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25th April 2009

I am a twenty-something living and working with my boyfriend in Argentina. We started in Buenos Aires, and are now moving on to Cordoba, then to Chilean Patagonia, and then to we-don't-know-where!

Palabras de Portenos: Candid Catchings in Castellano

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  1. June 2009
  2. Sarah Maxwell wrote a blog post Iguazu Part II: Hiking Through the Jungle

    As the title hints at, the second part of our adventures in Iguazu involved a jungle hike. Okay, that sounds a little dramatic..."

  3. Sarah Maxwell wrote a blog post The Devil's Throat: Humbled (Again) by Nature

    As Nick & I stood atop Cerro Uriturco in Capilla del Monte, I thought (of course not for the first time) how man-made wonders seem always to pale in comparison to the wonders made by nature."

  4. Sarah Maxwell wrote a blog post Citizen Journalism: Deeply Rooted Corruption

    On Thursday, Nick and I hopped aboard a 23 hour-long bus ride to Iguazu Falls, in the north of Argentina, snuggled up against the Brazilian and Paraguayan borders."

  5. May 2009
  6. Sarah Maxwell wrote a blog post Caught In-Between Two Worlds

    He hardly seemed to realize he was on a crowded, hot, and stinky bus. He was too consumed with listening to the hand-held transistor radio pushed up against his ear and sticking his head out the window to whistle at pretty girls passing by."

  7. April 2009
  8. Sarah Maxwell wrote a blog post 12 Hours in Gualeguaychu

    We made it!! And after our experience in Gualeguaychu, I think the Argentine Carnaval can be summed up in one word: BUTTS."

  9. Sarah Maxwell wrote a blog post La Hoja de Rosario

    Sometimes when I travel, I am confused and over-whelmed when deciding how to translate the place--the experience--into words."