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Traveller in time and place.
The Morning Sun. /// Indian Summer.
Sun rises each day /// White daubs, blue canvas
Warming land, warming this heart /// Grasp fruitlessly at summer
While the world sleeps on. /// Time skips from the hand.
The Spanish Garden. /// Time Travel.
Sunlight on cobbles /// Reflexions of clouds
Listening to a fountain /// Earth, once more around the sun
Sofeness of the day. /// Distant bird song sings.
This Summer. /// Mirror Falls on Water.
Lying under tree /// Inverted trees float
Listening to R.E.M. //// As seagulls glide upside down
Sunshine in Hyde Park. /// World in reflexion.
Spanish Hotel Room. /// The Continuum.
Open window, breeze // / Leaf tumbles to ground
Fingertips caress tasles /// The smell of Summer's decay
Ceiling fan flickers. /// Autumn, wheel turning.
The Delayed Train.
I look out of window
Snow is falling on the beach
You sleep beside me.
The Woodland Stream.
Sunlight on water
Through eyes squinting I focus
Ripples of silver.
Spanish Mountain.
Long to stay outside
And gorge upon the mountain
Senses full.

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