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  1. February 2010
  2. Sarah Knighton reviewed Chinese New Year in San Francisco in San Francisco, United States

    In the 1860's gold lured a lot of people to the San Francisco region, and a fair percentage of those prospectors were Chinese, so Chinese New Year has been celebrated round these parts for about a century and a half now – one of the longest running…"

  3. Sarah Knighton reviewed Chinese New Year in Singapore in Singapore, Singapore

    Singapore celebrates with so much enthusiasm that their events are some of the largest outside of China - and they get two days of Public Holiday (for the first two days of the new year) to make sure they can celebrate without holding back. Decoration g…"

  4. August 2009
  5. Sarah Knighton reviewed Perfume Souk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Arab scents are generally more spicey than floral, but you can get all types in this fragrant street, from the traditional blends of perfume oils reminiscent of incense to the latest parfum pour femme from Paris. If you can't find what you're looking fo…"

  6. Sarah Knighton reviewed Spice Souk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    The Spice Souk is right next to the more sparkly Gold Souk , and you'll probably be able to spell it coming – the whiffs of cloves, cinnamon, frankincense and shisha and other fragrant herbs and spices can be smelt from several hundred metres, es…"

  7. Sarah Knighton commented on The Gold Souk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    "But be aware that the only negotiable price is the 'making price', the price of gold in grams is the same where ever you go, and it's displayed everywhere so you won't miss it. Don't expect to find cheap souvenirs, these are mostly serious pieces, and…"

  8. Sarah Knighton commented on The Gold Souk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    "Despite the glamour of the material and product some bargaining is still expected, visitors should aim to cut 20% off the price. Shop around, as many items are sold by more than one vendor."

  9. Sarah Knighton reviewed Kaputaş beach in Turkey

    Kaputaş beach has some of the bluest water you've ever seen. So blue that it's almost impossible, especially so if the first time you see it is from above, on the road leading down towards it. There's an undertow to it, but that causes the white line o…"

  10. Sarah Knighton reviewed Ladies Beach, Kusadasi in Turkey

    Kusadasi has a number of nice beaches, but the nicest is supposed to be Ladies Beach, partly because you're not allowed to bring your car into the area – there are mini buses though. Palms line the waterfront and there's wooden terraces built alon…"

  11. Sarah Knighton reviewed Karakum Beach in Turkey

    Karakum Beach is one of the most popular of Turkey's Black Sea lining beaches. Despite the chillier seas it's waves are gentle and behind it is the wall of the medieval city of Sinop, which is the oldest city on the Black Sea Coast. In season this beac…"

  12. Sarah Knighton reviewed Kizkalesi Beach in Turkey

    Off the shore from this narrow strip of beach are the rounded towers of a castle fort, sitting in the middle of the ocean. This is the Maiden's Castle and the story goes that it's the home of a princess who destiny decreed would be bitten by a snake, so…"

  13. Sarah Knighton reviewed Çalis Beach in Fethiye, Turkey

    Çalis Beach is the kind of place for relaxing. Though the beach itself is shingle, and only four kilometres long, the water is clear and blue-ly inviting, and nice hotels, bars and restaurants hug it for most of its length. The views look nice, …"

  14. Sarah Knighton reviewed Pamucak Beach in Antalya, Turkey

    Some of this stretch of beach is owned by the large resorts built along it, but most of its sandy, sunny length is still open to the public. The waves are a constant, coming in off the Aegean, but they're not huge, just reliable, and instead of making f…"

  15. Sarah Knighton reviewed Kemer Beach in Antalya, Turkey

    Kemer has two kinds of beach – pebbles and sand.  The sand is near the yacht marina and the beach side resort.  This is not the place to come for ruins or culture, it's the kind of place to come if you like the idea of having a lot of fun…"

  16. Sarah Knighton reviewed Gümüşlük Beach in Bodrum, Turkey

    This narrow beach has trees strategically planted along it providing pockets of shade.  They do slightly obscure the view of the mountains in some places, but most people, under the Turkish sun, are happy with the compromise.  There are some we…"

  17. Sarah Knighton reviewed Turgutreis Beach in Bodrum, Turkey

    Turgutreis has a narrow sandy beach on the Aegean, so close to the Greek island of Kos that you can see it off shore. The local restaurants looks after the beach in front of them, kindly providing free sun loungers and staff serving on the beach, the ass…"

  18. Sarah Knighton reviewed Ortakent Yali Beach in Bodrum, Turkey

    Yahisi beach is around the centre point of the Bodrum Peninsular, overlooked by the famous 17th Century multi storey houses of Ortakent, which were designed to provide a military lookout but had the fortune of also offering the towns people some lovely v…"

  19. Sarah Knighton reviewed Beaches of Side in Antalya, Turkey

    Side has two main beaches lining its coast, one to the east and the other to the west. Both are long and sandy, offering water sports facilities, including fishing and windsurfing, but the west reaching beach has the shallowest water so is the safest an…"

  20. Sarah Knighton rated Vercors Massif

  21. Sarah Knighton reviewed Grenoble Museum in Grenoble, France

    The art in this museum is collected by age. The 17th Century portion includes many works by French painters Philippe de Champaigne, Georges de la Tour and Claude Gellée, the 19th Century section has pieces by Ingres, Boudin, Monet, Sisley, Corot …"

  22. Sarah Knighton reviewed Grenoble Bastille in Grenoble, France

    More than a prison or fort – this is like a small fortified hill, with fortifications being built up and added to over time, starting from the Middle Ages. As well as the visible fortifications there's an underground defence system running though …"

  23. Sarah Knighton reviewed Church of Saint-André-le-Bas& Museum of Christian Art in Rhone-Alps, France

    This church has survived since the 6th Century, and is these days considered a very fine example of Roman architecture in the Rhône region. The buttresses date from the 12th Century, and have helped what's left standing to remain that way. Some o…"

  24. Sarah Knighton reviewed Temple of Augustus and Livia in Rhone-Alps, France

    The pillars of this temple, which looks something like a mini Parthenon, still stand at the centre of present day Vienne, everything else has just been built around it. Erected in about 25BC, the temple has since been employed as a church and a courthou…"

  25. Sarah Knighton reviewed Vienne Cathedral in Rhone-Alps, France

    A Roman Catholic Cathedral with some lovely detailed stonework, especially round the large window above the main door.  It's built like a basilica with three isles – and the best view of all of it is from the western side where it has a view o…"

  26. Sarah Knighton reviewed Fontaine des Éléphants (Fountain of Elephants) in Rhone-Alps, France

    Not the most attractive landmark in Chambéry, but one of the most famous, this fountains is square, with the front of an elephant coming out of each side. It's pretty much full size, so quite an un-missable landmark – possibly for some of t…"

  27. Sarah Knighton reviewed Château de Chambéry in Rhone-Alps, France

    This castle was only really a fortress when the House of Savoy moved in and made Chambéry their capital in the 13th Century, but they quickly expanded it into a residence worthy of the rulers of the land. The Duchess of Savoy did some renovations…"

  28. Sarah Knighton reviewed Hautecombe Abbey in Rhone-Alps, France

    First a Cistercian then Benedictine monastery, this is where the royal family of Savoy, which was the nation this bit of France can under, were buried for hundreds of years. Amadeus, Count of Savoy founded the abbey in the 12th Century, which is one of …"

  29. Sarah Knighton reviewed Faure Museum in Rhone-Alps, France

    "This art museum has one of France's best collections of works by Rodin, 33 sculptures and studies, and some very fine impressionist works, including pieces Degas, Boudin, Puy and Cézanne.  Housed in a pale peach coloured mansion, the collecti…"

  30. Sarah Knighton reviewed Lac de Bourget in Rhone-Alps, France

    The largest and deepest lake in France, beautiful for it's mirror calm and gentle green surrounds and for the lakeside towns along the shore where people used to 'take the waters' in picturesque peace and tranquillity.  "

  31. Sarah Knighton reviewed Château d'Annecy in Rhone-Alps, France

    Pyramid shaped roofs, in rust colours, top this restored, pale grey stone castle proudly, the most visually exciting part of this 12th Century design (augmented by later additions). The castle is now used as a museum, and the tallest and oldest tower, a…"

  32. Sarah Knighton reviewed Palais de l'Isle in Rhone-Alps, France

    The lovely thing about this castle, nee prison, is that it's in the middle of Annecy's Thiou canal. It may not have been lovely for the people who lived there, but its triangular shape and the way it cuts the canal in two is quite interesting to look at…"

  33. Sarah Knighton reviewed Lake Annecy in Rhone-Alps, France

    Lake Annecy's claim to fame is its title of 'Europe's cleanest lake'. If we're talking titles its also France's second largest. The cleanliness is due to the strict way the lake's environment is monitored, possibly influenced by the old fashioned belie…"

  34. Sarah Knighton reviewed Maison des Têtes in Rhone-Alps, France

    The Maison des Têtes is one of this city's nicest buildings, a grand mansion, with some of the most intricate carved decoration you'll see on the outside of a mansion.  It drips with flamboyant Gothic shapes marrying the flourishing Renaissanc…"

  35. Sarah Knighton reviewed Cathedral of St. Apollinaris in Rhone-Alps, France

    "Valance Cathedral was rebuilt in the Romanesque style in the 11th Century – one of its architectural highlights is its aspe, built as that time. It was slightly ravaged during the French Religious Wars but rebuilt in the 17th Century. Pope Pius V…"

  36. Sarah Knighton reviewed St-Étienne Museum of Modern Art in Rhone-Alps, France

    "This collection is made up of more than 15,000 pieces. And it's not a matter of quantity over quality either, the collection includes work by Picasso, Wahol, Debuffet, Arp and Calder, and others whose names I don't recognise. To that collection of drawi…"

  37. Sarah Knighton commented on Lyon

    "Check your museum opening times carefully - which a lot of stuff in Lyon is open Sundays there's not as much open Mondays and quite a few of the best attractions are open between Wednesday and Sunday. Just a tip there."

  38. Sarah Knighton reviewed Historical Museum of Lyon & International Puppet Museum in Lyon, France

    This building used to be one of the most lauded Renaissance houses in Lyon, a truly grand affair, built in the first quarter of the 16th Century by the sons of a spice merchant, but more famously owned by the also more famous Gadagne banking family, best…"

  39. Sarah Knighton reviewed St-Martin-d'Ainay Abbey in Lyon, France

    This small, 10th Century church in the centre of Lyon isn't as fancy as the basilica on the hill, or the cathedral – in fact it's positively austere: strictly put together with matching arched windows, thick walls and a generally very triangular lo…"