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  1. August 2007
  2. poe-go reviewed Kitesurfing on Margarita Island in Venezuela

    "This is a really well known spot for both windsurfers and kiters, its got good pretty reliable winds and wide beaches to take off from. The main kite beach is pretty smooth water and choppy waves and at the upwind end of the beach and then theres another…"

  3. poe-go rated Kitesurfing on Margarita Island

  4. July 2007
  5. poe-go rated Kitesurfing Arubinha and around Rio

  6. poe-go reviewed Kitesurfing Arubinha and around Rio in Cabo Frio, Brazil

    There are a couple of good kite spots just out of Rio (well about an hours drive). Cabo Frio, with a side shore wind and big (up to maybe 4m) waves and Buzios are on the ocean side and for flat water lagoon lovers try Arubinha a long sand bank spit, and…"

  7. poe-go rated Kitesurfing Travel trip to Jericoacoara

  8. poe-go reviewed Kitesurfing Travel trip to Jericoacoara in Bahia North East, Brazil

    "Locals say this is one of the worlds best beaches. I haven’t seen enough to know if that’s true but its pretty great. It’s only 10k from Prea, so conditions are similar, but probably better for windsurfers than kiters. The nightlife is better though, s…"

  9. poe-go rated Kitesurfing Dakhla

  10. poe-go reviewed Kitesurfing Dakhla in Western Sahara

    This is a really cool spot, it’s a massive flat lagoon split by a spit of land that opens onto choppier sea pretty much in the middle of the Sahara. It’s like the spit was built just to launch your kite and theres good choice between flat or rough water…"

  11. poe-go rated Essaouira Bay Kiting

  12. poe-go reviewed Essaouira Bay Kiting in Essaouira, Morocco

    Essaouira is a pretty popular spot for kiters and windsurfers, but I found that the two groups respect each other and MOST of the time theres enough space for both (I have seen some tempers get hot.). The kite beach is at the down wind end of the beach,…"

  13. poe-go rated Prea Beach Kitesurfing

  14. poe-go reviewed Prea Beach Kitesurfing in Bahia North East, Brazil

    Prea beach is super white long and flat and it’s thumped by side onshore winds. You can catch a wind here that will take you ten miles or so down the beach. If you’re learning or you prefer to kite on the flat there are a couple of lagoons close by. B…"

  15. poe-go reviewed Kitesurfing Cumbuco in Bahia North East, Brazil

    Good wind consistency. On one side of Cumbuco are big dunes and on the other flat sea, but the warm air radiating off the dunes builds the wind up - it‘s proper trade wind wind too. Theres miles of flat wide beach to chose a spot to launch from so you…"

  16. poe-go rated Kitesurfing Cumbuco

  17. poe-go reviewed Kitesurfing Barra do Cunhau in Bahia North East, Brazil

    Beginners can go out on the flat water lagoon or on the right end of the beach where the waves are smaller and you can stand up a way out. The left side has much bigger waves, the best bit is that you can surf all over. Locals say the best times of year …"

  18. poe-go rated Kitesurfing Barra do Cunhau