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  1. June 2011
  2. Robert Evans commented on The Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, United States

    "It's right down the street from the Constitution Center, as well! Lots of history on one street. Be sure to plan to spend a lot of time in the area."

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  4. June 2010
  5. Robert Evans rated Pittsburgh

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  7. December 2009
  8. Robert Evans reviewed "Last Judgment" by Ferraù Fenzoni in Italy

    "Last Judgment" in the Todi Cathedral Painted by Ferraù Fenzoni (also known as Il Faenzone), the Last Judgment is a fresco found in the Duomo of Todi. Although he isn't the most well-known artist of his day, this fresco displays a skil…"

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  10. November 2009
  11. Robert Evans rated Church of the Frari

  12. Robert Evans rated The Imperial War Museum

  13. Robert Evans rated HMS Mary Rose

  14. Robert Evans reviewed HMS Mary Rose in Portsmouth, United Kingdom

    Back in the 16th century, King Henry VIII built himself a navy. The biggest ship he built was named the Mary Rose, and was part of the fleet that challenged the French at the battle of Solent. Unfortunately, the ship is well-known for sinking during th…"

  15. Robert Evans rated Chiusi

  16. Robert Evans rated Tarquinia

  17. Robert Evans rated Todi

  18. Robert Evans reviewed Chiusi in Italy

    For those who don't know, the Etruscans were the bullies of the Italian Peninsula until the Romans knocked them off their perch (and bullied the rest of the known world!) While the Etruscans were at the height of their power they commanded a confederatio…"

  19. Robert Evans reviewed Tarquinia in Italy

    Ever wonder who came before the Romans? The Etruscans, that's who. They fought and lost to the Romans, who (thankfully) didn't erase all traces of their former enemies. Luckily for us, that means that towns like Tarquinia still exist. That also means…"

  20. Robert Evans reviewed Todi in Italy

    Called "the world's most livable city" Todi has built up something of a reputation in Italy. It's been a long time in coming, as some estimates put Todi's founding date at or near 2000 B.C. It's an old place. Originally one of the main citie…"

  21. Robert Evans rated Palatine Towers

  22. Robert Evans rated National Museum of Health and Science

  23. Robert Evans rated Cortona

  24. Robert Evans rated San Vincenzo al Volturno

  25. Robert Evans reviewed Cortona in Italy

    The city of Cortona is old. If you’re looking for a traditional Italian town with traditional streets and traditional piazzas, well, then this is your place. The streets, the architecture, and the location all reflect the city’s age and sty…"

  26. Robert Evans reviewed San Vincenzo al Volturno in Italy

    The Monastery of San Vincenzo al Volturno is an odd thing. A rival to Monte Cassino, it was sacked, rebuilt, and then fell into decline, slowly being absorbed by it's larger neighbor until it was entirely owned by the monks of Monte Cassino. Only in mo…"

  27. Robert Evans rated Portsmouth

  28. Robert Evans rated HMS Victory

  29. October 2009
  30. Robert Evans reviewed Sperlonga in Italy

    Any Roman historian should visit Sperlonga before they die. For the rest of us mortals, it's still pretty cool. The site holds the remains of the villa of Tiberius, an emperor who really seemed to like the Odyssey. Most of the art in the house has Ody…"

  31. Robert Evans reviewed Villa Oplontis in Naples, Italy

    Put simply, Pompeii wasn't the only city that was buried under that eruption from Mount Vesuvius. Herculaneum, Stabia, Nuceria...and Oplontis. Oplontis was even closer to the volcano, and joins the list of Roman towns buried under that fateful eruption…"

  32. Robert Evans reviewed Palestrina in Rome, Italy

    Known to the Romans as Praeneste, the town of Palestrina is ancient town sited about 30 km to the east of Rome. In fact, the city is older than you would at first believe as archaeologists have unearthed what they believe are artifacts from the Etruscan…"

  33. Robert Evans reviewed Via Garibaldi in Genoa, Italy

    Also known as the Strada Nuova or the Strada Maggiore. Since it's construction in 1550, this street in the center of Genoa was recently named UNESCO World Heritage Site. Wonderful architecture and multiple palaces mean this road is the equal of any you…"

  34. Robert Evans reviewed St. Lawrence Cathedral in Genoa, Italy

    Found in Genoa, this cathedral is a Romanesque Cathedral (the precursor to Gothic style), meaning it looks less like Notre Dame and more like a basilica. Despite (or because) of this, the structure remains one of the finer examples of architecture in th…"

  35. Robert Evans reviewed Palatine Towers in Turin, Italy

    Otherwise known as the Porta Palazzo in Italian or Porta Palatii in the original Latin, the so-called Palatine Towers are the remains of one of the city gates built by the Romans to allow entry into Turin. As of now, only the central gate remains from t…"

  36. Robert Evans reviewed The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel

    Built by Caliph Abd al-Malik in 691, the Dome of the Rock is a mashhad (shrine for pilgirms) built in Jerusalem. Most notable for the golden dome atop the building, it houses a the Foundation Stone, supposedly mentioned in the Koran. When Muhammad ride…"

  37. Robert Evans reviewed The Shroud of Turin in Turin, Italy

    Fresh off a controversial restoration, the Shroud of Turin is supposed to publicly displayed for the first time in decades! For those of you who don't know, the Shroud is an ancient piece of cloth with the image of a man on it. Some claim that it is th…"

  38. Robert Evans wrote a holiday idea Hiking and History in Lesser-Known Italy

    A hiking tour visiting a few of Italy's best known sights leaves plenty of scope to see the lesser known areas between them: Start in the Dolomites on the Via Ferrata, relax at Lake Como, visit the Shroud and more in Turin, then walk Via Garibaldi."

  39. Robert Evans reviewed Museum of Oriental Art in Turin in Turin, Italy

    Recently constructed, the Museum of Oriental Art located in Turin rounds out the city's art collection (they have a wonderful egyptian museum, as well). The entrance hall is flanked by two lovingly maintained Japanese rock gardens, while the ground floo…"

  40. September 2009
  41. Robert Evans reviewed The Via Ferrata in Veneto-Dolomites, Italy

    The Via Ferrata, or "Iron Roads", are a series of cables, ladders, and bridges leading paths up into the Dolomite Mountains. They were originally constructed by Austrian and Italian mountain soldiers as they fought to control the heights durin…"

  42. Robert Evans reviewed Museo Egizio in Italy

    The Museo Egizio, or the Egyptian Museum of Turin, is possibly the largest collection of Egyptian Art outside of the museum in Cairo. Placed (strangely enough) in Turin, Italy, the Museo Egizio is the sort of attraction one could easily lose a whole day…"

  43. Robert Evans reviewed Springs of Ein Gedi in Israel

    Travel through the deserts of the Holy Land and at some point, you'll get tired of it. Your eye, whether you think so or not, appreciates life and greenery, and what better way to see vegetation than going to an Oasis? The valley of Ein Gedi (fed by th…"

  44. Robert Evans commented on The Pantheon in Rome, Italy

    "Purposely built by the Romans to shield visitors from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, the peace and calm you'll find as you step in are worth the walk over."

  45. Robert Evans reviewed National Museum of Health and Science in Virginia, United States

    Once a gory collection of Civil war casualties, injuries, and ailments, the National Museum of Health and Science has become quite a bit more, broadening it's attraction beyond teenagers and sadists. Prominent items from the original inventory of Civil …"

  46. Robert Evans commented on Battlefield of Antietam in Appalachian States, United States

    "Hmmm...most of the times I actually saw reenactors, I just happened to stumble on them. I Googled them quite a bit for you and all I can say is that reenactors are made up of small groups of people, and whenever those people decide to go is whenever you…"

  47. Robert Evans reviewed Vail

    "And not for those looking for a cheap trip, but slopes that run right down to the village and high-quality restaurants aren't always easy to find this deep in the mountains. Spend time in the winter and ski, snowboard, or snowtube to your heart's conten…"

  48. Robert Evans commented on Mesa Verde in United States

    "Some of the tours crawl through small tunnels, small enough to set off claustrophobics. Adventurous types and children will eat it right up."

  49. Robert Evans commented on Battlefield of Antietam in Appalachian States, United States

    "If you can, time your visit to coincide with a group or reenactors. Always sincere and ready to answer questions, most of these guys will be dressed in period uniforms and possessing of real, working muskets and cannons. Reenactments are much more fun …"

  50. Robert Evans commented on Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia, United States

    "Free for students, if you can produce some student ID."

  51. Robert Evans reviewed The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, United States

    "or Dramamine. Either way, this museum is sure to challenge both your stomach and your sensibilities. All of the medical oddities of a past age are on display here, in full glory. Especially interesting is the skull collection, giving visitors a chance…"

  52. Robert Evans commented on The Roman Forum in Rome, Italy

    "Worth going for the sights as well as the people. I counted tour groups from four different continents, all in about half an hour. Take your time (and your pictures) and then head on up to the Palatine hill."

  53. Robert Evans commented on Tour De France in Paris, France

    "Watching the races is ALWAYS wonderful, as it is very much a communal experience, but there is one warning. Never, ever, get in the way of the cyclists. Too many races are spoiled and crashes caused because some silly person got too close while trying t…"

  54. Robert Evans commented on Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna in Ravenna, Italy

    "While some of the artwork has been restored (clumsily), Ravenna still offers some of the best and most complete early christian art and architecture. Plan on spending a day driving around visiting the basilicas and baptistries."

  55. Robert Evans reviewed Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, Israel

    "Much like a visit to a concentration camp, passing through Yad Vashem leaves a mark on all of its visitors. Harrowing stories of escapes, deaths, betrayals, coincidences, brutality, and humanity are woven throughout the exhibits. While authentic in eve…"

  56. Robert Evans reviewed Scrovegni Chapel (Giotto) in Padua, Italy

    "To be honest, I can think of no finer example of fresco artwork. Once a private chapel and attached to a much larger building, the remaining chapel must be seen if you are in the area. Unfortunately, part of the work was damaged, but the ongoing restor…"

  57. Robert Evans commented on Bayeux Tapestry (Unknown) in Normandy, France

    "worth a visit, even if only to claim that you've seen it."

  58. Robert Evans reviewed The D-Day Beaches in Normandy, France

    "The beaches by now little resemble the battlefields of literature or cinema. Rows and rows of tank traps, or other obstacles on the beaches, have long since been cleared away. What is left is a quiet, peaceful beach, and crumbling bunkers. This sort o…"

  59. Robert Evans reviewed San Diego Zoo in US West Coast, United States

    "Plan on a least a day, dawn to dusk, in the wild and wonderful San Diego zoo. Laid out like many other, smaller zoos, the San Diego zoo is simply enlarged in every way possible. Where another zoo might have a bird house, the San Diego zoo has a bird va…"

  60. Robert Evans commented on Hersheypark in US East Coast, United States

    "i think the whole town smells like chocolate."

  61. Robert Evans commented on Knoebels in US East Coast, United States

    "Other snacks you don't want to miss include Pennsylvania birch beer, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and the unforgettable Pickle on a Stick."

  62. Robert Evans commented on Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, United States

    "Whatever you do, take a map. Even veteran visitors need a guide to make their way through the Met's labrynthine passageways. The new roman collection is wonderful, however, and very clearly laid out. Almost demands a visit."

  63. Robert Evans commented on Dinosaur Digging in Colorado in Colorado Springs, United States

    "While you're there, why not check out the giant sequoias? Depends on where you go, of course, but when I went they were easily within a short drive."

  64. Robert Evans commented on Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri) in Venice, Italy

    "While you're there, be sure to stop in to Casanova's jail cell. Well worth a visit."

  65. Robert Evans reviewed Doge's Palace in Venice, Italy

    "You must to really appreciate the sheer majesty of the artwork the Venetians collected. Giant, intricately detailed paintings of coronations and battles are only part of the prize, as a visit to the scaffolding holding the false ceiling up is incredible…"

  66. Robert Evans commented on Rialto Markets in Venice, Italy

    "Incredible, really, but look up when you visit the fish market. All those fish guts tend to draw a lot of birds, and well...wear a hat, or something."

  67. Robert Evans commented on Dead Sea in Jordan

    "really incredible, but watch out if you have any cuts or scrapes on your body."

  68. Robert Evans commented on Masada in Israel

    "Up well before dawn, we trekked up the mountain side in time to watch the sun rise over the mountains while we had our breakfast. A truly unforgettable experience no matter what time you go (trails are closed in the afternoon due to the heat). Explore …"

  69. November 2007
  70. Robert Evans reviewed Paestum in The Amalfi Coast, Italy

    For those among who you get a dig (eh? EH?) out of archaeology, Paestum is sure to be a hit. Originally a Greek colony on the Italian peninsula, the city was snapped up by Romans as they conquered the rest of Italy. An uneventful but prosperous period fo…"