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18th September 2008

I travel. I write. I take photographs.

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  1. September 2009
  2. Ryan Judge reviewed Hunter Mountain Skiing in New York, United States

    Hunter Mountain is easy to reach from New York and New Jersey – about two and a half hours drive - it has 55 runs over 240 acres of skiable terrain, accessed by 11 lifts. Hunter Mountain's school encourages people who are quite youth challenged &n…"

  3. October 2008
  4. Ryan Judge rated Brighton Beach

  5. Ryan Judge reviewed Brighton Beach in Brighton, United Kingdom

    There is a breathtaking beauty and nostalgic charm that is characteristic of the beach at Brighton. Stuck in a sort of Victorian time-warp, the pebbly beach is as close to Coney Island in New York or the classic Venice Beach in California as most Brits w…"

  6. Ryan Judge rated Harrods

  7. Ryan Judge reviewed Harrods in London, United Kingdom

    Life is short. A manic fear of mortality drives our peers to make this point on almost a daily basis. But there isn’t enough time on Earth for them to adequately hammer this point into the ground, so instead they have erected massive monuments to r…"

  8. December 2007
  9. Ryan Judge reviewed Isole Eolie (Aeolian Islands) in Aeolian Islands, Italy

    Right off the coast of Sicily on the Tyrrhenian Sea lies a chain of islands that appear from above to have been scattered by the winds. Named after Aeolus, the keeper of the winds in Greek mythology, the Aeolian Islands are home to beautiful and scenic v…"

  10. May 2007
  11. Ryan Judge reviewed Lanikai Beach in Honolulu, United States

    We've all seen commercials for tropical beach resorts that show off crystal blue/turquoise water that leaps majestically with joy as good-looking people kick their feet with delight. Most of us have also been disappointed to find that these beaches never…"

  12. Ryan Judge reviewed Nungwi Beach in Tanzania

    A laid back beach town in Zanzibar, Nungwi Beach is a place that can jolt you far away from reality and put you in a peaceful state of mind. Nungwi Beach is a 'no worries' place with white sands and crystalline waters dotted with white-sailed dhow boats.…"

  13. Ryan Judge reviewed Sunset Beach in Hawaii, United States

    Anyone who has spent long hours in front of a computer screen has closed their eyes long enough to imagine happier times and warmer climes. Personally I imagine myself at the bottom of a very large pool, staring upwards at the static images above the wat…"