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  1. February 2008
  2. powderlover reviewed Heli-Ski the Himalayas in Mount Everest, Nepal

    Land at up to 5,200m and ski down. There is no where else in the world where you can get that high. I haven’t done it but the tales that you hear from those who will expand your mind. They say endless mountain views and perfect conditions for adventur…"

  3. powderlover rated Heli-Ski the Himalayas

  4. powderlover reviewed Turkish powder:Heli-skiing the Kackar Range in Black Sea Region, Turkey

    If you’ve done any heli-skiing before you probably liked the idea of being on your own and in a more natural setting that the groomed slopes of the big resorts? That’s what you get in Turkey’s Kackar Mountains. It’s still a small and expensive sport, e…"

  5. powderlover rated Turkish powder:Heli-skiing the Kackar Range

  6. powderlover reviewed Heli-skiing in Krasnaya Poliana in Volga, Russia

    "Crowded slopes can really bring you down when you’ve spent ages planning your ski holiday, heli-skiing can get you out of the crowds and onto some pristine powder usually via some spectacular scenery. Some of the best hills in Russia you can’t reach wit…"

  7. powderlover rated Heli-skiing in Krasnaya Poliana