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I love traveling and I have a passion for writing about it. From the US, I have just spent quite a bit of time in Europe - and I'll be back!

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  1. May 2010
  2. Sarah Clise reviewed Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India

    "Built in 1459 under the order of ruler Rao Jodha, Mehrangarh Fort is an intimidating structure. Perched on a hillside overlooking the city, the massive building’s national treasures have been added to by every ruler the country has had since its initial …"

  3. Sarah Clise reviewed Humayun's Tomb in Delhi, India

    "A World Heritage site, this 16th century mausoleum is a complex of gardens, waterways, and tombs. The centerpiece is the massive tomb of Emperor Humayun, commissioned by his grieving widow, and represents India’s first use of Mugal architecture. This sty…"

  4. October 2009
  5. Sarah Clise commented on Paestum in The Amalfi Coast, Italy

    "The ruins of a nearly 3000 year old Greek colony, Paestum was eventually taken over by the Romans. Three Doric temples, the Temple of Hera, the Temple of Athena, and the Temple of Apollo, are beautifully preserved examples of why the small town is a Worl…"

  6. July 2009
  7. Sarah Clise reviewed Gunung Leuser National Park in Sumatra, Indonesia

    You don’t have to go to the zoo in order to see orangutans, rhinos, tigers, and elephants all living in the same habitat. The tropical rainforests of Sumatra are home to an enormous variety of wildlife, and much of the lands are protected to ensure…"

  8. June 2009
  9. Sarah Clise reviewed Temples of the Mogao Caves in Xinjiang/Northwest, China

    "Within the 492 temples of the Mogao Caves reside one thousand years of priceless Buddhist art. Murals adorn the cave walls, initially designed either as tools of instruction or accompaniments to meditation. A huge amount of ancient Buddhist literature ha…"

  10. April 2009
  11. Sarah Clise reviewed Wai-O-Tapu and Champagne Pool in Rotorua, New Zealand

    "Literally “Sacred Waters,” Waiotapu has been a geothermal tourist attraction since 1886. The volcanic activity of the area has warped the landscape, creating severe and surreal looking terrain. The main walk takes you past Rainbow Crater, Sulphur Cave, A…"

  12. January 2009
  13. Sarah Clise reviewed Miro Foundation in Barcelona, Spain

    "Barcelona-born Joan Miró was an innovative, unconventional artist. His surreal-looking paintings, imaginative use of different mediums, and experimental style earned him a number of awards as well as an acclaimed international reputation. The Fundació Jo…"

  14. November 2008
  15. Sarah Clise reviewed Schönbrunn Palace Christmas Market in Vienna, Austria

    "Mulled wine and hot chestnuts seem to be the trademark of Christmas Markets worldwide, and Vienna’s are no exception. What began in the 13th century as a simple marketplace for Viennese vendors has grown and developed into a much-anticipated and magical …"

  16. March 2008
  17. Sarah Clise rated Paddington Station

  18. Sarah Clise rated Houses of Parliament

  19. Sarah Clise rated Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

  20. Sarah Clise rated Tate Modern

  21. Sarah Clise rated Westminster Abbey

  22. Sarah Clise rated Statue of Liberty

  23. Sarah Clise rated Metropolitan Museum of Art

  24. Sarah Clise rated Sistine Chapel

  25. Sarah Clise rated British Museum

  26. Sarah Clise rated Orcas off Vancouver Island

  27. Sarah Clise rated Ride the Cable Car in San Francisco

  28. Sarah Clise rated The Clift

  29. Sarah Clise rated Golden Gate Bridge

  30. Sarah Clise rated The Cadogan Hotel

  31. Sarah Clise rated The Lanesborough

  32. Sarah Clise rated Hotel de Russie

  33. Sarah Clise reviewed The Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India

    "Untouched by modern man until the late 1700s, the A & N Islands were home to prehistoric tribes, the descendents of whom still inhabit the islands to this day and remain largely cut off from the outside world. A diverse range of flora and fauna thrive in…"

  34. February 2008
  35. Sarah Clise reviewed Olavinlinna Castle in Eastern Finland, Finland

    "Olavinlinna, translated as St. Olaf’s Castle, was built as a Swedish defensive structure in 1475. Named after the patron saint of knights, it was taken over by Russia in 1743 but has belonged to Finland since the country gained autonomy and eventually in…"

  36. January 2008
  37. Sarah Clise reviewed Nile River Journeys in Luxor, Egypt

    "Visiting the Nile is an adventure in itself, but why not take your experience to the next level and kayak on the world’s longest river? Kayak the Nile, based in Uganda, is known as “Africa’s Premier Kayak School.” The instructors are from across the glob…"

  38. Sarah Clise reviewed Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia

    "All instructors at Manly Surf School are highly accredited by Surfing Australia and have at least 15 years of surfing experience and 5 years of teaching experience. The programs offered include corporate team building, school programs, holiday programs, …"

  39. Sarah Clise reviewed Keramas Surfing in Bali, Indonesia

    "If you thought that Indonesia was all about trekking through jungles and visiting ancient temples, think again. What’s got travel aficionados worldwide flocking to the archipelagos these days are the awesome waves. Founding member of the Indonesian Surf …"

  40. Sarah Clise reviewed Surf Pipeline in Hawaii, United States

    "Kelea Surf Spa has the distinction of being a surf school especially for women. Located in Hawaii, the laid-back island atmosphere is what some women need to de-stress and re-energize. Daily surf lessons are integrated with spa treatments and Yoga, creat…"

  41. Sarah Clise reviewed Learn to Kitesurf via walkie-talkie in Andalucia, Spain

    Tarifa is arguably the best place to kite-surf in all of Europe, and Dragon Kite School is a well-known place to take courses in the increasingly popular sport. The school is unique in that you communicate with your instructor via walkie-talkie while you…"

  42. Sarah Clise reviewed Merrick's Learn to Surf Noosa in Queensland, Australia

    Located on the coast of northern Queensland, Merrick’s Noosa Learn to Surf is led by Former World Pro-Am Surfing Champion, Merrick Davis. Ideal for beginners, the surf school offers a number of programs aimed at people who have never surfed before. With …"

  43. Sarah Clise reviewed White Nile Paddling in Masindi, Uganda

    "Visiting the Nile is an adventure in itself, but why not take your experience to the next level and kayak on the world’s longest river? Kayak the Nile, based in Uganda, is known as “Africa’s Premier Kayak School.” The instructors are from across the glob…"

  44. Sarah Clise reviewed Beijing's hutong alleys in Beijing, China

    Hutong Lanes are very narrow alleys originally built in the Zhou Dynasty to define both geographic and class boundaries within the city. Circular in pattern, the central hutong would surround the highest class homes and courtyards, eventually leading to …"

  45. December 2007
  46. Sarah Clise reviewed Icefields Parkway in Canada

    "Also known as Highway 93, scenic Icefields Parkway is a road trip you won’t forget. Whether you travel by car or bike, the untamed landscapes of Canada’s first ever national park, Banff, and its biggest national park, Jasper, will inspire you with their …"

  47. Sarah Clise reviewed Egeskov Castle in Syddanmark, Denmark

    "Of all of Europe’s moat castles, Egeskov Castle is the best preserved. Nearly half a millennium in age, it has been in the Bille family since 1784. After years of being a defensive structure, the beautiful castle is now home to a number of museums, inclu…"

  48. Sarah Clise reviewed Te Papa Tongarewa in Wellington, New Zealand

    "Affectionately known as Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum is a monolithic homage to the country’s history and culture. Much of the museum is dedicated to the Māori, showing New Zealand’s indigenous peoples’ way of life. Live performances and authent…"

  49. Sarah Clise reviewed Bend, Oregon in Bend, United States

    The fact that Bend, Oregon has recently experienced a population boom and a huge increase in tourism has not detracted from its endearing small town charm. Unpretentious and enthusiastic friendliness is the rule of thumb everywhere you go. The place is a…"

  50. Sarah Clise reviewed San Francisco LoveFest in San Francisco, United States

    The San Francisco Love Parade, or simply LoveFest, is a week long party that celebrates the amazing diversity of humanity, following in the footsteps of the world famous tradition that started in Berlin. The main event, a gigantic parade down Market Stre…"

  51. Sarah Clise reviewed Castle of Bosjökloster in Gotaland, Sweden

    "The Castle of Bosjökloster was built as a nunnery on placid Lake Ringsjön by the Benedictine Order in the early 12th century. It remained a convent into the early 1600s, but then changed hands a number of times, being bought and sold by private owners an…"

  52. Sarah Clise reviewed Costa de la Luz in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

    Sand dunes, pine groves, and perpetual large and sunny skies characterize the agreeable though often windy Costa de la Luz. A number of coastal towns and small islands are fun for exploring, and the beaches are teeming with a variety of watersports, most…"

  53. Sarah Clise reviewed Vadstena Abbey in Gotaland, Sweden

    Sweden’s beloved Saint Bridgette founded this abbey in 1369, helping to design both its interior and exterior. Upon her death, Saint Bridgette’s daughter Saint Catherine succeeded her mother as Vadstena’s abbess and kept alive the town’s ardent faith. Th…"

  54. Sarah Clise reviewed Rättvik in Svealand, Sweden

    Unique cultural traditions and great scenery have put this small town on the map. Set between dense forests and the tranquil Lake Siljan, Rättvik is known for its artisan population. The craftsmanship of the famous Dala Horses and a thriving folk music c…"

  55. Sarah Clise reviewed Gotland Island in Gotaland, Sweden

    Since prehistoric times, man has been making its mark on the Swedish island of Gotland. However, the Gotlanders’ most epic achievement definitely took place in the Middle Ages. All of the town of Visby has been deemed a World Heritage site for the …"

  56. Sarah Clise reviewed Costa Blanca in Valencia Region, Spain

    From the typical to the more extreme, the activities available at Costa Blanca seem endless. You can do every watersport under the sun, go climbing, bungee jumping, golfing, and much more – exercise enthusiasts won’t be disappointed. The variety of place…"

  57. Sarah Clise reviewed Misteri d'Elx in Alicante, Spain

    The Mystery Play of Elche is a 2-day theatre performance held at the Basilica of Santa Maria. Since the fifteenth century, hundreds of Elche’s citizens have prepared and performed an extremely elaborate drama portraying the death and crowning of the Virg…"

  58. Sarah Clise reviewed Arcos de la Frontera in Castilla La Mancha, Spain

    "An obvious Pueblo Blanco (White Village), you can’t miss Arcos de la Frontera, resting as it does on a dramatic cliff overlooking the Guadalete River. The town is divided into a new town and an old town, famous for architecture dating back to Neolithic t…"

  59. Sarah Clise reviewed Geirangerfjord in Vestlandet, Norway

    Geirangerfjord is one the reasons why Norway is known for its breathtaking and beautiful fjords. Walking, driving, boating, and rafting are all great ways to navigate the gushing waterfalls and jagged cliffs of this World Heritage site. A number of sport…"

  60. Sarah Clise reviewed Öland in Norrland, Sweden

    It may be Sweden’s smallest island, but Öland seems to have enough natural beauty and manmade wonders for an entire country. Examples of life in the Iron Age such as Rönnerums ancient village coexist beautifully with the famous 19th century Lerkaka windm…"

  61. Sarah Clise reviewed Boden Fortress in Norrland, Sweden

    "The only one of its kind in Sweden, Boden Fortress is actually the result of a group of five separate rock fortresses being connected together as one great defensive structure. Starting in 1901, nearly a decade of hard work turned solid hills of rock int…"

  62. Sarah Clise reviewed Tonsberg in Ostlandet, Norway

    "Norway’s oldest town, Tonsberg has most likely been around since the days of King Harald Fairhair in the 870s. A number of prestigious Vikings, including kings, have their tombs in Tonsberg, and ancient Viking ships have been discovered nearby. The Vestf…"

  63. Sarah Clise reviewed Baeza in Andalucia, Spain

    Famed for their architecture from the Renaissance, Baeza and its neighboring town Ubeda combine to make a World Heritage site. The number of stunning 16th and 17th century palaces and churches were arranged in the traditional renaissance style by renowne…"

  64. Sarah Clise reviewed Catedral de Leon in León, Spain

    A Gothic style cathedral from the 10th century, the Catedral de Leon was originally the palace of king Ordoño II. Future kings made substantial changes and additions to the cathedral’s structure, and now architectural designs spanning centuries can be sp…"

  65. Sarah Clise reviewed Mijas in Andalucia, Spain

    "Known as a White Village (Pueblo Blanco) for its traditionally white-washed buildings, Mijas is a charming mountain town. A surprising number of quality golf courses have recently sprung up around the area, drawing in new crowds of visitors. Flamenco les…"

  66. Sarah Clise reviewed Santillana del Mar in Santander, Spain

    This small Spanish town flourished in medieval times. The Collegiate Church Cloisters of Santa Juliana and the Regina Coeli Museum preserve that history with their displays of precious religious artifacts and art. Various other museums also pay homage to…"

  67. Sarah Clise reviewed Ronda in Andalucia, Spain

    Ronda’s history is unparalleled throughout Spain. It has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age, and ancient people certainly left their marks with well-preserved cave paintings and grand ancient structures. Throughout the centuries, impressive monumen…"

  68. Sarah Clise reviewed Feria del Caballo, Jerez de la Frontera in Castilla La Mancha, Spain

    More than a million colored lights illuminate Gonzalez Hontoria park in Jerez de la Frontera for the much anticipated annual Horse Fair. The event began almost 800 years ago with the practical function of being a venue for the buying and selling of lives…"

  69. Sarah Clise reviewed Costa del Sol in Andalucia, Spain

    Costa del Sol prides itself on its culture just as much as its idyllic weather, offering many enlightening experiences to go along with the sunshine and natural beauty – contrary to its reputation as a cheap sun destination. The Picasso Museum in the Los…"

  70. Sarah Clise reviewed Urnes Stave Church in Vestlandet, Norway

    Staves churches are medieval wooden churches built in a very distinct architectural style. Because they were constructed out of timber, a very small number have survived the centuries of disrepair and less than 30 remain in Norway today. Urnes Stave Chur…"

  71. Sarah Clise reviewed Tromsø in Tromsø, Norway

    There’s no disputing the northern-ness of this vibrant Norwegian town - the Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, and Polar Nights are familiar features of Tromsø’s Arctic landscape. It’s also an incredibly old city, inhabited as far back as 10,000 years ago bu…"

  72. Sarah Clise reviewed Burial Mounds of Sigtuna in Svealand, Sweden

    Burial mounds from the 5th century have been unearthed in what is now Sigtuna. Ruins like those and 11th century runic stones give evidence of the area’s long history. When Christianity made its way to Scandinavia in the 12th century, Sigtuna had the pre…"

  73. Sarah Clise reviewed Kalmar Slott in Gotaland, Sweden

    Kalmar Slott has not always been the renaissance castle it is today. It was built in the 13th century as a group of defensive towers. Hundreds of years saw a number of battles and kings, each making their mark on the fortress until King Gustav Vasa conve…"

  74. Sarah Clise reviewed Teatre Museu Dalí in Catalunya, Spain

    The Dalí Theatre Museum in Figueres was chosen by Salvador Dalí as the perfect spot to display many of his greatest creations. The building itself is a manifestation of the surrealist’s extraordinary imagination, and his creative presence throughout the …"

  75. Sarah Clise reviewed Deia in Mallorca, Spain

    Less than a thousand people inhabit this tiny municipality in Mallorca. Prehistoric men once made the mountainous seaside terrain their home and their ancient artifacts are now on display at Deia’s Archaeological Museum. A number of churches and museums …"

  76. Sarah Clise reviewed Sjöfartshistoriska Museet in Gothenburg, Sweden

    Over 400 years of Sweden’s deep relationship with the sea have been transformed into entertaining and informative exhibits in Gothenburg’s maritime museum. Military actions, shipbuilding, and fishing are given the spotlight here as they have been integra…"

  77. Sarah Clise reviewed Läckö Slott in Gotaland, Sweden

    At the end of the 13th century, the Bishop of Skara started construction on Läckö Slott on the picturesque banks of Lake Vänern. Over the centuries the castle’s ownership passed to many members of Swedish royalty until it fell into the hands of Count Mag…"

  78. Sarah Clise reviewed Galicia in Galicia, Spain

    Viking invasions, Celtic tribes, Roman occupation, and General Franco’s dictatorship have all made their mark on this now autonomous community in northern Spain. Because of Galicia’s unique history, its customs, architecture, landmarks, and even its lang…"

  79. Sarah Clise reviewed Hudiksvall Archipelago in Norrland, Sweden

    Fishing and agriculture have been the traditional ways of life on the Hudiksvall Archipelago for centuries. Today it’s a scenic seaside locale with a number of churches from the Middle Ages and Homestead Museums that celebrate the community’s…"

  80. Sarah Clise reviewed Ribera del Duero in Castille-Leon, Spain

    Bacchus himself would have felt right at home in Ribera del Duero, a region devoted entirely to the production of fantastic wines. Many different types of grapes are nurtured by the dozens of regional vineyards until they are harvested and the complicate…"

  81. Sarah Clise reviewed San Sebastián in San Sebastian, Spain

    San Sebastián is a city with verve. On the scenic coast of Basque Country, the sandy beaches and bustling town have seen nearly a thousand years of history. Museums, local celebrations, cultural centers, music and film festivals are pervasive throughout …"

  82. Sarah Clise reviewed Nerja in Andalucia, Spain

    A town on the famous Costa del Sol, Nerja is a microcosm of its parent region simply because there is so much to do there. Cliffs, beaches, caves, and forests are available for just about any outdoor activity you can think of. The Caves of Nerja are espe…"

  83. Sarah Clise reviewed Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo, Norway

    According to the wishes of the late, great Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Peace Prize is not awarded in Stockholm like the Nobel Prize, but rather it is handed out in Oslo. This epic ceremony in Oslo City Hall awards, in the words of Nobel himself, “the person …"

  84. Sarah Clise reviewed Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo, Norway

    Since 1892, thousands of people have flocked to the Holmenkollen Ski Festival every year to witness the epic ski jumping competition. The 1952 Winter Olympics were held at this stunning location, as were a number of national and international ski competi…"

  85. Sarah Clise reviewed Asturias in Asturias, Spain

    Asturias has something for everyone. The art and architecture that you find throughout the region represent the Paleolithic people who first lived here hundreds of thousands of years ago, as well as relics of the Roman empire and jewels of the Renaissanc…"

  86. Sarah Clise reviewed Bergen International Festival in Bergen, Norway

    The arts scene explodes for two whole weeks as the town of Bergen celebrates every sort of creative endeavor known to mankind. Singing, dancing, poetry, and much more fill the city’s streets and venues as Scandanavia’s best and most original artists show…"

  87. Sarah Clise reviewed Domkyrkan (Lund Cathedral) in Malmö, Sweden

    Construction on Domkyrkan, or the Lund Cathedral, began in 1080. Nearly a thousand years later, it is still an active site of worship revered for its beautiful religious artifacts. The astronomical clock, Horologium mirabil Lundense , was built in 1424 a…"

  88. Sarah Clise reviewed Uppsala Town's Cathedral in Uppsala, Sweden

    The city of Uppsala is one the largest in Sweden, known for many important historical buildings. Kings, scientists, and even the revered Saint Eric are buried on the grounds of the city’s famous medieval cathedral.  While younger than the cathedral, Upps…"

  89. Sarah Clise reviewed Kivik Tomb in Gotaland, Sweden

    Acclaimed as one of Sweden’s best examples of Bronze Age craftsmanship, the Kivik Tomb was unearthed in Simrishamn in 1748. The circular burial mound is the largest in the country, providing insights into the funerary customs of the people who populated …"

  90. Sarah Clise reviewed Carmona in Seville, Spain

    A mammoth list of monuments are scattered in and around Carmona, with its ancient history dating back to times before Julius Caesar. Roman remains include a necropolis and an amphitheatre. Because of its many picturesque locations, Carmona has become a f…"

  91. Sarah Clise reviewed Cadaques in Catalunya, Spain

    "Cadaques is home to an eclectic collection of attractions. The beautiful stony beaches and boat-filled harbor make up the heart of the town, and the 16th century Santa Maria Church is a beautiful building overlooking the scenic view from a nearby hilltop…"

  92. Sarah Clise reviewed Costa Verde in Gijón, Spain

    The verdant coast of Asturias is aptly named the “Green Coast.” One of Spain’s most scenic regions, Costa Verde is dotted with towns and beaches where you can dive, snorkel, windsurf, or simply get a tan, including a beach for nudists. Several national p…"

  93. Sarah Clise reviewed Molde International Jazz Festival in Vestlandet, Norway

    The likes of Stevie Wonder, B.B. King, James Brown, and even Ray Charles have all performed at Norway’s most famous jazz festival. Know as MoldeJazz, it draws in celebrities and jazz enthusiasts from all over the world. It has been the source of lively h…"

  94. Sarah Clise reviewed Las Hogueras de San Juan in Alicante, Spain

    Las Hogueras de San Juan in Alicante commemorate the summer solstice with lavish feasts, dancing, and, most importantly, bonfires. For several days in June you can pay to enter a tent called a barraca where much of the partying takes place. On the actual…"

  95. Sarah Clise reviewed Sognefjord in Vestlandet, Norway

    The second longest fjord on Earth, Sognefjord covers over 200 kilometers of some of Norway’s most beautiful scenery. National parks full of glaciers, waterfalls, and mountain passes line the banks of the deep blue waters, easily accessed by boat, c…"

  96. Sarah Clise reviewed Hamlet's Elsinore (Kronborg Castle) in Copenhagen, Denmark

    "It’s speculated that Helsingør has been inhabited for nearly two thousand years, since the year 70 AD. Today, it’s home to a number of great museums, churches, and beaches, but the highlight of the city has to be the notorious Kronborg Castle. A World He…"

  97. Sarah Clise reviewed Roskilde Cathedral in Sjaelland, Denmark

    "The site of Roskilde’s Cathedral has been a place of worship for over a millennium, but the church that is visited today was built as recently as the 13th century. Hundreds of years of art, relics, and architecture are on display in the building’s many d…"

  98. November 2007
  99. Sarah Clise reviewed Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi in Bhopal, India

    "For centuries, Buddhism flourished in India. The town of Sanchi houses the most ancient examples of Buddhist art and architecture, a World Heritage site with Buddhist monuments from the 2nd century BC. The construction of the Great Stupa was followed by …"

  100. Sarah Clise reviewed Mountain Resort of Chengde in Chengde, China

    " Not a resort in the modern sense, this 18th century World Heritage site was the home of royalty in the Qing Dynasty. It is a massive complex comprised of a number of palaces and temples, eight lakes, a series of mountains and valleys, and the biggest …"

  101. Sarah Clise reviewed Komodo Island and its Dragons in Indonesia

    "Home of the dragons that bear their name, the Komodo Islands draw in many tourists. Discovered only in 1910, the world’s largest lizards have been the cause of fear and fascination, and visitors have flocked here ever since. Even if you venture off the i…"

  102. Sarah Clise reviewed Laocoon and his Sons in Rome, Italy

    "Inspiration for the likes of Michelangelo, Laocoon and his Sons is a 1st or 2nd century white marble masterpiece that shows a priest and his sons struggling with sea serpents that are trying to kill them. Ancient Greek writers describe Laocoon as trying …"

  103. Sarah Clise reviewed Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, China

    "Some of the larger-than-life stone carvings and inscriptions of the Longmen Grottoes were created as early as the 5th century. At the initial request of Emperor Xiaowen, hundreds of artists painstakingly chiseled signs of their commitment into the rocky …"

  104. Sarah Clise reviewed Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China

    "Not just the most prominent shopping street in Shanghai, the Nanjing Road is considered the ultimate shopping experience in all of China. The Pedestrian Mall is for foot traffic only, and hundreds of thousands of eager shoppers bustle through the crowded…"

  105. Sarah Clise reviewed Mount Tai Shan in Tai'an, China

    "Enveloped in tales of sacrifice and hauntings, Mount Taishan is considered the “First of the Five Sacred Mountains” in China’s Central Plains. Visited by dozens of emperors over thousands of years, this World Heritage site is decorated with examples of a…"

  106. Sarah Clise reviewed Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, China

    "The epitome of Tibetan architecture, and indeed Tibetan nationhood in general, the grand Potala Palace in Lhasa was built in 1645 and is actually home to two palaces – the Red Palace and the White Palace. Since the 17th century, this World Heritage site …"

  107. Sarah Clise reviewed Borobudur in Magelang, Indonesia

    "Mounds known as stupas are common structures to find at sacred Buddhist sites. They are decorated and formed in a symbolic manner intended to venerate Buddha and promote his teachings. The largest and most detailed stupa in the world, as well as the plan…"

  108. Sarah Clise reviewed The Terracotta Army in Xi'an, China

    "Over 8,000 terracotta warriors and horses stand ready to aid the first Xian emperor as he makes the transition to the afterlife and hopefully continues his role as an emperor in death. Although he died in 210 BC, his soldiers live on, accidentally uncove…"

  109. Sarah Clise reviewed St. Vincent in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    "Alp Maritimes Marine Sports Institute caters to every sort of scuba diver. The school is highly skilled in both recreational and technical diving instruction, with National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) certified instructors. It comes reco…"

  110. Sarah Clise reviewed Kitesurfing Cumbuco in Bahia North East, Brazil

    "At Hi-Life Kitesurf School all instructors are IKO level 2 certified and First-Aid certified. You’ll be sure to get plenty of attention and instruction as only two students per instructor are permitted. All levels of kitesurfers are welcome, with 1 and 3…"

  111. Sarah Clise reviewed Kapalua Beach in Hawaii, United States

    "Based out of Maui, one of the most acclaimed spots to scuba dive in the world, Kapalua Dive Company offers multiple programs and packages for divers at any level. As a PADI International Resort member, Kapalua Dive Company instructs a variety of PADI scu…"

  112. Sarah Clise reviewed Diving Blue Corner in Palau

    "Reputedly one of the most beautiful dive sites in the world, Palau offers scuba enthusiasts a chance of a lifetime. At Sam’s Tours Dive Training, all instructors are certified by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Lessons for every skill…"

  113. Sarah Clise reviewed Maine Kayaking in Maine, United States

    "At Maine Kayak, all instructors are accredited by the American Canoe Association (ACA). Sea, lake, and white-water kayaking lessons are all available among the famous wildlife in the Maine coastal areas of Johns Bay, Muscongus Bay, Biscay Pond, Pemaquid …"

  114. Sarah Clise reviewed Tarifa Kitesurfing in Andalucia, Spain

    "Tarifa is arguably the best place to kite-surf in all of Europe, and Dragon Kite School is a well-known place to take courses in the increasingly popular sport. The school is unique in that you communicate with your instructor via walkie-talkie while you…"

  115. October 2007
  116. Sarah Clise reviewed Hyde Park Winter Wonderland in London, United Kingdom

    "Hyde Park is transformed into a charming Winter Wonderland. The largest outdoor ice rink in Europe awaits those who take the time to meander down the Serpentine River. Chalets selling tasty drinks, sumptuous Christmas food, and a huge variety of handmade…"

  117. Sarah Clise reviewed Brussels Christmas Market in Brussels, Belgium

    "In Belgium, the first day of December is marked by the opening of the Brussels Christmas Market. Every year this market draws international crowds looking forward to a variety of activties. The Big Wheel stands tall over the Fishmarket, giving market-g…"

  118. Sarah Clise reviewed Salzburg Christmas Market in Salzburg, Austria

    "Birthplace of Mozart and deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site, Salzburg offers several famous Christmas markets to choose from. Visitors will find Advent celebrations, concerts, sleigh rides, and nativity scenes in many of the city’s historic streets, wov…"

  119. Sarah Clise reviewed Kitzbühel Christmas Market in Kitzbühel, Austria

    "Popular as a ski resort town, Kitzbühel also hosts a lively Christmas market each winter. It’s no surprise both children and adults flock to this market for the family-oriented activities it offers. One of the market’s favourite traditions is the one-of…"

  120. Sarah Clise reviewed Graz Hauptplatz Christmas Market in Graz, Austria

    "There isn’t just one Christmas market in Graz, Austria – there are six! Hauptplatz, Eisernen, Tummelplatz, Franciscan Quarter, Glockenspiel Platz, and Färberplatz are nestled throughout this striking town, each paying tribute to Christmas in its own fest…"

  121. Sarah Clise reviewed Maastricht Christmas Winterland in Maastricht, Netherlands

    "The Dutch city of Maastricht sets up a Christmas Winterland wonderland each year, complete with a Ferris Wheel, a small petting zoo, a Christmas train for young children, a skating rink, and many other traditional activities, Winterland certainly caters …"