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  1. July 2013
  2. Ted Harper reviewed Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, South Africa

    Not your formalised, controlled, European Botanical garden but a great park resting in the eastern nape if Table Mountain, home to indigenous after indigenous species, like a living museum to the diversity of local plant life. South Africa supports a hu…"

  3. June 2008
  4. Ted Harper reviewed The Botanical Garden of Victoria in Seychelles

    Despite being known mostly for beaches and tropical oceans, the Seychelles have rather lush green interiors with plenty of interesting plant diversity, quite exotic to most Western eyes. A botanical garden of these local wonders is certainly the best …"

  5. Ted Harper rated Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

  6. Ted Harper rated The Botanical Garden of Victoria

  7. Ted Harper reviewed Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in New York City, United States

    Big city parks feel even more like ports of calm in the storm of the rat race and this is one of the best ports around. Perfectly in tune and changeable with the seasons, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are a constant but timely display of nature‘s colour…"

  8. Ted Harper reviewed Stowe Gardens in The United Kingdom

    This is composed British scenery at its best, a landscape which gradually changes around a few perfect postcard views designed to be seen at strolling pace. None of the ‘natural’ features are natural, the lake, wood and valley are all man made and enhan…"

  9. Ted Harper reviewed Lyveden New Bield in Midlands, United Kingdom

    One of the oldest surviving garden plans in the UK, spiral mounts, moats, terraces, water gardens and orchards all survive as they were 400 years ago, though the Elizabethan house is just a roofless shell of what it should have been, building having been…"

  10. Ted Harper reviewed Andromeda Botanical Gardens in Bridgetown, Barbados

    More than six hundred plant species make up this green collection started by one woman but adopted by the rest of the country because of its popularity. Part of this must be due to the spot it commands over looking the ocean and the Bathesheba coastline…"

  11. Ted Harper rated Andromeda Botanical Gardens

  12. Ted Harper rated The Gibberd Garden

  13. Ted Harper rated Lyveden New Bield

  14. Ted Harper rated Stowe Gardens

  15. Ted Harper reviewed The Gibberd Garden in South East England, United Kingdom

    "The perfect setting for art, the works are hidden among the groves, grottos, glades and alleys along with large ceramic pots and a child sized castle with a drawbridged moat. Divided up into outdoor rooms, each little area has its own theme and characte…"

  16. Ted Harper reviewed Little Sparta in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Ideas, words and art grow as superfluously as the greenery here in Ian Hamilton Finlay’s garden. Poetry and sculpture lead you through Finlay’s thoughts on politics and ethics which are so bound to his art (which has the taste of classical ruins to it.…"