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My passions for writing and traveling brought me here, to the World Reviewer.

I've swam in the warm waters of both coasts of Mexico, I've wandered around Stockholm and blended in with the Swedes, and I've spent weeks in Italy devoted to pizza and wine tasting and sight seeing. I've also spent a couple weeks in Australia, swimming at the Great Barrier Reef and walking in parks with wallabies, meandered around Copenhagen, and spent a fair share of time in Edinburgh.

I currently live in London and I'm in the process of learning the ways of the Brits.

In the next two months I plan on visiting Dublin, Amsterdam, Prague, and Rome. But my travel plans don't stop there... after a short break in California I am heading to Brazil for the summer to volunteer.

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  13. April 2008
  14. Tara Fuller reviewed Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

    This beautiful sweeping staircase of curves, straight flights, vistas and terraces dates back to 1723. It rises from the Piazza di Spagna to the silhouette of the twin towers of Trinità dei Monti (Trinity of the Mountains), and you can also see one of t…"

  15. Tara Fuller rated Spanish Steps

  16. Tara Fuller reviewed Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

    "The Fontana di Trevi is arguably the most beautiful fountain in all of Rome. It was originally designed by Bernini in 1722, but building was halted after the death of Pope Urban VIII. Pope Clement XII later commissioned Nicola Salvi to create a larger …"

  17. Tara Fuller rated Trevi Fountain

  18. Tara Fuller reviewed Wild Coast Walk in Eastern Cape, South Africa

    Sandy beaches, coastal forests, estuaries, and beautiful lagoons are merely a few features of the Wild Coast Walk. Spend five days or more travelling from Mazeppa Bay in the Transkei to Haga Haga in the Eastern Cape and explore the untouched terrain of …"

  19. Tara Fuller reviewed The Angel of the North in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    Sometimes referred to as “The Gateshead Flasher” or “Gabriel,” the Angel of the North is the single piece of art that brought Antony Gormley's name into public consciousness. Located on the top of a hill that was once occupied by a colliery, the angel i…"

  20. Tara Fuller rated Wild Coast Walk

  21. Tara Fuller rated Blackpool Tower

  22. Tara Fuller rated The Angel of the North

  23. Tara Fuller reviewed Church Square in Pretoria, South Africa

    Located in the heart of the city and on the longest street in the world lies Church Square, one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa. The square was founded in 1855 and was intended to be a place for market and church purposes. It is…"

  24. Tara Fuller reviewed Blackpool Tower in North West England, United Kingdom

    The Blackpool Tower has been a seaside landmark since the day it opened in 1894. Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, the structure stretches 158 metres high and can be seen from over 20 miles away. Yet unlike the Eiffel Tower, the Blackpool Tower is not free…"

  25. March 2008
  26. Tara Fuller reviewed Southern Chile Fishing in Los Lagos, Chile

    "Locals call Coihaique “the heart of Chilean Patagonia fly fishing.” Countless lakes, rivers, cascades, and lagoons are all brimming with German brown and rainbow trout, and you can occasionally hook a Big Silver or King salmon. Coyhaique is surrounded by…"

  27. Tara Fuller reviewed Leptis Magna in Al Khums, Libya

    "Leptis Magna, also know as Lepcis Magna, remains one of the most unspoiled Roman ruins in the Mediterranean. The city began as a small trading port in 1000 BC, and years later became a prominent city of the Roman Empire under the rule of Emperor Lucius S…"

  28. Tara Fuller reviewed Chobe National Park in NW Botswana, Botswana

    The Chobe National Park is known for having one of the greatest game concentrations in Africa. It is also home of the largest elephant population in Africa; large in numbers, and in size. The park is divided into four different ecosystems, and each has…"

  29. Tara Fuller reviewed Chomolhari in Bhutan

    Every year Tibetan Buddhists walk in procession from the town of Phari Dson to the holy lake Chomo Lharang as a pilgrimage to the “Mountain of the Goddess,” also known as Chomolhari. The mountain is located in the main Himalayan crest on the…"

  30. Tara Fuller reviewed Tiger Leaping Gorge in Southwest China, China

    Located between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge is believed to be the deepest river canyon in the world. The gorge is a display of powerful, raw nature, and it is naturally divided into three sections: Upper, Middle…"

  31. Tara Fuller reviewed Kasanka National Park in Central Zambia, Zambia

    Kasanka National Park may be small, but it has plenty to offer its visitors. From bird watching and angling to viewing the rock paintings and hoards of wildlife, this park gives visitors the chance to see things they won't likely find anywhere else. Th…"

  32. Tara Fuller reviewed Fly Fishing in Patagonia in Patagonia, Argentina

    Various species of tough fighting fish live all over the Patagonia region in Argentina. Find wild German Browns, Eastern Brookies, McCloud-strain rainbows, and Sebago landlocked Atlantic salmon in the turquoise waters, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of…"

  33. Tara Fuller reviewed Peacock Bass in the Rio Negro in Southern Brazil, Brazil

    Hidden in the black water of the Rio Negro are “tucunare” (peacock bass) waiting to snap your line and break your rods. In this section of the Amazon, you can catch speckled, black-barred, and butterfly peacocks, but there is little difference between t…"

  34. Tara Fuller reviewed Fishing the Neuquén Region in Patagonia, Argentina

    The Neuquén region is paradise for rainbow trout, brown trout, brook trout, Chinook and landlocked salmon, and various other species. You can travel to various rivers, like the Meliquina, Limay, Caleufu, and Chimehuin, or try your luck in nearby lakes. …"

  35. Tara Fuller reviewed Trout in the Takaka in South Island, New Zealand

    Hard-fighting brown trout and a small run of Chinook salmon dwell in the waters of the Takaka River. The lower reaches of the river have wide open spaces suitable for beginners, while the upper reaches are rugged and far more challenging to fish from. …"

  36. Tara Fuller reviewed Big Trout in the Wangapeka in South Island, New Zealand

    The crystal clear water and remote wilderness of the Nelson region make the Wangapeka river ideal for nymph and fly fishing. Adventurous anglers can head into the wilderness for areas where the largest trout like to hide, and beginners can spend the day…"

  37. Tara Fuller reviewed Marlin in the Pemba Channel in Tanzania

    "The Pemba Channel is considered the best fishing location if Africa. It has a world-wide reputation for its marlin catches and holds several marlin records. Although marlin (blue, striped, and black) is the main fishing attraction, the waters of the ch…"

  38. Tara Fuller reviewed Fishing off Sao Vincente in Mindelo, Cape Verde

    The waters surrounding the Cape Verde Islands boast some of the best game fishing in the world. There is a rich variety of species including blue and white marlin, albacore, darade coryphene (dorado), shark, wahoo, and bonito fish, but marlin is the mos…"

  39. Tara Fuller reviewed Big Game Fishing on St. Lucia in Saint Lucia

    Travel merely two miles off the coastline of Castries and find one of the best fishing spots of St. Lucia. The under water drop off area is home to blue marlin, dorado, yellowfin tuna, sail fish, wahoo, and other big game fish. Some of the species are …"

  40. Tara Fuller reviewed Fishing in the Red Sea in Hurghada, Egypt

    The constant warm temperatures in the Red Sea are ideal for a wide variety of fish. From big eye fish, king fish, snapper, and several kinds of grouper to bonito, cobia, bluefin tuna, and bgeyetun fish, the fishing is never dull. Hurghada used to be a …"

  41. Tara Fuller reviewed Undiscovered Fishing Waters in Dominican Republic

    Located on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, the waters of Punta Cana are undiscovered fishing territory, and brimming with hungry marlin. You can go fly fishing on the sandy coast, but deep sea fishing is the way to bring home the largest catc…"

  42. Tara Fuller reviewed Fly Fishing on Eleuthera in Bahamas

    Eleuthera has become a popular destination for fly fishing, but it is still possible to find remote areas teeming with bonefish. The narrow out island of the Bahamas has a wide variety of flats ideal for wading, and if you talk to locals they will give …"

  43. Tara Fuller reviewed Fishing on Marco Island in US South East, United States

    The temperate waters and abundance of fish species makes Marco Island a good fishing location year-round. Snapper, king mackerel, tripletail, tarpon and ladyfish are just a few species that prowl the water, and although the presence of the different kin…"

  44. Tara Fuller reviewed Fishing the Klickitat River in US West Coast, United States

    From the beginning of June until the end of September the Klickitat River is an optimal location to catch salmon and steelhead. The fast flowing, glacier fed river is a tributary of the Columbia River and runs through the eastern slopes of the Cascade R…"

  45. Tara Fuller reviewed Fish all over Aruba in Aruba

    Deep-sea fishing or fishing in the shallow waters of Aruba both lead to large catches of diverse species. The best fishing months are from October to February, when the fish are migrating. But different species, including tuna, king mackerel, and wahoo…"

  46. Tara Fuller reviewed Fly Fishing in New Mexico in Southwest Desert, United States

    There aren’t many places in the world where you can catch trophy sized trout year-round. But the constant warm temperature in North-western New Mexico provides a consistent insect population, creating a one of the finest tailwater fisheries in the Unite…"

  47. Tara Fuller reviewed Skala Kaloni Sardine Festival in Eastern Aegean, Greece

    Not everyone is brave enough to taste sardeles pastes (freshly caught sardines that are salted and eaten raw), but during the Skala Kaloni Sardine Festival people eat them like the Brits eat crisps, munching on one after another. The celebration begins …"

  48. Tara Fuller reviewed Calle del Laurel in Logroño, Spain

    Travel from one bar to another and taste a new sensation at each location. Considered one of the best streets to get tapas in Northern Spain, Calle del Laurel will not disappoint an eager palate. During the afternoon and evening families and students p…"

  49. Tara Fuller reviewed Kota Bharu Central Market in Kota Bharu, Malaysia

    Kota Bharu is an optimal place to sample Malay culture – most importantly, the cuisine. In the central market in Kelantan you can find an abundance of exotic fruits and vegetables, dried fish, fish paste, chillis, and of course, rice. The ground floor …"

  50. Tara Fuller reviewed Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai, India

    During the day, people in Chowpatty like to snooze under the shade of the trees. But in the evening, the beach town comes alive. Snack stands begin producing meals for dinner, the sound children echoes down the streets as they play a game of soccer and…"

  51. Tara Fuller reviewed Cheese Festival Rocamadour in Midi-Pyrenees, France

    The village of Rocamadour annually hosts the largest cheese festival in the south of France on every Whit Sunday. Gooey, runny, smelly cheeses of all ages and flavours are available for tasting and purchasing from the open market, and there is also a ch…"

  52. Tara Fuller reviewed Kittery Point in New England, United States

    Sandy dunes, salt flats, the Atlantic Ocean, and East Coast wildlife are what make Kittery Point a beautiful destination. The area is also famous for delicious seafood. Maine lobster and clams (or quahogs) are the local specialities and you can eat an …"

  53. Tara Fuller reviewed Boston Bay in Jamaica

    There is no need to struggle through a crowd to take a swim at Boston Bay. Although most Jamaican beaches are packed with tourists, this area remains a relatively secluded destination. Waves perfectly designed for surfers crash onto the white sands and…"

  54. Tara Fuller reviewed The West Coast Trail in British Columbia, Canada

    The West Coast trail is a challenging 47 mile hike from Port Renfrew to Bamfield on Vancouver Island. The trail began after a shipwreck in 1906 and was made so sailors could have a rescue route from one location to the other. It is now considered, and …"

  55. Tara Fuller reviewed Canoeing the Dordogne River in South West, France

    Gently glide down the Dordogne River and view castles, La Roque-Gageac, Beynac, and other old villages. Beautiful stretches of calm water and mini-rapids make this canoeing experience available to people of all ages and it is a nice family activity. Dr…"

  56. Tara Fuller reviewed The Pierhouse in Scotland, United Kingdom

    The Pierhouse Hotel may be in the remote village of Port Appin, but it is more than a quiet, romantic getaway. Loch Linnhe offers diving, sailing, rock climbing, mountain biking, deer stalking, and other activities that help you explore the raw beauty o…"

  57. Tara Fuller reviewed Anegada Reef in British Virgin Islands

    "Anegada Reef, is the third largest barrier reef in the world and stretches approximately 18 miles. It has claimed hundreds of shipwrecks, yachts, and small boats over the past centuries, making it a divers dream. The coral and marine life also make the…"

  58. Tara Fuller reviewed Interceltic Festival of Music in Lorient, France

    "Every August, in the town of Lorient, numerous performers put on a spectacle of Celtic arts for nearly 300,000 viewers. Performers from Brittany, Isle of Man, Galicia, Asturias, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland play 260 events, some on stage, others in the …"

  59. Tara Fuller reviewed Hout Bay in Cape Town, South Africa

    Often called ‘The Heart of the Cape,’ Hout Bay is surrounded by ocean, wine farms, and the Constantia Mountains. The famous Mount Sentinel is an outpost in the sea in the east, and Karbokel Mountain is visible is the west. The wind-protected bay has a l…"

  60. Tara Fuller reviewed Cartagena Market in Cartagena, Colombia

    A typical day in Cartagena is full of hot weather, flavourful foods, and the sounds of local music. Tiled roofs and flower-filled courtyards create a colonial charm, and the market off Avenida Venezuela adds spice to the large city seaport. Street-selle…"

  61. Tara Fuller reviewed Oaxaca Market in Oaxaca, Mexico

    The Benito Juárez market is a maze of small stalls that sell a wide variety of foods, jewellery, carvings, and mescal - a famous Mexican distilled spirit. Women wander through the market selling bright, woven baskets and bags full of chapulines (crunchy…"

  62. Tara Fuller reviewed Howard Johnson Harrisburg in US East Coast, United States

    The Howard Johnson Harrisburg/Hershey is a nice location for those who are visiting the main attractions in central Pennsylvania. Whether traveling on business or taking a vacation,the Howard Johnson Harrisburg/Hershey will accomodate travellers need wi…"

  63. Tara Fuller reviewed Wingate by Wyndham in US South East, United States

    Located in Northwest Atlanta, this Wingate by Wyndham hotel is suitable for both business and vacation trips. The offers 84 guestrooms, including 6 spacious suites. All rooms are equipped with complimentary high-speed internet, two-line phones, a coffe…"