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2nd June 2009

I am passionate about South Africa! It truly is a world in one country with something on offer for everyone. I am an outdoor adventure enthusiast, love history, enjoy sports and love good food! I am a director of African Sands Ltd and we specialise in making peoples dream holidays come true.

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  1. September 2009
  2. Simone Truter commented on South Africa

    "Every country has their own special foods and traditional dishes that have evolved and refined throughout their history. South Africa is no different, except that now because of its varied history and the affects of different cultures on it, it is a veri…"

  3. Simone Truter reviewed Thanda Private Game Reserve Camp in Kwazulu, South Africa

    I have always loved the thought of "the age of exploration" and being an "intrepid traveller" and the idea of setting off on a "grand adventure" filled with romance, mystery and excitement. A bygone era! I recently went to …"

  4. Simone Truter rated Thanda Private Game Reserve Camp

  5. June 2009
  6. Simone Truter reviewed Harley Davidson Ride along the Cape Peninsula in Cape Town, South Africa

    Life does not get much better than when you are seated on a gleaming Harley Davidson in full throttle, add to this the splendour of exploring the Cape Peninsula and you may have a dream in the making. There are over 30 gleaming Big Twin Harley-Davidsons …"

  7. Simone Truter reviewed Riding Cape Town's Winelands in Cape Town, South Africa

    The Cape Town Winelands offer some of the most spectacular scenery, and horse riding through this area is a brilliant way to discover it. There are various trails on offer for every level of rider from novice to advanced and many of the wine estates off…"

  8. Simone Truter reviewed Surfing Kalk Bay in Cape Town, South Africa

    Cape Town is one of the coolest cities in South Africa and it has great surfing! As it is on the Atlantic expect cold water, especially in summer when the Antarctic currents swirl past. Wetsuits are definitely recommended. This coast has the most highl…"

  9. Simone Truter reviewed Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa

    This is one of the oldest surviving buildings in South Africa. Built between 1666 and 1679, it replaced a much smaller wood and clay fort originally constructed by Commander Jan van Riebeeck who established a maritime refreshment station at the Cape of G…"

  10. Simone Truter reviewed Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

    Want a really way out experience? This is an insane experience of adrenaline and achievement: a 112 meter controlled abseil descent off the top of Cape Towns magnificent Table Mountain. Standing at the top of the mountain, you are over 1000 metres abov…"

  11. Simone Truter reviewed Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

    This is a super fun dirt track riding adventure experience. It enables you to traverse the front side of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain. You get dropped off at the lower cable car station which is the starting point of the adventure. Meet with your g…"

  12. Simone Truter reviewed Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

    Hiking Table Mountain is an interesting and fun way to explore this iconic image of Cape Town in South Africa. There are various routes you can hike up ranging from beginner to advanced. The most popular one being Platteklip Gorge which takes from 1 hou…"