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  1. November 2010
  2. SimonSays commented on A weekend in Brighton with Abigail King

    "Have lunch at Riddle and Finn! It's one of the best fish restaurants around - I highly recommend having a table full of starters and just going for it tasting a bit of everything. Yummy enough to drive up from London for."

  3. SimonSays rated Rome

  4. September 2010
  5. SimonSays reviewed Hang-Gliding in Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    "Sounds like a fantastic trip"

  6. SimonSays rated Hang-Gliding in Rio

  7. SimonSays rated Petra

  8. August 2010
  9. SimonSays asked a question about Jodi Ettenberg's Montreal

    "Thanks for telling me where to eat, but where should I sleep/ stay? I know you're a local so may not have any ideas about hotels, but which parts of the city are inexpensive and close to the action. Cheers Jodi."

  10. SimonSays asked a question about Taryn McKinnon's Washington, DC

    "What's the best time of year to visit? To see, but not gawp at, I promise, the most politicians and staffers? Also, I'm a student, so can you recommend any student-type bars? Thanx."

  11. SimonSays asked a question about Rosaly's Rio de Janeiro

    "Thanks, this is really useful. Any recommendations on where to eat and which area of the city to stay in? Cheers."