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4th September 2007

I have been fishing since I could walk. Fishing is like breathing for me. It is a necessary part of living.

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  1. August 2008
  2. Steven Scouten rated Catalina Island

  3. July 2008
  4. Steven Scouten rated Fly fishing Lake Comedero

  5. Steven Scouten reviewed Fly fishing Lake Comedero in Mexico

    "I have enjoyed lots of Bass fishing in Mexico. I makes me happy to see that there are more Bass Resorts for the Catch and Release angler. Lake Comedero is one of the finer lakes for this. Dead fish don't grow. Practice C&R so you can fish tomorrow."

  6. May 2008
  7. Steven Scouten rated Lake Huites Bass Fishing

  8. January 2008
  9. Steven Scouten rated Cumbria Fly Fishing

  10. Steven Scouten reviewed Cumbria Fly Fishing in Carlisle, United Kingdom

    "The avid fly fishing angler can really prove themselves here. Take a look at the local aquatic fauna. There lies the story left to be told by you and matching the hatch."

  11. Steven Scouten reviewed Fishing the Thames in Reading, United Kingdom

    "Thames is not only a sportsmans paradise for catch and release but also offers some of the best light tackle fishing around. 10lb test at the most topped with a 3 foot piece of Tyger leader will handle even the biggest of toothy critters here."

  12. December 2007
  13. Steven Scouten reviewed Tierra del Fuego in Tierra del Fuego, Chile

    "Like mainland Chile and Argentina to the North, the archipelago boasts some of the finest trout fishing in the world. Sea Run Brown Trout often exceed 20 lbs, particularly in rivers such as the Rio Grande and San Pablo and in the Lago Fagnano. Much of th…"

  14. Steven Scouten rated Tierra del Fuego

  15. Steven Scouten rated Lake Obabika Fishing Lodge

  16. Steven Scouten reviewed Lake Obabika Fishing Lodge in Ontario, Canada

    "Who says that you cannot accomodate yourselves in comfort while "Roughing It"? A quite secluded fishing lodge ads just the right touch to any remote fishing trip. Don't forget the camera."

  17. Steven Scouten rated Tamarindo Fishing

  18. Steven Scouten reviewed Tamarindo Fishing in Costa Rica

    "Costa Rica fishing attracts thousands of anglers every year to the Tamarindo and Gulf Papagayo region to experience some very exciting big game sport fishing. Tamarindo Fishing and Papagayo fishing has been recognized as some of the finest in the world. …"

  19. Steven Scouten rated Treasure Beach

  20. Steven Scouten reviewed Treasure Beach in Jamaica

    "Have you ever thought of a better way to relax in the world?? Treasure Beach holds more treasures in it than you could imagine. With over 22 different species of fish to be caught, this beach is in the top 10 of my personal list of places that I have f…"

  21. Steven Scouten rated Trout fishing in Taupo

  22. November 2007
  23. Steven Scouten reviewed Trout fishing in Taupo in North Island, New Zealand

    This is one of the most spectacular places for Trout fishing in the world. It makes a great place for flyfishing and because of the year round cold water, it will fit into anybody's busy schedule."

  24. October 2007
  25. Steven Scouten reviewed Wye and Usk River Fishing in Sheffield, United Kingdom

    "Thoughout the times and ages of the earth, more and more species are tending to decline due to the lack of improper handling and lack of release from certain key species. Although Salmon swim many great miles only to spawn and die, that is their lifes…"

  26. Steven Scouten rated Wye and Usk River Fishing

  27. Steven Scouten rated Moorland trout-fishing

  28. Steven Scouten reviewed Moorland trout-fishing in Exeter, United Kingdom

    "Trout fishing can be just as common as it is unique. Each species of Trout have their own likes and dislikes as well as their degree of participation in the local fauna. You will find that many Trout will go for the local insect life and are willing …"

  29. September 2007
  30. Steven Scouten reviewed Kayak Fishing on Lanikai Beach in Honolulu, United States

    This particular beach is well known for some of it's better Kayak fishing. Many species are available and attainable in the shallow depths. The spear angler can also benefit from the outstanding view of the underwater flora and fauna."

  31. Steven Scouten rated Kayak Fishing on Lanikai Beach

  32. Steven Scouten reviewed Lanikai Beach in Honolulu, United States

    "This particular beach is well known for some of it's better Kayak fishing. Many species are available and attainable in the shallow depths. The spear angler can also benefit from the outstanding view of the underwater flora and fauna."

  33. Steven Scouten rated Lanikai Beach

  34. Steven Scouten rated Gulf of California

  35. Steven Scouten reviewed Gulf of California in Mexico

    "The Gulf also provides some diverse aspects of fishing. The catch & release angler can have a wonderful time. The catch and keep angler will also have a good time. Numerous species can add to ones angling experience and leave a lifetime of memories …"

  36. Steven Scouten rated Bass fishing in the UK

  37. Steven Scouten reviewed Bass fishing in the UK in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

    "Saltwater flyfishing is becoming more and more popular for the sport angler. It provides a lighter weight method of delivering your presentation and a more conservative angle to the fight. Saltwater flyfishing can be done effectively from a boat, sho…"

  38. Steven Scouten reviewed Spearfishing at Kona in Hawaii, United States

    "Spearfishing in general is much better for the preservation and conservation of the species. Select sizes can be taken and others can be left to propogate the species. With the clear, blue waters of Hawaii, this can be done more effectively. Hawaii …"

  39. Steven Scouten rated Spearfishing at Kona

  40. Steven Scouten reviewed Southern California Bass Fishing in Appalachian States, United States

    "Since the beginning of time, Anglers have always wished to dominate the Large Mouth Bass with a simply twitch of the wrist, turn of the crank or splash of lure hitting the still water. Southern California tends to entertain many anglers in it's vast a…"

  41. Steven Scouten reviewed Southern California Bass Fishing in Appalachian States, United States

    Southern California has some of the best Large Mouth Bass fishing in the world. Some of the more established lakes are producing near world record sized fish. These fish are fishable all year long and will take a variety of offerings if presented in t…"

  42. May 2007
  43. Steven Scouten reviewed Catalina Island in US West Coast, United States

    Catalina Island is a great escape. While leaving the mainland of Southern California you have a choice of leaving from Marina Del Rey, San Pedro, Long Beach or Dana Point. In most cases, the Catalina Express can get you there in just about an hour. Ma…"