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24th October 2008

I have been riding horses all my life and now I have my 'dream job'. I own a Horse Riding Holiday company called Equestrian Escapes. That means that not only do I get to ride fabulous horses around the world but I also get to share my equestrian experiences with other keen horse riders. On my site you will find many holidays ideas from the totally exotic 'horse ride to Machu Picchu' to a 'learn to ride weekend break in Cheshire, UK.

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  1. October 2008
  2. Sarah Caplan reviewed Machu Picchu on horseback in Sacred Valley, Peru

    I could have found lots of reasons why I shouldn’t take up the offer to ride to Machu Picchu in Peru. The obvious one being the distance from home, but even as I composed my ‘how kind of you to offer me such a wonderful opportunity but unfort…"