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26th February 2008

Now retired from the British Armed Forces after finishing his career working for the Ministry of Defence, Robert Emmerton plans to spend the golden years of his sunset doing what he’s always wanted to do: fishing and writing about fishing. Emmerton took an army role allowing him to travel the world and fish in more places than most people and he has planned out his retirement to enable him to revisit the highlights without having to work during the week. He has been working on a book of great spots for ocean fishing and yarns which he will write and publish with the help of his son, author, James Emmerton.

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  1. February 2008
  2. Robert Emmerton reviewed Port Hinchinbrook Fishing and Fishing Festival in Queensland, Australia

    Port Hinchinbrook’s fishing conditions and situation is so good that it is the location for a popular annual fishing festival, considered one of the world’s best. Perfect for light tackle fishing the catch here is predominantly Black Marlin, sailfish, t…"

  3. Robert Emmerton reviewed Fishing Utila and the Bay Islands in Honduras

    Clear, warm water and colourful fish abound around the coast of the Bay Islands off Honduras. A well know diving destination, Utila also offers anglers the opportunity to troll for Blue and White Marlin, wahoo, tuna and the mighty barracuda in the deepe…"

  4. Robert Emmerton rated Port Hinchinbrook Fishing and Fishing Festival

  5. Robert Emmerton rated Fishing Utila and the Bay Islands

  6. Robert Emmerton reviewed Deep water fishing Oahu in Hawaii, United States

    Marlin are the prize catch in the deep waters of Oahu but sailfish, tuna, mahi mahi and wahoo are also prominent. These Hawaiian fish are thought to be attracted to shallow or surface objects and a series of buoys have been installed to assist fisherm…"

  7. Robert Emmerton reviewed Bluewater fishing off Vanuatu in Vanuatu

    Warm, bright blue and pocked with reefs, these tropical waters support a range of fish for anglers to target from larger sports fish like marlin, swordfish, mahi mahi and Yellow Tuna to smaller light tackle species like Coral Trout or jacks. These water…"

  8. Robert Emmerton reviewed Bluewater fishing Fiji in Fiji

    Including more than 330 islands and surrounding waters this is fishing ground offers a myriad of varied possibilities. Deep water and protected spots up against or amongst the reefs house an encyclopaedic variety of marine life, some of the most abundan…"

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  14. Robert Emmerton reviewed Angling New Caledonia in New Caledonia

    These island groups are surrounded by the world’s largest barrier reef, enclosing the main islands in something like a vast, shallow, bright turquoise lagoon which offers some of the best light tackle and fly fishing in the South Pacific. Small boats de…"

  15. Robert Emmerton reviewed Estuary fishing in the Northern Territory in Darwin, Australia

    Tidal rivers empting out at the top of Australia’s ‘Top End’ and the abundance of fish inhabiting these fairly remote coastal waters make the estuaries of the Northern Territory some of the richest in fishing terms of the world. Both the stocky killer s…"