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  1. September 2007
  2. tedrichrds reviewed Glacier Climbing on the Mer de Glace in Chamonix, France

    "When I climbed the glacier I did not have crampons, I just had an ice ax. This is all you need if you plan on staying on the dirt and rock that covers the glacier. If you plan on going further up the glacier to the solid ice and deep crevasses you certai…"

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  4. tedrichrds reviewed Scale the glaciers of the Wrangell Range in Lakes Midwest, United States

    Not as well known as Denali but more thrilling than Chamonix, the Mount St. Elias region is an ideal playground for ice climbers and there are several as yet unscaled peaks and glaciers in the range if you’re looking for an experience that none have had …"

  5. tedrichrds rated Scale the glaciers of the Wrangell Range

  6. tedrichrds reviewed Mount Blackburn in Mountain States, United States

    Less than 50 parties have climbed 4,996m Mount Blackburn in Alaska’s Wrangell Mountains, so it still retains it’s rugged untouched feeling. Glaciers encroach on Mount Blackburn on all of it’s faces and there is a sheering drop of four miles from the wes…"

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