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  1. October 2014
  2. SiVaRneE H. (SH.) reviewed British Museum in London, United Kingdom

    "There were so many fascinating things to see."

  3. SiVaRneE H. (SH.) rated British Museum

  4. SiVaRneE H. (SH.) reviewed Vienna to Prague Cycling Greenways in Vienna, Austria

    "I went to Prague last April and I like it very much."

  5. SiVaRneE H. (SH.) rated Vienna to Prague Cycling Greenways

  6. September 2013
  7. SiVaRneE H. (SH.) commented on Sari's Three Days in Salzburg

    "Just like the soundtracks from the Sound of Music, Salzburg has a built in charm and warmth city. Listening to Mozart, going out & visit at the world famous Hotel Sacher, see the mountains blend right into this historical centre of a city."

  8. SiVaRneE H. (SH.) commented on Henley-on-Thames and Marlow

    "Everyone had a fabulous family day-out in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire. It's simply a pleasant place to relax, walk around & go picnic"

  9. May 2009
  10. SiVaRneE H. (SH.) commented on The Kiss (Klimt) in Vienna, Austria

    "The Kiss is my favorite portrait painted, and I'd got the re-production oil painted@home by When kissed it seemed as if indeed imbibe each other, as if each were wine to the other's Thirst, the spirit rushed together at the touch of …"