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Were people in ancient times more advanced than our current civilisation? Their achievements in philosophy, architecture, medicine and in fact all the arts and sciences were enlightened - yet how come we lack some of the knowledge today that they prided themselves so greatly on? What have we lost or forgotten and why? These are some of the questions which interest me.

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  1. August 2009
  2. Roy Adelwood reviewed Knidos in Turkey

    The ancient city of Knidos perches on a cape, just connected to the mainland by a sandy bar, but despite its position it's quite well preserved. You can walk all the way around the city walls, within which the rubble marking building foundations is all …"

  3. Roy Adelwood reviewed Dilek Peninsula National Park in Turkey

    Near almost unpronounceable Guzelcamli, this national park is quite small, about 20km x 6km, and hugs to the coast and beaches. It does hug the prettiest 20 x 6kms of coast though, a nice setting for the usual gamnet of national park outdoor activities …"

  4. Roy Adelwood reviewed Teos in Turkey

    The ruins of Teos are the ruins of one of the great Ionian maritime cities, owned, collonised and influenced by all the great peoples of this region. It's been abandoned since around 540 BC though, and is now a site for research rather than maritime ind…"

  5. January 2008
  6. Roy Adelwood rated Mesa Verde

  7. Roy Adelwood reviewed Hierapolis in Denizli, Turkey

    Famous for its hot springs, Pamukkale, which have been in use since the 2nd Century BC, Hierapolis was the Florida of its day - a place to retire for its health benefits. The springs were managed into baths by huge stone blocks which slid in and out of …"

  8. Roy Adelwood reviewed Anahita Temple in Kangavar, Iran

    Ionic columns and Persian design have caused confusion over the purpose and origins of this ancient Iranian structure. Large pieces of stone have been cut and slotted together like a jigsaw, such was the style in Iran during the period 550 to 350 BC, in…"

  9. Roy Adelwood rated Anahita Temple

  10. Roy Adelwood rated Ephesus

  11. Roy Adelwood rated Hierapolis

  12. Roy Adelwood reviewed Ephesus in Soke, Turkey

    Ruins of an Ionian city, host to a gladiator graveyard and historically notable church, Ephesus is one of the largest Roman sites with more still to be excavated. A grand, pillared theatre, harbour, library, odeon and numerous temples including monument…"

  13. Roy Adelwood rated Pergamon

  14. Roy Adelwood reviewed Pergamon in Bergama, Turkey

    Ancient Greek city ruling an important kingdom during the Hellenistic period. Fortified in the 3rd Century BC, the Pergamon site is divided into the upper and lower city, the upper city, centred around the Temple to Athena being the older part and the l…"

  15. Roy Adelwood reviewed Sukhothai Historical Park in Northern Thailand, Thailand

    This ruined capital city of an early Thai Kingdom was capital of all of Thailand for more than 100 years. Ruined royal palaces, detailed Buddhist temples, pagodas, canals and the complex irrigation system reflect the wealth once attributed to this city…"

  16. Roy Adelwood rated Sukhothai Historical Park

  17. Roy Adelwood rated Tikal

  18. Roy Adelwood reviewed Tikal in Tikal region, Guatemala

    Largest of the Mayan city ruins and cultural, population and political centre and during the Classic period of Mesoamerican history. Thousands of individual structures make up the city, only a small percentage of which have been excavated. The most re…"

  19. Roy Adelwood rated Epidaurus

  20. Roy Adelwood rated Monte Alban

  21. Roy Adelwood reviewed Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico

    Large Pre-Columbian site above the archaeologically rich plain of the valley Oaxaca thought to be one of the earliest Mesoamerican cities, founded around 500BC. A flattened ridge 200 metres by 300 metres built up by terraces on all sides into which the…"

  22. Roy Adelwood rated The Temple of Karnak

  23. Roy Adelwood reviewed The Temple of Karnak in Luxor, Egypt

    A complex of temples and tombs on one of ancient Egypt’s most sacred places. Now an open air museum and one of the most popular historic sites in Egypt and the world. Only a portion of the complex is open to visitors. This section includes the temple…"

  24. December 2007
  25. Roy Adelwood reviewed Epidaurus in Peloponnese, Greece

    Greek mythology names Epidaurus as the birth place of Asklepios, one of the primary gods of healing and son of Apollo. In its prime the cities main sanctuary and temple to Asklepios and the centre of healing which was part of the complex were renowned th…"

  26. April 2007
  27. Roy Adelwood reviewed Mesa Verde in United States

    A great concentration of ancestral Pueblo Indian dwellings, built from the 6th to the 12th century, can be found on the Mesa Verde plateau in south-west Colorado at an altitude of more than 2,600 m. Some 4,400 sites have been recorded, including villages…"