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Steven Desmond is a freelance landscape consultant specialising in the conservation and management of historic parks and gardens in Britain and Europe. After 27 years in horticulture as gardener, lecturer and now consultant, he divides his time between advisory work for owners of historic gardens, lecturing to a wide range of amateur, academic and professional audiences, broadcasting and leading specialist tours in Britain, Ireland, France, Italy and Germany.

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  1. June 2007
  2. Steven Desmond rated Ireland's Botanical Gardens

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  11. Steven Desmond reviewed Ireland's Botanical Gardens in Dublin, Ireland

    Every nation needs a great botanic garden, and Ireland’s is a world beater. 19th-century in character, the great treasure is the famous curvilinear palm house. This is surrounded by traditional herbaceous and rock gardens, with several other glassh…"

  12. Steven Desmond reviewed Gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte in Ile-de-France, France

    The garden that made its designer André le Nôtre famous on its completion in 1661 as the prototype of the French Baroque garden that came to dominate Europe. The controlling hand of man over nature is demonstrated here as the landscape submits to the r…"

  13. Steven Desmond reviewed Little Sparta in Scotland, United Kingdom

    Ian Hamilton Finlay’s modern garden of ideas in the Scottish hills. Every step leads to a new object or view, an emblem, a quotation, a reference, a joke or a poem. The whole garden is crowded with incident and craftsmanship, the result of a lifetime’s c…"

  14. Steven Desmond reviewed Villa Lante in Siena, Italy

    The ideal of the 16th-century Italian garden, and a place of unique and enduring beauty. Designed in the 1560s for Cardinal Gambara, probably by Vignola, with aterworks by Ghinucci. A spring generates a series of elaborate water features - fountains …"

  15. Steven Desmond reviewed Studley Royal in Leeds, United Kingdom

    Not only a garden, but a huge and varied experience, all of the highest quality in a magnificent setting. From the medieval deerpark with its epic view to Ripon Cathedral, the route leads through the early 18th-century garden of turf, water, temples an…"

  16. Steven Desmond reviewed Casa de Pilatos Garden in Seville, Spain

    In the heart of old Seville, this palace-garden complex grouped around a sequence of patio courtyards in the Andalucian style bristles with stylistic vigour, combining classical, Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance elements with complete facility. The except…"

  17. Steven Desmond reviewed La Mortola in Liguria, Italy

    Now returning to its former glory after years of decline, this garden has an incomparable location on the Riviera coast. Made from the 1860s by the Hanbury brothers, its early planting is now hugely mature. The paths zigzag down to the sea through jungle…"

  18. Steven Desmond reviewed Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

    A garden of tremendous richness remade in the 1920s. Colour-tapestry beds below the house give way to groves of woodland planting under eucalyptus and birch; mysterious statues populate the garden like a children’s story; the great lake with its superbl…"

  19. Steven Desmond reviewed Wörlitz in Dessau, Germany

    A landscape garden laid out from 1764 to 1818 for Prince Franz of Anhalt-Dessau as a model of the ideals of the Enlightenment. The garden is set on the shores of a series of lakes and canals, with vistas, islands, ornamental buildings, bridges and seats …"

  20. Steven Desmond reviewed Great Dixter Gardens in South East England, United Kingdom

    The best of all English flower gardens, the creation of the late Christopher Lloyd and now maintained by his gardener Fergus Garrett. The planting schemes continue the tradition of adventurous herbaceous planting begun by Gertrude Jekyll 100 years ago, …"

  21. Steven Desmond rated Great Dixter Gardens