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10th May 2007

Founder and Managing Director of Mountain Kingdoms (formerly Himalayan Kingdoms)
Born in Shillong, just south of the Bhutanese border, Steve has returned to the Himalaya many times as leader of numerous treks and expeditions. These include the first British ascent of Nun Kun in Kashmir and attempts on Cho Oyu in Nepal and Gangkar Punsum in Bhutan. In 1992 he made the first official British ascent of the highest peak in Mongolia. His book 'The Thunder Dragon Kingdom', is an account of Britain's first climbing expedition to Bhutan's highest peak.
Steve and his company, Mountain Kingdoms have pioneered most of the trekking routes in Bhutan. They specialise in exploring new regions, new routes and new types of treks in all parts of the Himalaya and beyond.

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  12. May 2007
  13. Steve Berry reviewed Snow Lake Trek in India

    This is the best, most dramatic mountain scenery you can get. It’s just spectacular. This trek passes along the north western end of the Himalayan chain, along two glaciers and through valleys of granite rubble, then up to 16,900 foot pass, Hispar La. …"

  14. Steve Berry reviewed The Kingdom of Mustang in Nepal

    The Kingdom of Mustang is a semi-autonomous kingdom lying in the region east of Dolpo. The region is an arid and mountainous desert once habituated by cave dwelling hermits. This area is unique because it’s Tibetan Buddhist heritage has been well prese…"

  15. Steve Berry reviewed Stok Kangari Ascent in Kashmir, India

    This is one of the best known trekking peaks in the Himalayas. It’s a relatively straight forward 20,000 foot peak from which you can see snow and ice peaks in all directions including K2. In the lead up to the climb, the trek passes through cultivated…"

  16. Steve Berry reviewed The Kingdom of Zanskar Trek in Kashmir, India

    This is the one trek that I would love to repeat and have yet been unable to. The trail starts on the southern side of the valley where you enter through a mountain pass at 1650 feet, surrounded by icy peaks, it then edges across the northern side in th…"

  17. Steve Berry reviewed Everest Base Camp Trek in Mount Everest, Nepal

    You should do this trek for the scenery and the Sherpa culture. The scenery is electric because you’re surrounded by the worlds highest peaks. The atmosphere of the Sherpa capital and the people and their yaks is warm and colourful. This is a 14 day …"

  18. Steve Berry reviewed Trekking Mount Kailash in Tibet, China

    Mount Kailash is utterly beautiful and a place of great religious significance. Several religions believe Mount Kailash to be the hub of the universe and it is the birthplace of four of Asia’s most important rivers. This area is very remote and few We…"

  19. Steve Berry reviewed The Hidden Kingdom Trek in Bhutan

    This is an easier version of the Lunana Snowman trek, walking amongst unclimbed and unmapped mountains, but it still climbs to some high passes. It has fantastic mountain scenery, monasteries and villages. The terrain changes as you climb higher, start…"

  20. Steve Berry reviewed Upper Dolpo Trek in Nepal

    This is the best trek I’ve done in Nepal, the terrain is varied and there is a remote 11th Century Monastery on the route. The trail goes north of the main chain, across a number of high mountain passes on to part of the Tibetan plateau offering great v…"

  21. Steve Berry reviewed K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La in Pakistan

    Ambitious but fantastic. This trip is equal to Everest’s Base Camp in it’s scenic views of some of the worlds tallest mountains. The Gondogoro La is a relatively new route up to K2’s base camp, crossing one of the highest passes in th…"

  22. Steve Berry reviewed The Complete Lunana Snowman Trek in Bhutan

    This trek travels the full length of Bhutan’s highest mountain range, into it’s most remote district, Lunana, which is surrounded and enclosed by high mountains. Most of the regions inhabitants have never travelled beyond the mountains and i…"