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5th July 2007

Simon is marooned in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Originally from the wilds of Suffolk, he now spends his time birding the planet and taking willing souls along for the ride.


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  1. July 2007
  2. Simon Thompson reviewed Birdwatching on the Isle of Lesbos in Eastern Aegean, Greece

    One of Europe's finest spring migration "hotspots". A spring visit to Lesbos enables you to enjoy birds from Eastern and Western Europe on a quiet island. Good wine, historic sites and a relaxed way of life add to the birding experience as you watch shr…"

  3. Simon Thompson reviewed Birdwatching in the Tandayapa Valley in Manta, Ecuador

    Not far from the capital, Quito lies an intensely bird-rich area that is starting to attract birder from the world over. With over 50 species of hummingbirds, many toucans, tanagers and antpittas, this forested part of the Andes is exceedingly rich in bi…"

  4. Simon Thompson reviewed Birdwatching in Bhutan in Bhutan

    With friendly people, rich Himalayan forests and views that go on forever, a birding trip to Bhutan takes you deep into areas that most birders never go. With Blood Pheasant and Himalayan Monal both being easy to see, it's a "must do" for any birder want…"

  5. Simon Thompson reviewed Birds of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area in Townsville, Australia

    A series of national parks and protected areas that stretch from Townsville to Cooktown are home to some of the most range-restricted and most beautiful of Australia's birdlife. Rich tropical forests protect Southern Cassowary, Chowchilla, Victoria's Rif…"

  6. Simon Thompson reviewed Birding in the Panama Canal Forests in Panama City, Panama

    With easy and very bird-friendly lodging at the unique Canopy Tower Lodge, birding in the rich protected forests along the Panama Canal is a real treat. Pipeline, Gamboa and Achiote Roads produce huge lists of antbirds, tanagers, barbets and trogons and …"

  7. Simon Thompson reviewed Birdwatching around the Blue Ridge Parkway in Appalachian States, United States

    Incredibly rich deciduous and spruce-fir forests blanket the multiple ridges and valleys; offer a home for over 100 breeding birds, a rich flora and an array of endemic amphibians. A drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina and Virginia's Sky…"

  8. Simon Thompson reviewed Oaxaca Birding in Oaxaca, Mexico

    Oaxaca City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a beautiful city. A birding trip to Oaxaca combines ancient ruins, friendly people, great food and some of Mexico's most restricted endemic birds. With so much to offer to birders and non-birders alike, Oax…"

  9. Simon Thompson reviewed Minsmere Bird Reserve in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    This flagship of the RSPB is a superbly laid out, easy to walk and enjoy, reserve. It's popular with beginners and experts alike and preserves some of the beautiful Suffolk coastline and has some great birding. Birds to watch include a large colony o…"

  10. Simon Thompson reviewed Birds of the Caroni Swamp in Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago

    As the sun sets, flocks of brilliant red Scarlet Ibis fly in from their feeding grounds in Venezuela to the mangrove swamps of Caroni. A boat trip through this protected wetlands is both spectacular and atmospheric."