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  1. March 2008
  2. sunshinerae reviewed Cape Tribulation in Queensland, Australia

    Tip of the Daintree, one of Queenslands bright emerald jewels and the turquoise of the shallow ocean. The idyllic setting, once remote is still far enough from Cairns (around 110kms) to feel like a rainforest retreat, yet now built up with a few comfort…"

  3. sunshinerae rated Bundaberg

  4. sunshinerae rated Mount Isa

  5. sunshinerae rated Cape Tribulation

  6. sunshinerae reviewed Bundaberg in Bundaberg, Australia

    "Bundy. Sugar cane fields, watermelons, the river and rum. Bundaberg is the best kind of not quite tropical - palm trees and greenery but without the killer humidity of further up the coast. Scraping the coastline on the southern (less popular but stil…"

  7. sunshinerae reviewed Mount Isa in Queensland, Australia

    Maybe not the most obvious choice for travellers but there is nowhere like Mount Isa. Mining town grown rich off the underground mining of silver, lead, copper and zinc, now shaped by the piles of mined earth, mining towers, smelting stacks and quarries…"

  8. sunshinerae reviewed Port Douglas in Queensland, Australia

    "Paradise. For those who long for azure seas lapping onto smooth empty beaches ringed with lush greenery. By the reef, Port Douglas is one of the settlements servicing the multi million dollar reef-appreciating economy. Peak tourist season is in winter…"

  9. sunshinerae rated Port Douglas

  10. sunshinerae reviewed Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia

    For the unique combination of the beyond adorable Fairy Penguins and car racing. Endearingly called the Penguin Parade these ooohh and aaahhhh inducing creatures slide and waddle in from their days fishing each sunset to the absolute delight of everyone…"

  11. sunshinerae rated The Twelve Apostles

  12. sunshinerae rated Phillip Island

  13. sunshinerae rated Sorrento

  14. sunshinerae rated Daylesford

  15. sunshinerae reviewed The Twelve Apostles in Victoria, Australia

    Rock pillars left where the coastline has worn away and one of the highlights of the Great Ocean Road. Only eight of these striped and brittle looking limestone wedges remain for you to admire and photograph profusely as the sun drenches them with colou…"

  16. sunshinerae reviewed Daylesford in Victoria, Australia

    "Rather splendid and languid. This is one of Melbourne’s weekend or mini break destinations. A country town with all the pros of a country town: space, peace, slowed pace of life, organic food, space…and a hot spring spa… but with the Melbourne frisson…"

  17. sunshinerae reviewed Sorrento in Victoria, Australia

    A more-scenic-than-the-rest spot on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsular, Sorrento is Melbourne’s Hamptons equivalent: a wealthy summer playground much needed considering the oppressive heat of a Melbourne summer (how can it be both the hottest and coldest p…"

  18. sunshinerae rated Kakadu