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Would be author and actual journalist - somewhere in the middle as a writer. And lover of beautiful literature.

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  1. May 2012
  2. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea

    "Hanok" is the Korean name for a traditional village, and Bukchon is the name of this particular village, which is within the confines of modern day Seoul. The spider's web of alleyways is around 600 years old now, it flourished in the Joseon …"

  3. December 2010
  4. Sophie Edgerton reviewed The Royal Palace of Amsterdam (Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The Dutch Royal family have four palaces at their disposal, and this palace, in the very heart of Amsterdam, is one of them. If it doesn't look to you to be quite as grand as a palace should, what with the very square, many windowed facade, be it's pro…"

  5. April 2010
  6. Sophie Edgerton reviewed La Merced in Mexico City, Mexico

    La Merced isn't just the name of the market, or the old monastery the market was named for, it's the name of the whole area, which makes it easier to find. Not that you'll need it: this is one of Mexico's most famous attractions – a huge produce m…"

  7. December 2009
  8. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Orsanmichele in Florence, Italy

    Orsanmichele's art treasures have been sculptured rather than painted. There's no David here but there's a St. Mark and St. George by Donetello, which was commissioned by the Armourers Guild, St. Stephen, St. Matthew and St. John the Baptist by Ghiberti…"

  9. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Santa Trinita in Florence, Italy

    Santa Trinita has a less ornate facade than some of Florence's churches: it's an understated beauty that bids you take the time to come inside to see the best it has to offer.  Santa Trinita's most famous asset are its 20 chapels, the grandest bein…"

  10. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Basilica of San Lorenzo in Florence, Italy

    Florence is known for its art, but the galleries and art museums aren't the only places you need to schedule a visit to to see it, art lovers should also visit some of Florence's great churches. The Basilica of San Lorenzo is one to be included on this …"

  11. November 2009
  12. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Lewes Bonfire Night in South East England, United Kingdom

    Lewes combines celebrating the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot with the anniversary of their burning 17 Protestant martyrs, which took place about 50 years earlier, then they bundle the whole thing up into one huge explosive celebration. As well as bon…"

  13. October 2009
  14. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Roman Amphitheatre of Arles in Arles, France

    Arles has been around since the Greeks established a settlement here in the 6th Century BC, but the interesting ruins are the Roman ones, dating from around 100 BC. Ancient Arles was closer to the Mediterranean than modern Arles, so it became an importa…"

  15. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Châteauneuf du Pape in Rhone-Alps, France

    Wine vines have been cultivated in the Châteauneuf du Pape region since the 12th Century, mostly by knights, bishops and popes – in fact it was Pope John XXII who was the gave the papal name to the appellation. The most common vines are Gren…"

  16. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Tain l’Hermitage in Rhone-Alps, France

    Tain l’Hermitage isn't that much in itself, but when you take into account its twinning with the town of Tournon across the river in the Ardèche region, and which has a nice chateau, and all the surrounding vineyards then it begins to appear…"

  17. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Lake Bled in Slovenia

    This lake looks like the setting for some kind of fairytale. Maybe Odette from Swan Lake will sail off the waters in the evening, and arrive on the lake's island and visit the church hoping to meet her love, or else the Rapunzel will let her hair down f…"

  18. August 2009
  19. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Lumière Museum in Lyon, France

    The Lumière brothers, Louis and Auguste, invented cinema, and for that they deserve their own museum, and a place forever in history. The museum charts their early experiments and goes a little way towards explaining how they did what they d…"

  20. July 2009
  21. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Bogor Botanical Gardens in Indonesia

    These gardens are on the road between Jakarta and Yogyakarta, by the presidential palace at Bogor.  Built by one of Java's Dutch Governor Generals, and populated with plants but a Dutch botanist, they cover 80 hectares, and were used as a green hous…"

  22. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Pasar Badung in Denpasar, Indonesia

    These markets are one of 'the things to do' on Bali.  Lots of people come here to shop and sit on the beach, and this market has quickly become one of the largest and busiest.  But as well as the tourist tat a lot of people come here to accumul…"

  23. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Pura Luhur Batukaru in Bali, Indonesia

    The Temple of Luhur Batukaru sits on the forested slope of Bali's second highest volcanoes, just out of Tabanan.  Because of the temple's green surrounds it's often referred to as the Garden Temple.  This temple was built to protect Bali from e…"

  24. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Jatiluwih Rice Terraces in Bali, Indonesia

    Bali's verdant green interior might come as a bit of a surprise on the drive in from the tropical coastline, but there's every chance you're going to run out of words for the colour green on your journey inland heading towards one of the greenest places …"

  25. June 2009
  26. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Notre Dame de Paris in Paris, France

    Hugo‘s love of Notre Dame didn‘t start and finish with his story of the hunchback, "Each face, each stone of this venerable monument is not only a page of the history of the country, but also of the history of knowledge and art. Time is the archit…"

  27. October 2007
  28. Sophie Edgerton rated Blickling Hall

  29. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Blickling Hall in Norwich, United Kingdom

    Anne Boleyn’s ghost haunts Blickling Hall near Aylsham annually, around the anniversary of her May beheading. This haunting is full of all the romance of the best ghost stories and although I haven’t seen Anne myself it is not through want of trying (I …"

  30. Sophie Edgerton rated Doon Valley (Lorna Doon)

  31. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Doon Valley (Lorna Doon) in West Country, United Kingdom

    Lorna Doon author, Richard D. Blackmore stayed at The Rising Sun Inn, Lynmouth while researching the characters and locations he wanted to use in the book and while no place called Doon Valley existed then, the area around Lank Combe has since pretty muc…"

  32. Sophie Edgerton rated James Herriot Country

  33. Sophie Edgerton reviewed James Herriot Country in North East England, United Kingdom

    Alf Wight and James Herriot are pretty much one and the same, the author of “All Creatures Great and Small” etc. was a Yorkshire vet practicing out of a surgery at 23 Kirkgate, Thirsk, called Darrowby in the novels, since turned into the “World of James …"

  34. Sophie Edgerton rated The Albany Court of AJ Raffles and friends

  35. Sophie Edgerton reviewed The Albany Court of AJ Raffles and friends in London, United Kingdom

    "Dapper AJ Raffles was the well to do gentlemen thief drawn to thievery by the risk involved, but willing to steal on ‘high moral grounds’ also. Created by Ernest W. Hornung, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s brother in law, the stories appeared first in magazine…"

  36. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Casino Royale = Estoril Casino in Lisbon, Portugal

    Not the best respected of genres, Ian Fleming’s novels about debonair British spy James Bond have had a massive influence on what people now think of as cool (whether you like your martinis stirred, as god intended them, or shaken and bruised ah la James…"

  37. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Holly Golightly's Tiffany's 57th Street in New York City, United States

    Is it too obvious to include Tiffany’s in a list of great literary locations? The thing about Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is that it has created something greater than Tiffany’s ever could. Yes the place is grand and intimidating, but if Holly in…"

  38. Sophie Edgerton rated Holly Golightly's Tiffany's 57th Street

  39. Sophie Edgerton rated Casino Royale = Estoril Casino

  40. Sophie Edgerton rated Chateau d’Usse (Sleeping Beauty's Castle)

  41. Sophie Edgerton rated The Real Watership Down

  42. Sophie Edgerton reviewed The Real Watership Down in South East England, United Kingdom

    I grew up with Watership Down, it is one of the few children’s works that treats readers like adults, and though I never paid too much attention to the details of where the action was happening I was pretty interested to come across this website of ordin…"

  43. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Chateau d’Usse (Sleeping Beauty's Castle) in Loire Valley, France

    For aspiring princesses everywhere this is the place you’re expecting your handsome prince to carry you over the threshold of to live in love and luxury until the end of your days after the tortuous dramas your love initially faced. Conveniently located…"

  44. Sophie Edgerton rated Checkpoint Charlie

  45. Sophie Edgerton rated The George and Vulture of Dickens

  46. Sophie Edgerton rated Hamlet's Elsinore (Kronborg Castle)

  47. Sophie Edgerton reviewed The George and Vulture of Dickens in London, United Kingdom

    This is where Dickens’ Mr. Pickwick held court in the after hours during his hearing and where Charles himself was known to be a regular diner (if you’re cynical you may thinks this is some early advertorial sponsorship program from the number of times D…"

  48. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany

    Looking not much more than a garden shed beside a thick line of white paint, it’s only when you think back to old photos of layers of barbed wire lit by floodlights as steam rises from the ground that you see the real Checkpoint Charlie. One of th…"

  49. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Hamlet's Elsinore (Kronborg Castle) in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Hamlet was already a legend when Shakespeare immortalised his story in around 1600 but during Hamlet’s lifetime there probably wasn’t much more than a fort on Kronborg’s site, so real Hamlet probably didn’t lived here. Most people who know about these s…"

  50. Sophie Edgerton rated Temple Church (The Da Vinci Code)

  51. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Temple Church (The Da Vinci Code) in London, United Kingdom

    The fact that this book probably inspired a new wave of literary tourists doesn’t endear it to me, but the beautiful Temple Church in London’s Temple Bar Complex has become a major attraction overnight, which it definitely deserves to be. Known for it’s…"

  52. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest in Midlands, United Kingdom

    Though a legend (I’m including him in the list of literary characters), Robin Hood is responsible for the popularity of Sherwood Forest which has proven both its rise and downfall. Not as well managed in the last 200 years or so as it should have been…"

  53. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood in South East England, United Kingdom

    This is one of my most loved literary locations, the bridge at Pooh Corner in the Ashdown Forest (the 100 Acre Wood). This what I want from an experience visiting places in my favourite books, to be able to relive the actions…so naturally I played Pooh …"

  54. Sophie Edgerton rated Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest

  55. Sophie Edgerton rated Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood

  56. Sophie Edgerton rated The 'Little House on the Prairie'

  57. Sophie Edgerton reviewed The 'Little House on the Prairie' in South Dakota, United States

    This is the house that Pa built, literally. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about her “Little House on the Prairie” for her sister, Mary who went blind, painting her a detailed picture for her of what their new house and their families frontier p…"

  58. Sophie Edgerton reviewed 221B Baker Street in London, United Kingdom

    The funny thing about 221B Baker Street is that it was a fictitious place, an upstairs flat nestled into the foggy, smoggy, noisy streets of London, but because it was set on a real street and many of Doyle’s travelling directions and descriptions are c…"

  59. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Mark Twain's Hannibal in Plains Midwest, United States

    Mark Twain used the whole town of Hannibal as a location for his novels. Set on Twain’s Mississippi, Hannibal-esque towns were home to Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher. Some of his locations are direct descriptions of what he saw, buildings in …"

  60. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Thoreau's Walden Pond in US East Coast, United States

    Living basically in the woods at Walden Pond inspired Henry David Thoreau to write his classic work on simplification and ‘living deliberately‘ “Walden”, which now draws crowds to the very places he came to for solitude and reflection. There is even a ‘…"

  61. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Gatsby's favourite hotel in New York City, United States

    The Plaza, 768 Park Ave Tom, Jordan, Daisy, Nick and the Great Gatsby get a suite at The Plaza to shelter from the summer heat after their drive up to New York and take some refreshing Mint Juleps while playing out one of the most confronting scenes of …"

  62. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Anne’s Green Gables in Canada

    Lucy Maud Montgomery’s well loved book about wilful red headed orphan Anne with an e (as in “of Green Gables”) sends many readers young and old on pilgrimages to Cavendish in the Prince Edward Island National Park around which Anne’s story plays out. T…"

  63. Sophie Edgerton reviewed Orchard House, home of the Little Women in Concord, United States

    "Louisa May Alcott set ‘Little Women’ (1868), her famous story about four sisters growing up together, in the house where she and her three sisters were going up. Though this means she may not have impressed people with her imagination, it did wonders fo…"