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  1. August 2009
  2. sydneysider reviewed Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia

    "No better way to start the day and blow out the cobwebs than a climb up Sydney Harbour Bridge. The preparation process I must admit is so well organised, even a mock bridge walk before you head up and of course all kitted out in the most unattractive bo…"

  3. sydneysider rated Sydney Harbour Bridge

  4. sydneysider rated The Opera Bar

  5. sydneysider reviewed The Opera Bar in Sydney, Australia

    "Great views. But as a student I was shocked to pay $7.50 for a Redbull. As the energy levels were low, I just stumped up the cash and carried on."

  6. sydneysider rated Bondi Beach

  7. sydneysider reviewed Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

    "An early start began with breakfast in “Trio” on Bondi Beach and a surprise activity. First surprise activity revealed as surfing on Bondi! With “Big Wave Dave” as our instructor we were sure to get standing in no time. I have been surfing many times …"

  8. sydneysider rated Bondi Sunday Markets

  9. sydneysider reviewed Bondi Sunday Markets in Sydney, Australia

    "Not a huge market, but some cool chic stalls with stylish clothes, bags and jewellery. Very suprised on how much fashionable clothing it has there. Some question my fashion sense so this may be an incorrect statement :) Bought a couple of t-shirts for $5…"

  10. sydneysider rated Taronga Zoo

  11. sydneysider commented on Palm Beach in Sydney, Australia

    "It's a gorgeous spot, amazing how different the northern beaches can be from the the likes of Bondi, Bronte, Coogee etc We got to see some filming while we were up there - no Alf unfortunately but still got to pretend like we were buying something from …"

  12. sydneysider reviewed Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia

    "We caught a ferry to Taronga Zoo where the very passionate Gray introduced us to a couple of the zoo’s very special residents. First up was the Echidna, a supersize hedgehog like animal and very weird to touch, both prickly and soft?! Then a Quokka, wh…"

  13. sydneysider reviewed Sydney Aquarium in Sydney, Australia

    "First stop, Sydney Aquarium, which in all honesty would not be on the top of my “must see” list on a usual holiday, turned out to be much fun and impressive. Amanda the Aquarist, kindly informed us of the living and eating habits of the infamous Dugong…"

  14. sydneysider rated Sydney Aquarium

  15. sydneysider rated Sydney Fish Market

  16. sydneysider reviewed Sydney Fish Market in Sydney, Australia

    "Dervs and Cuzzy spent 7 days in Sydney and visited the Sydney Fish Markets on their first day. At the Sydney Fish Markets you can do a class with the Sydney Seafood School. This particular class was all about cooking seafood Thai style so first up the …"

  17. sydneysider commented on Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia

    "An architectural wonder, it only takes one event to realise that the design has more use then just creating a striking, unique skyline. The acoustics are incredible and whether you're watching an opera, a pop singer, a comedian, a play or an experimental…"