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  1. January 2009
  2. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg, Austria

    "In the much adored film 'The Sound of Music', this garden is where Maria and the children dance around singing 'Do-Re-Mi' around the Pegasus statue."

  3. Sari Schutrum-Boward wrote a holiday idea Sari's Three Days in Salzburg

    Sari Schutrum-Boward took three days to explore Salzburg the city of music (care of Mozart and 'The Sound of Music'), breathtaking alpine views and Christmas Markets."

  4. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed The Untersberg Cableway in Germany

    Do you want to hike on the Alps, but starting from the bottom seems quite difficult and time consuming, and you only have a few hours to do some trekking? The Untersberg Cableway gives you a ride up to the top of the Untersberg Mountain. While you are …"

  5. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Festung Hohensalzburg in Salzburg, Austria

    In the heart of Salzburg, the 900-year-old Festung Hohensalzburg is a landmark for the city, and is Europe's largest castles, covering more than 14,000m². In 1077, the fortress was built to protect the Archbishop Gebhard, the clergy, and the population f…"

  6. December 2008
  7. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Suginami Animation Museum in Tokyo, Japan

    Money can be an issue when travelling and experience everything, but Tokyo's Suginami Animation Museum is completely free. The Suginami Animation Museum is where more than 70 animation production companies gather and work on anime. The workshops and exhi…"

  8. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Bocca della Veritá in Rome, Italy

    The Bocca della Verita, or the Mouth of Truth on the wall of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin is a legendary marble carving of a man-like face. The mask has been in the church of Santa Maria since 1632 but is estimated to be around 2,200 years old, …"

  9. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Hollandsche Manège in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Watch instructors teach horseback riding as you drink a beer or a cup of coffee from the balcony cafe of the Hollandsche Manege, one of the last remaining riding schools in Europe. Amsterdam's indoor riding school was built in 1882, designed by Al Van Ge…"

  10. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Bocca della Veritá

  11. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Galleria Nazionale Di San Luca

  12. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Hollandsche Manège

  13. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Amsterdam Historic Museum

  14. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Muziektheater

  15. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Concertgebouw

  16. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The Concertgebouw’s fantastic acoustics mean it’s thought to be one of the world’s finest concert halls and attracts famous composers, orchestras and bands. Performances of all types of music are scheduled, but the hall is best known for its Christmas c…"

  17. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Galleria Nazionale Di San Luca in Rome, Italy

    Rome's Accademia di San Luca art school was founded in 1593 and the school’s gallery, the Galleria Nazionale Di San Luca has artwork from well-known artists like Raphael, Canova, Van Dyck, and many other Roman painters, miniaturists, and embroiderers on …"

  18. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Muziektheater in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    "Amsterdam's unique Muziektheater ventures a taste of everything from opera, musical theatre, ballet and dance, classical to avant-garde. As you walk into the foyer of the theatre, your view overlooks the Amstel River, the "Magere Bruge" (Skinny Bridge)…"

  19. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Amsterdam Historic Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Amsterdam's Historical Museum is houses in what was once a 15th century city orphanage and focuses on the city's 17th century golden age when Amsterdam was the richest city in the world. It touches on religion, culture, and history in Amsterdam and as y…"

  20. November 2008
  21. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Nocturnal Flamenco Bullfighting Festival in Quito, Ecuador

    As you travel around Ecuador join the annual November bullfighting festival in Quito's Plaza de Toros Belmonte. During the festival you can see matador and bull come face to face to the sounds of Spanish flamenco songs. This is not just any bullfight, b…"

  22. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated The National Horse Fair in Golegã

  23. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Santa Claus World Championship

  24. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Nocturnal Flamenco Bullfighting Festival

  25. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Santa Claus World Championship in Switzerland

    Watching and cheering 32 Santa Claus' as they climb chimneys and race on Santa scooters in the annual Santa Claus World Championship in Samnaun, Switzerland will prove that you’re that you are never too old to believe in Santa. Join the November games a…"

  26. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed The National Horse Fair in Golegã in Portugal

    Want to experience authentic country life? Put on your cowboy boots and leather jacket and head to the National Horse Fair. Held in November this fair celebrates the equestrian life and Portugal’s finest horse breeds, the pure-bred Lusitano, attracting…"

  27. October 2008
  28. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Sahara Douz Festival

  29. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Sahara Douz Festival in Tunisia

    November in Douz, is a time to relax and enjoy the markets and camel and greyhound racing at the three day annual Sahara Douz Festival, an enormous celebration that has reached out to more than 50,000 people. The festival began as a Bedouin marriage mark…"

  30. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Loi Krathong Sao

  31. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Loi Krathong Sao in Northern Thailand, Thailand

    This November festival is also known as the festival of lights because during the two day event locals thread coconut shells together and send them on their way in a huge wave along the Ping River. Set free off the 200 year old Rattanakosin Bridge, onlo…"

  32. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Karatsu Kunchi Festival in Karatsu, Japan

    "November’s annual Karatsu Kunchi Festival reanimates the region’s traditional culture. During Karatsu Kunchi locals celebrate by pulling large floats, known as Hikiyama which are decorated with helmets or lions, to the music of flutes and drums while sho…"

  33. Sari Schutrum-Boward rated Karatsu Kunchi Festival

  34. Sari Schutrum-Boward reviewed Envies Culinaires in Lille, France

    The Lille Grand Palais is a foodie oasis in early November. Food fair, Envies Culinaires is a chance to sample a mouth watering array of French and international food. Visitors can sample cider, wine and champagne and even learn new ways to decorate th…"