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Phil began birding over 40 years ago in the UK, and via a complex series of overseas postings in Nigeria, Zambia, the Falkland Islands and Papuan New Guinea ended up in Australia, where he and his wife Sue now run the well-known Cassowary House Birding Lodge at Kuranda in far North Queensland, and lead bird tours with Field Guides Inc. and private trips with their own company Sicklebill Safaris. His favourite areas are Australasia, the Pacific and Africa, where he has run numerous trips to a wide variety of destinations. His Australasian list is over 1100 species and his Africa one is nearing 1500, but the numbers are not so important, and he particularly likes good views of birds and mammals and has great interest in their vocalizations, with an extensive collection of sounds built up over the years. He works as a writer and consultant as well as being a black belt bird guide, with contributions to various references works including the Handbook of Birds of the World. He is an expert on Australia and New Guinea with over 40 tours led to the latter now, including many to wild and remote seldom visited parts such as West Papua, Huon Peninsula, Adelbert Mts., Bougainville, New Ireland and the D'Entrecasteax Archipelago. He also regularly visits New Zealand, as well as Japan, New Caledonia, Sulawesi, Fiji and in the Middle East the UAE and Oman, whilst his love of Africa is reflected in recent trips to Uganda and South Africa. He has many trip reports lodged in various sites on the web.

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