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Robin Millerchip has been exploring the delights of church buildings for over half a century and for nearly twenty years has been the organiser of Tours and Excursions of churches throughout northern Europe for the Historic Churches Preservation Trust, As well as much work done with BBC Radio, Robin gets special delight in introducing young people (of all ages) into the art of detection and Family History via churchyards and monuments.

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  15. Robin Millerchip reviewed The New Room Methodist Church in Bristol, United Kingdom

    "The oldest place of worship for Methodists in the world, this box like building of the 18th century is now in the middle of a modern shopping complex that would probably leave the Wesley’s speechless with rage at the seven day trading! The simple interi…"

  16. Robin Millerchip reviewed Holy Trinity, Long Melford, Suffolk in East Anglia, United Kingdom

    One of the biggest and best examples of the medieval philosophy of what a church should be about – Glory to God at Mans Expense. Built in a very English material, flint, Holy Trinity Church in Long Melford, Suffolk is a church that has always been…"

  17. Robin Millerchip reviewed Boxgrove, Sussex in South East England, United Kingdom

    "Many present day parish churches were in the middle Ages “something much grander”, Boxgrove being a charming example. It was a Priory church that was sadly mutilated in the reign of Henry VIII at the Reformation, much of the church being dest…"

  18. Robin Millerchip reviewed Fairford Church in West Country, United Kingdom

    How do we see churches? With light of course, and Fairford is the only one of nearly 15,000 church buildings where you can see the building through ancient light. Most of the glass here is of the 15th century, and with the exception of King’s College Cha…"

  19. Robin Millerchip reviewed Staunton Harold's medieval church in Midlands, United Kingdom

    Could this be the perfect setting? Only by visiting all 15,000 will you know the answer to that, but in the meantime this must be a strong contender. A fine 18th century house with landscaped gardens and lake, and in the corner a medieval church – but i…"

  20. Robin Millerchip reviewed Norbury Manor House church in Midlands, United Kingdom

    Set in wonderful countryside and neighbour to a charming 17th century Manor House, Norbury is an excellent example of one family putting its money into its belief in the 14th century. The fine glass and exquisite tomb chests make this a reminder that mo…"

  21. Robin Millerchip reviewed Hoar Cross, Staffordshire in Midlands, United Kingdom

    "One of the best designed church buildings of the 19th century, Hoar Cross is better patronised for its luxury Spa Hotel next to the church, but the church is a major eye-catching sight. In size and scale, as well as materials, the exterior has much in c…"

  22. Robin Millerchip reviewed Jordan's Quakers Meeting House, Buckinghamshire in London, United Kingdom

    Not a Parish Church but a Meeting House of the Society of Friends, better known as the Quakers. As with most of their early meeting houses, it is very much a domestic style building but with great dignity and atmosphere. Few visitors are unaware of its …"

  23. Robin Millerchip reviewed Castor near Peterborough in Peterborough, United Kingdom

    "Built on the site of a Roman camp, this is an exceptionally fine church of the Norman period with a central tower and spire (but not as old as the spire of nearby Barnack) that sit on superbly decorated arches showing pictures of mythical plants, animals…"

  24. Robin Millerchip reviewed East Shefford, Berkshire in South East England, United Kingdom

    "A tiny building in horse racing countryside with hardly any buildings around it and very humble in its brick, rubble, flint, and stone ad hoc construction. Inside however there is a wonderful atmosphere of past ages: ancient floor tiles, remains of wall …"

  25. Robin Millerchip reviewed Monkwearmouth & Jarrow Churches in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    These two churches are expected to gain World Heritage Status in the next few years and between them nearly two thousand years of Christian worship can be seen. At Monkwearmouth you can walk through the doorway that Bede (writer of the first history of E…"

  26. Robin Millerchip reviewed Wing Saxon Church in Luton, United Kingdom

    What lurks beneath the ground makes this an exceptional building but also with a very un-English item inside. Wing is a Saxon building with both an apse (semi circular outside wall around the altar) and beneath it is an original crypt. Despite the love o…"