesn’t feel that crowded, especially if you’re the sort to go looking for some…"

  19. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed St. Anton Snowboarding in Switzerland

    St. Anton is pretty perfect if you’re looking to source good freeriding terrain, yeah it’s a big, busy resort but there is PLENTY of good off piste decorated with a sprinkling of trees and some rock hazards as well as powdery snow. The reputation for b…"

  20. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Laax Snowboarding in Rhone-Alps, France

    Laax is as close as you can get to a resort just for snowboarders, but it’s linked to Flims, its ski inclined buddy. If you haven’t heard of it and you’re a beginner that’s ok, but it’s where the Burton European Open has been held for the last couple o…"

  21. TeeKai Halwitt rated Snowboarding in Mayrhofen

  22. TeeKai Halwitt rated Laax Snowboarding

  23. TeeKai Halwitt rated St. Anton Snowboarding

  24. TeeKai Halwitt rated Snowboarding Livigno

  25. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboarding Livigno in Lombardy - Lakes, Italy

    Not as pricey and not as dressy as a lot of the big resorts, Livigno is less fur coats and money talks than talking with your feet and ankles and whatever else you need to snowboard like a legend. It’s really cheap, the deal is that it’s in a duty free …"

  26. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Snowboarding in Mayrhofen in Mayrhofen, Austria

    Mayrhofen has a huge park, which lots of board bums say is one of the best in Europe and it used to be that most of the boarding was done there, but there is some good off piste, especially round the Gerent ridge. One of the kings of the package holiday…"

  27. TeeKai Halwitt reviewed Les Deux Alpes in Les Deux Alpes, France

    Les Deux Alpes has a couple of cracking parks, the best one the famous ‘Nitro’ park, where the World of Snowboarding festival/ event is held, so it’s well set up for boarders. Rails, 2 half pipes and some jumps done in the park you can then get out off…"