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  1. August 2009
  2. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Olimpos Beach in Aegean Region, Turkey

    A pine forest lines the back of this beach, in which is hidden the ruins of an ancient temple - marble pillars are scattered between the trees. The mythological feel of the beach continues up the hill, where you can see the natural flames of Yanartaş on…"

  3. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Musée des beaux-arts de Lyon in Lyon, France

    If you're thinking this building looks a bit austere, it might be because until 1792 it housed a Benedictine convent. The French Revolution caused some problems for the nuns though and afterwards the building was used to house art and artefacts confisca…"

  4. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Place Bellecour in Lyon, France

    200 metres by 312 metres, this red gravel laid square is one of the largest in Europe. And if you're only counting pedestrianised squares sans trees, greenery and other obstacles, then it gets the award for Europe's largest. In pride of place in this c…"

  5. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Side in Antalya, Turkey

    Side's ruins cover a great swathe of land on a promontory separated from the mainland by a wall and moat inside which medieval buildings were incorporated into the Roman ruins, some of which have been here since the days of Alexander the Great. The ruin…"

  6. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Lara Plaji (Beach) in Antalya, Turkey

    Lara Beach is long. Peering off into the distance without seeing a ridge of cliffs to mark the end kind of long. The sand is caramel coloured, and on it are the lines of beach chairs and sun umbrellas – behind which are set up the snack stops and…"

  7. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Flames of Yanartaş in Aegean Region, Turkey

    Yanartaş means flaming rock – and this spot has this name for a good reason – that the rocks here appear to be on fire. Methane vents, in two groups, spout constant flames and have been doing so for hundreds of years. Years enough to have b…"

  8. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Lake Köycegiz in Aegean Region, Turkey

    "Köyceğiz Lake joins the sea via a naturally formed channel, so it's an easy inland trip for sailors, and a calm, glassy place when you get there. There's fishing, mostly being done by cormorants, and endless beds of reeds, bringing the Bible to mind, an…"

  9. Sally Saesons Says rated Lake Köycegiz

  10. March 2009
  11. Sally Saesons Says reviewed Tunis Medina in Tunis, Tunisia

    Some of the guide books advise you to carefully record your progress though the winding pale alleyways of the medina so you can find your way back out again, but others tell you to just accept you’re going to get lost and embrace the feeling of bei…"